• Stinger

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    The stinger has been here for so long I think it should come back do you
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  • What was wrong with Ghosts?

    So I've heard from everyone that Ghosts was a bad game. But, why? I mean, Campaign was to me pretty awesome, Multiplayer, of course a bit too much campers, but still a good looking game mode, Extinction was a great ga...
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  • Random Map for Local

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    Hey guys, why not implement a "random" option for maps when playing LAN/Split screen? When I`m playing with friends or bots repeating the same map over and over again is boring, and  having to chose what map to p...
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  • Really need help

    Hi all really don't understand how these monster energy drinks codes work iv done all the set up but I can't see what xbox account iv linked up is there any way to find out and to be honest I think u should be able to...
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  • Bring back the clan wars app

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    call of duty ghosts just isn't the same without the clan wars app, Don't get me wrong I still enjoy and good bit of gaming but after coming back to playing ghosts only to find that I can no longer play clan wars prope...
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  • how many votes are needed on an idea before it is taken seriously?

    I wish to know how many votes are needed before anything happens with my idea to bring back the clan wars app and I would like to point out that some have commented and/or liked it but not actually clicked the vote up...
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  • Suspected Modders

    ON PS3, Everytime I suspect someone of using a mod, be it wallhack, or constant oracle, or whatever... I often times get a black screen while watching the killcam to me this is suspicious as it only seems to happen ...
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  • Infinity Ward Collection...

    we need infinity ward to put together an all-star collection of re-rendered games for the xbox one like microsoft did with the halo series. imagine having cod 2, cod 4, mw2, mw3 and maybe ghost all on one disc and pl...
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  • Advanced Warfare the Biggest Fail in CoD History

    I know this is a Ghosts forum, but this is where I feel comfortable.  Post this on the AW forum and I get hate.  Hell, I might just get hate here but I just don't care.  In the history of CoD...at least...
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  • Ghosts far superior to AW

    While Activision enjoys every positive post on either game, Infinity Ward got hammered during the Ghosts lifecycle.  Why?  Why was this game not given more credit?  There is so much right about Ghosts a...
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  • Squads: MAX XP Limit Removal

    There are no more then 7,000 people playing this game, at least that's what it says on Xbox One. It's hard enough that multiplayer takes longer then five minutes just to find one server to play on but still  the...
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  • Content awaiting approval

    Hello everyone,   We have heard your feedback regarding the recent changes for content approval prior to posting.  We understand the frustration this may have caused but it is an effort to combat the spam we...
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  • why not bring in vote to kick to deter hackers and modders

    Ive been playing in a lot of lobbies recently were well known modders and cheats are appearing   The whole lobby calls them out on there cheating and either they have everyone on mute or enjoy the attention ...
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  • Call Of Duty Ghost Maske Freischalten Hilfe

    Hey Leute wie schalte ich die rote oder die gelbe Maske frei ? Will die unbedingt haben. Wäre nett wenn mir jemand helfen könnte
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  • what defines camping ?

    What do people define as camping ?   For me a camper hides in the corner of a room or behind a box waiting for people to run past and get an easy kill, these guys last as long as it takes for a frag to find them...
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  • Reset Stats

    If I reset my stats on Xbox 1 will it affect my 360 stats?
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  • Why large maps will save Call of Duty

    Whenever I hop on the forums, the two main complaints I see are the spawn system, and the 'campers.' Now, when everyone was playing Black Ops 2, it got old quick, it was the same thing over and over again.  Spawn...
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  • Thank you activision

    The following subject is made for people to be proud of this awesome company called ACTIVISION ! So almost 3 weeks ago i tried to open my call of duty app just for fun, modify my classes as i used to do. Suddenly the...
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  • Ps4 gold edition

    When i upgrade ghosts to ps4, will i get gold edition?i know its late.
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