• Exodus solo score help

    so I'm working on my 7 relic hardcore solo exodus (Not running EYK, Mortal, Do less daMage) on the garage ancestor, I'm getting the marked alien challenge EVERY time (last 7 games). 1) activate generator closest to ...
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  • Be Careful with Your Locker Keys!

    I didn't realize this...I used my first lockey key and got a gun I didn't really want to use.  After the First Breeder went down in NightFall and I cleared the 2nd Area I found an Ark Attachment and put it on my ...
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  • 9 Relic Solo POC...

    I have tried at least 50 games of 9 relic solo/(seems like 100)....I have made it through the final hive 8 times with no downs ( I will now quit as soon as I get a down)...twice with conpletionist....but have yet to e...
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  • Looking for 3 skilled (not cocky) players on XB1 to lobby up with

    I have been struggling so much on Awakening, I am about to throw in the towel.  Doing a 2 relic Solo escape is starting to frustrate the heck out of me. I am sure there are some basic pointers I am missing and an...
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  • Need people who Rush.

    People that are good at this game type.   Must be Mater Prestige or I'll delete you straight away.   Don't mind if you don't have season pass or a Mic.   Ages 17+ Only!   Let's Just have fun, &...
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  • map

    whats the extinction map called thats included in the first dlc? thanx
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  • I just got my first Solo Escape on MayDay!

    Man this one was tough at first but I didn't give up. I actually got Zero Downs, Completionist and a Platinum Escape.   The key was to hide in the corner by the Turrets, Throw a sticky Flare when he is glowing r...
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  • I got my first Solo Escape on NightFall!

    This was NOT an easy task. I had to implement a lot of strategy since I do not have a lot of the upgrades that were released after Exodus. Thanks to some Advice, the IMS on the Drill and always having the 2 middle tra...
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  • Point of Contact Escape Time World Record: Post your Scores here!

    Okay, in order to give the community a CAP score on this map, we need to know the fastest time to escape through legitimate means. This means to those who use the turret glitch, your score will not be applied due to t...
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  • Master Scavenger or Cryptid Slayer Ammo?

    Which unlock should I go for next?  I just got the Pistol Ark attachment which makes the Pistols Only relic easy.  It would be nice having the Master Scavenger Perk for extended mags and easier to get since ...
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  • Best Armory Upgrades?

    I started playing extinction more and more recently and now I have about 40 teeth. I already have the engineer upgrade, which I know is not great but I like it. So I have 40 more teeth to spend.   Should I buy a...
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  • Quick question: Do the ammo armory upgrades work with csa?

    Quick question: Do the ammo armory upgrades work with csa?
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  • So this is what I really hate...

    I played with a couple of beefed up guys a few nights ago. We played well as a team...up until the end. When during the escape, one guy did not get into the extraction circle and just keep on wanting to kill aliens. &...
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  • Solo Escape in HardCore POC?

    I tried Hardcore for the first time in a long time and boy was I stunned and got a rude awakening with a quickness.  I made it to the 2nd barrier hive and got wrecked! I couldn't imagine what the last hive before...
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  • Solo NightFall is kicking my arse...

    SO I attempted to take spudchucker22's advice and try the portable turret. Without the 360 range of motion it was impossible for me to get the hang of it when facing off with the first breeder encounter. I did make pr...
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  • Playing Solo on NightFall, Awakening, MayDay, Exodus

    Nightfall:...I ran no relics, I ran Tank, I ran Weapon Specialist. I just kept getting melted by the gas of the Breeder or cryptids attacking from behind when I hopped on the turret.  What am I missing? I run Vul...
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  • Ghosts Extinction Achievements

    I've played Ghosts on the 360 and then the One, as most people know, when you transfer from one console to another, only your MP transfers across, you can play Campaign and Extinction again to unlock all the achieveme...
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  • Why won't my post show up?

    I try to post but just get messages about it being moderated or something?  What am I doing wrong?
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  • Never Noticed

    I was playing POC yesterday doing a 7 relic solo run and I noticed something that I hadn't before, even after playing the games for the past 20 months.   I had just gone through the 2nd barrier hive and was carr...
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  • Solo Runs Questions

    I have found its easy to play POC solo and escape running at least 4 relics.  I seem to fail the 'find and kill the leper' challenge almost every time and it is so frustrating because that's an extra tooth wasted...
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