• How Many Have Come Back to Ghosts?

    Just curious how many of you have tried AW and found nothing but frustration & BS?  I've been playing CoD for the past six titles and this will be the first time I've reverted back to last year's game.  ...
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    Asking this because I'm not sure if a couple of players I bump into regulary playing TDM are just very, very good or hackers! Don't want to report them wrongly. I play on PS4.   Both players are independant and ...
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  • dlc xbox 360

    i downloaded the invasion dlc map pack but i havent been able to find one lobby since a week of playing -_- this aint a joke more of all i just want to know how can i disable the dlc or delete it
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  • Proposal for New Leveling System

    Most people do not like the concept of prestiging and the only reason they do it is to keep the game fresh and have something to work towards. The problem is that their level no longer represents how much they play th...
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  • Best weapon, MSBS? para mi. Video inside

    I think this is the best weapon.   El arma de este video creo que es la mejor, eso si, solo para pros porque si fallas el tiro a la primera estas muerto, dispara de rafaga en rafaga y el tiempo entre rafagas es ...
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  • Monster Can Codes

    how do i redem the codes on my monster ring pulls? i tried cod.monsterenergy.com however it keeps giving this error   The code you entered is not valid. Please try again. Please note that the code on your receip...
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  • why not add the intervention in to ghosts

    the mw2 intervention was awesome it should be in ghosts and the mw2 desert eagle my personal favs and many others.
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  • Internet

    Whats up, i want to start getting more serious playing and want to do whatever i can to help me play better. The only problem i seem to encounter are what seems to be internet related and getting insta-killed then wat...
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  • Added reset stats option for max prestige players.

    i saw this in the tittle upgrade..... how does it works ? i mean it is like in bo2 when you have a fresh start and loose all your unlocks? will you also loose your CW unlocks?
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  • Pros get in noob lobbies?

    I have a very important question and I'm wondering how do all the pros and pubstompers get in such bad lobbies with noobs. I always get in good lobbies with 2 kids and I don't have a great kd. Is it time zone or somet...
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  • Why is there not a pc version of Call Of Duty clan.

    Why is there not a pc version of Call Of Duty clan. Thats a pretty big disavantage for people who can not afford a mobile device.. can someone explain to me?
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  • why was the recruit level in squads removed.  this is the only level i can play in.  i'm 68 years old with slow reflexes

    why was the recuit level in squads removed.  this is the only level i can play in.  i'm 68 years old and i don't have the reflexes of the younger players.
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  • Should Call of Duty games have a draw mechanic?

    After experiencing what Bungie's newest franchise had to offer I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Destiny has a draw mechanic. But what is a draw mechanic? A draw mechanic is something that allows two opposin...
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  • Strikezone 24/7? Is it staying forever?

    Title says it all, I thought Strikezone 24/7 was just for double XP weekend, but it doesn't seem to be running off anywhere, is it staying there forever now? If it is I may start playing this game again coz I like Str...
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  • WHEN will you be putting back ALL 4 SQUADS DIFFICULTY SETTINGS?

    I am still waiting for a date as to when you will fix this part of the game that broke. Obviously, as you can see by the various posts in multiple forums that LOTS of people want this fixed. So until then I, as well a...
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  • World Record

    I was told I broke 2 world records and im wondering if I still hold the record the first was the most flags captured in 1 game in domination I captured 18, and the second was most tags captured in 1 game of kill confi...
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  • Hacked Cod games......

    So, in all seriousness, I am simply asking why Activision seems to bail on previous titles. From my experience, when a new title comes out, the one before it seems to be hacked to hell. Whether it's invincible player...
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  • instead of 24/7 mode hows about a extreme hardcore mode

    Instead of bringing out modes like 24/7, gungame, cranked, etc hows about a extreme hardcore, your start with only weapon, secondary, grenades, flashbangs etc, no hud, no kill cam, no perks, and no kill streaks, all w...
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  • Idea that could be used in an update

    This is my opinion but I think Infinity Ward should make another update and add some more additional things to Call of Duty: Ghosts.     1. add more game modes that were big in the Modern Warfare series tha...
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  • Classified in a clan

    I have been in a clan now for 3 weeks and as of today had no issues. Now it shows I'm not in a clan and on the commanders app it shows me as classified. Anyone else have/had this issue? Any help to fix this would be a...
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