• Hardcore should be THIS

    I got put into a lobby with split screeners and some other guy. The split screeners timed out, and then the other guy (max prestige) went down. He backed out. Presumably he dashboarded. The host did migrate though, so...
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  • Extinction Clan?

    Does anybody know of any "clans" based of just extinction players? Im not the best player ever but am looking to get better which is hard to do when i only play with randoms who don't know how to throw down ammo or kn...
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  • Migrating Hosts

    Will someone please explain to me WTF they were thinking when they put in a countdown to restart the match after a host migration in extinction but they decided NOT to nullify the damage dealt to you!!!!!! I just went...
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    Here is the cross console leaderboard for solo then co op. 24/3/15.   POC; SOLO; REG 1st place- XrylanxscottX 9 relics 752480 (X Box 360) 2nd place- quick_925 9 relics 751711 (PS3) 3rd place-  JOHNNYMAN...
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  • More people running scores on PS4

    A few weeks back me and a small group started running scores on POC PS4.  After a few frustrating attempts and guidance from many players on this forum we finally reached a decent score.   This seemed to ha...
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  • carpet bombing has returned

    no more moderation!   ready, set, go!
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  • Stats reset to "unranked" on everything!

    all my stats have been reset!  What is up with that?  I don't hack.  Sure, I've done the grenade turret glitch, but that is it (And so does 90% of coop lobbies)...and it has been weeks or months since I...
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  • How Many Boxes To Find 1 Ark?

    Playing co-op has become a real pain, mainly due to people failing challenges, as well as finding a half-decent lobby takes what seems like hours.   So, I have been playing solo regular. It gets seriously monoto...
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  • Exo Jump not working - did I get EMPed?

    Dudes. I've mostly been playing Advanced Warfare multi-player lately. I've dabbled in Exo Zombies, and particularly enjoy the most recent map pack (Carrier).   During one particularly long Exo Zombies run on Car...
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  • Possible fix to Ghost freezing

    When Ghost freezes, see how warm your console is. If it is very warm, try cooling it with a fan and unplug the power cord for about 1 minute. This should get rid of that annoying imagefile59.
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  • Does anyone have 2mill kills on the PS4 or One?

    This isn't me bragging so please continue reading.     Two of us on the Xbox 360 on the Global leaderboard have over 2million kills each. YoungFatal is number 1, and I am number 2. He has about 2.4mill and...
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  • Looking for XB1 Experienced players to do high score runs and general teeth farming

    Looking for people to do high score runs and just general teeth farming with just got back into this game but I know what i'm doing and have some high leader board scores message me on XB1 Gamertag Brandon473 Note mus...
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  • Gargoyles can do the neversoft intel EE?

    I was seriously surprised at this, and unfortunately I have no recording software so haven't got proof, but it's NEVER happened to me before and I have had over 1,500 escapes on Exodus.   I was on the second to ...
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  • Would it be cool if...

    In Ghosts II they brought back the 5 maps from the first one and had in the new one. I wouldn't even mind that I bought and paid for all the dlc's and that when new people bought Ghost II that they would have them for...
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  • propane tank stuck inside me?

    Playing point of contact with a buddy from Ireland today and I guess we had some minor lag but nothing terrible. I knew you could get the drill stuck inside you but it happened on the first hive so I couldn't do anyth...
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  • Exodus Relic Runs

    Greetings, How do I know when I've recieved medusa aftermath bonus?  I've watched Peruvian & JTC YouTube & others videos. JTC just activated cortex as soon as last (3rd) ancestor killed.  I think it...
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  • Mayday Platinum

    Hey,   this may be a noobish question, but do you know how to get a Platinum Escape in Mayday? When running solo it takes me four cycles to kill the Kraken with the turrents. Ill get a Silver Escape in almost al...
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  • Best Rumour To date: You CAN Hypno a Mammoth!!

    This was, by far probably the best rumour I have heard on this game, or if not the best, then definitely one of.   Some guy, about 10th prestige or so knows everything about the game and starts telling us everyt...
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  • Mayday Platinum Escape

    Hey,   this may be a noobish question, but i was wondering what you have to do to get a Platinum Escape on Mayday? When i go for a solo run it takes me 4 cycles to kill the kraken with the turrents. But all i ge...
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  • Do you guys know any Games like extinction?

    I've found one so far that comes close which is borderlands they both have different classes that you can pick from and level up and pick were to spend your points into and an ability that has a cool down and you can ...
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