• Help - how do I get best 10 relic POC score

    I just did a 3 man high score run with 10 relics and our score at each hive was close to 9 relic scores. What do you do differently on a 10 relic run to get max score?
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  • Happy Easter Extinction "family"!

    Hope everyone has a great Easter holiday. Enjoy time with your families.
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  • Mayday Help

    ARRGHHHHHHH!  STILL trying to beat Mayday with 8 relics without using machines..not using EYK and do less damage.  I need help with the Kraken, in regards to which turrets you use and in what order.  He...
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    Here is the cross console leaderboard for solo then co op. 24/3/15.   POC; SOLO; REG 1st place- XrylanxscottX 9 relics 752480 (X Box 360) 2nd place- quick_925 9 relics 751711 (PS3) 3rd place-  JOHNNYMAN...
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  • Tips on how to get a high score (co op)

    In this discussion put in your thoughts of how to get a 'high score' meaning high on leaderboads,   TIPS 1. Your not going to get a record 1st try with a team you've never played with before so I recommend that...
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  • Too old. Too slow. No Skills.

    I have no gaming skills whatsoever, I lack the reflexes and vision required to EVER be near the same level as the top players and tonight the truth hit home. I give up...I surrender... After nearly beating Mayday with...
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    I got this idea from Vulture's Re: Extinction Challenge! 9 Relics crew Since this is the ultimate team game, let's see who has the best TEAM... Team with highest combined score wins...add all 4 scores = Total Team ...
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  • Extinction?

    Want to be able to finish the original part of extinction but I need some other good players to help me.
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  • Diesel is our Mr. Wonderful

    Ever watch Shark Tank USA? DieselPlower does not get a lot of love on here but I think that he’s our Mr. wonderful. He keeps things lively.   A big part of the activity on here is due to him, he generate...
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  • need good players to play extinction

    Hello looking players to play point of contact!!! I have mic and add me Kosmonaut15
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  • Nobody Seems to Revive Lately

    I always love to play with randoms, as I have said many times before; it makes the game much more interesting/challenging etc. What I have been finding lately is, someone will get downed, and even if there are no enem...
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  • Finally did it!!!

    I know a lot of you have already done it, but omg I finally did it. I got the "Completionist" achievement, where you complete all challenegs and escape   I was so happy. Because I always play with randoms, and...
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  • How is it that my posts get moderated but the spam stays?

    Never been to a forum before where spam was allowed to stay up for so long!    Makes it really unenjoyable! Same thing in the zombies forum. Anyone know of any good gaming forums with more activity?
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  • Weekly Leaderboard Not Resetting

    I've not really been one to check, or care too much about weekly leaderboards. I have noticed a few times though, that my week hasn't reset. I usually reset on a Monday/Tuesday, but this is now in my 3rd or 4th week ...
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  • Red Boxes - Awakening

    I'm not one to play this map, but I am curious if anyone knows how many red boxes are on Awakening? I know there is always 9 in the first area. I am just trying 8 or 9 relics, and want to be able to (ideally) plan. &n...
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  • Check your NAT type before playing online!

    I am so tired of people that play online with slow internet, it just makes everyone else lag and freeze. When you are on the main screen in Extinction, look at your NAT type. If it is medium or strict, then do another...
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  • Mayday hardcore melee only

    XD I think you all knew I would try this eventually, last night I tried for my first time on solo... I did try 2 players with brett but never ended well aha but erm, in all honesty im quite surprised with myself... I ...
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  • Well... I got Demolished at the Medusa (solo)

    It pains me to say but with only 7 relics (pistols only, mortal, and earn your keep) I got absolutely demolished at the Medusa. I know how it works, what to do etc but it just all went to ****, FAST haha.   I ha...
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  • !!!ATENTION!!! anybody interested in the idea of my extinction stream

    For all you extinction fans out there here are just a few of the events i plan on streaming for all of you. a 10 relic solo run on casual extinction POC score runs on every map co-op co-op hardcore score runs on ev...
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