• Best Rumour To date: You CAN Hypno a Mammoth!!

    This was, by far probably the best rumour I have heard on this game, or if not the best, then definitely one of.   Some guy, about 10th prestige or so knows everything about the game and starts telling us everyt...
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  • Mayday Platinum Escape

    Hey,   this may be a noobish question, but i was wondering what you have to do to get a Platinum Escape on Mayday? When i go for a solo run it takes me 4 cycles to kill the kraken with the turrents. But all i ge...
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  • Do you guys know any Games like extinction?

    I've found one so far that comes close which is borderlands they both have different classes that you can pick from and level up and pick were to spend your points into and an ability that has a cool down and you can ...
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  • Point of contact solo hardcore

    Hey guys, what's your normal load out for poc hardcore solo with maybe 5-6 relics? For some reason this map had been giving me trouble, most other hardcore maps I just slap on med/ws with take more damage, fragile, li...
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  • Extinction Players! PS4

    Hey guys. Started playing Ghost and tryna get peeps to play with online.. Anyone down? Hmu 
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  • Ranting about solo

    I stopped playing extinction About 5 months ago, I came back for a few games caught up on so many things, I just wanted to point out that, Not here to brag, just what I realized after profound has told me. My exodus s...
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  • High Relics Random Lobby

    Just for a bit of fun the other day I thought I would try running high relics with a completely random lobby. I started with 8 relics and got into a lobby with 2 others, one player who hadn't completed any missions an...
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  • Looking for good extinction players

    I'm trying to get the last trophy I need for this game - Always Hard. I am the max level, have all upgrades except CSA and double class, I have a mic and am a team player and always go for challenges. I'm looking for ...
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  • looking for decent players

    Most people have abandoned Ghost for Destiny and Advanced Warfare. This is a major problem for anyone still playing. I have noticed a large amount of European/south USA players recently. Even when my NAT type is open,...
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  • Anyone still Play this? Xbox One.

    Need good players to play with. Not alot of people play anymore.   People from UK/US Only! 17+ Years Of age. Mic - N/A   Must be Prestige Mater or Have Master Scavenger.   add me on XB1 GT(s) are: ...
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  • 36 Relics

    Just wondering if any team had run 9 relics each  with each player only using EYK and managed to complete any map(s). I just fancy given it a go to see how I get on, so if anyone is interested, let me know
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  • Currently being moderated.

    Why all of the sudden are all my post being moderated?  Did I break some rule? Does this happen to everyone?  What gives moderating peoples?
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  • High Relics at 50

    I have today beaten POC with multiple relics on, this is a 2 part post. 1st part is for forum troll (we all know who he/she is) who doesn't believe what anybody has to say on here, so it doesn't matter what I post. Th...
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  • PS4 POC hardcore co-op

    Hey quick I know youll see this, I set 1,028,000 on poc hardcore last night.   Please try to beat it so things are interesting.   Thanks =)
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  • Your Initial Extinction Thoughts Were... ?

    I'm just curious as to what everyone thought about Extinction BEFORE they were able to play it. Were you hyped from all the secrecy and trailers etc for it? When you first found out it was going to be aliens, did you ...
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  • Need Good Xbox360 Players.

    I'm going for Missions Completed If you're good, add my GT: StablestYah   Must be the age 17+ or Over.   If you have people Invite me to your game   Hope to see people Oh yeah I don't have a Mic atm ...
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  • Man I would like a pause in solo!!!

    So here was my scenario, probably only understood by us older players with wife and kids.  So I've been trying to do solo with 1 relic, hate sitting behind a turret so I don't use one.  I know, for most of y...
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  • Am I [somewhat] justified in doing this, do you think?

    I've mentioned several times before on here that people will, for whatever reason, not push the button to end the game at the Medusa. Whether they are trolling, farming kills or boosting their cashflow.   Most t...
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  • Keep earning those Teeth, you're gonna need them!

    We love our community members and wanted to give you all a very special sneak peek at the new Extinction Armory screen with a few new items that will be arriving in the very near future. 1000 teeth, oh my!!  
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  • "nolifers" vs "noobs" as lobby members

    How come the "big boys" (lets call those no-lifers this time) do not accept some lower rank guys as their lobby members in extinction, but leave the lobby as they assume some prestige 1, 2 or 3 are crappy players? Tha...
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