• Nightfall 9 Relics

    So, recently I took the #1 spot on Nightfall regular for the xbox one. I used 9 relics and had no downs and a completionist. I had a 568,983 before going outside, but then I went head to head with the breeder... I had...
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  • best class?

    which one do you prefer? also which weapons do u use
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  • Looking for good extinction players

      I'm trying to get the last trophy I need for this game - Always Hard. I am the max level, have all upgrades except CSA and double class, I have a mic and am a team player and always go for challenges. I'm look...
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  • Im hated by players

    Well I know im hated by players because i'd rather be legit than a glitcher... if you want to throw anything my way! GO AHEAD, I made a thread just for you
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  • Extinction banter

    so I think every high player of extinction, regardless of what your aim is. we atleast have had banter with somebody before, do you think players over on zombies or exo zombies/survival have the same issue? you think ...
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  • Best Route: Exodus - 9 relics?

    I've been taking a leaf from slider's book and helping randoms do score runs every now and then. Only on POC and Exodus so far. My question is, although I know great ways for escaping (fast or easy etc), what's the be...
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  • Help - How do we get max score on POC 10 relic runs

    I ran one 3 man game, 10 relic POC score run and our pre-nuke scores were pretty much in sync with what we get when run 0 relics. What are we doing wrong?  How do we get max score with 10 relics? - Been foll...
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  • Remember how hard point of contact used to be

    Remember when the game first came out and everybody struggled to get an escape with the randoms etc. well look how easy it is now with all the teeth upgrades and before you say add relics to make the game harder, i'll...
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  • Do you favour, or avoid specific lockers on maps?

    I for one do, especially in solo. There's this one particular locker on Exodus in HC Solo that I will get a Ripper from. Not 100% of the time, but so far I have opened it 6 times, 5 times I have gotten the Ripper - a...
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  • Help - how do I get best 10 relic POC score

    I just did a 3 man high score run with 10 relics and our score at each hive was close to 9 relic scores. What do you do differently on a 10 relic run to get max score?
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  • Happy Easter Extinction "family"!

    Hope everyone has a great Easter holiday. Enjoy time with your families.
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  • Mayday Help

    ARRGHHHHHHH!  STILL trying to beat Mayday with 8 relics without using machines..not using EYK and do less damage.  I need help with the Kraken, in regards to which turrets you use and in what order.  He...
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  • Tips on how to get a high score (co op)

    In this discussion put in your thoughts of how to get a 'high score' meaning high on leaderboads,   TIPS 1. Your not going to get a record 1st try with a team you've never played with before so I recommend that...
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  • Too old. Too slow. No Skills.

    I have no gaming skills whatsoever, I lack the reflexes and vision required to EVER be near the same level as the top players and tonight the truth hit home. I give up...I surrender... After nearly beating Mayday with...
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    I got this idea from Vulture's Re: Extinction Challenge! 9 Relics crew Since this is the ultimate team game, let's see who has the best TEAM... Team with highest combined score wins...add all 4 scores = Total Team ...
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  • Extinction?

    Want to be able to finish the original part of extinction but I need some other good players to help me.
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  • Diesel is our Mr. Wonderful

    Ever watch Shark Tank USA? DieselPlower does not get a lot of love on here but I think that he’s our Mr. wonderful. He keeps things lively.   A big part of the activity on here is due to him, he generate...
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  • need good players to play extinction

    Hello looking players to play point of contact!!! I have mic and add me Kosmonaut15
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  • Nobody Seems to Revive Lately

    I always love to play with randoms, as I have said many times before; it makes the game much more interesting/challenging etc. What I have been finding lately is, someone will get downed, and even if there are no enem...
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