• PS3 call of duty plus wiimote

    Hey guys,   I had some nice cod ghosts games with the old ofc boys hazard and barry on the ps3 with the wiimote (and the titan one converter).   Although our K/D ratios are nothing to write home about we d...
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  • #WiiPlayCallofDuty - Let your voice be heard!

    Video I made in attempt to get our voice in the community heard, and get the next Call of Duty onto the Nintendo platform!   Bring Call of Duty Back to Nintendo - #WiiPlayCallofDuty - YouTube
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  • Brightest day. Darkest night...

    No camper shall escape my sight!   Nap just got lasik eye surgery.  The day after surgery my vision was already 20/15!  For those that don't know that is better than 20/20.  I could even read 2 le...
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  • COD Ghost on WII U VS PS3 and XBOX 360 VERSION

    since cod ghost is going to all platforms it makes u think how the wi u version is going to work compared to the other versions.we all know the wii u version is not going to look as good as the ps4 and xbox one versio...
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  • Operations problem

    Hi, I have a problem regarding my operation to get the dominator Devgru headgear. I have to kill 6 different gamers with the maniac. I did it. I got a message during the game to confirm I succeeded it but this headge...
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  • A message to the wiimote vets

    Buy devils third, adapt, you can do it
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  • Retro Classic Controller

    First and foremost, I absolutely love the Wii U Pro Controller. Using it with Ghosts and Black Ops 2 just feels right. I have MW3 and Black Ops for Wii, and stuck using the Wii Classic Pro Controller with those titles...
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  • Tired of gimped ports?

    I know a lot of you are.  If you want better ports and better third party support, then there's only one thing you can do to make it better.  Go buy some third party games.   ...Not all of them.  ...
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  • A topic I found interesting

    This is from the Xbone forums, I've been keeping an eye on all platforms because we have a 360 too, or my son does but anyway, it seems on all platforms there are some serious issues, nice to see nothing has changed e...
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  • This Weeks Game Mode is KC

    Since nobody organized anything in the forums here, I'll be checking in on Kill Confirmed this week when ever I play. Maybe we can get some KC matches going. If you have a mic then spread the word to the other game mo...
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  • GamePad Wear-Out or Lag? ... And Other Things

    So I haven't been on Ghosts as much lately. Been playing a lot of Smash since I got it. However, I have been playing a lot more of Ghosts the last few days. There's only been 200-400 people on when I have played, but ...
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  • WII U Ghosts server for everyone?

    I havent got my WII U connected to COD servers for about a week now, anyone else with the same problem?
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  • Stupidest Game Ever

    TThis ******* game is the worst call of duty to date . The only cod you don't have to shoot 1 ******* bullet and go positive. Ghost = riot shield , c4 , camp , **** who won't cap 1 ******* flag on Dom And not to menti...
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  • Titan One dongle discount coupon code

    The Titan One dongle developer arranged a 10% discount coupon code "OFCG"  for all the wiimote oldies which is valid on extreme-mods   www.consoletuner.com Titan One website (shop extreme-mods.com)
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  • Call of duty Advanced Warfare + wiimote arrived

    in Europe with wiimote via titan one
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  • Is there a way to harmonize Wiimote controls between CoD games?

    Hi there, I'm a long time fan of CoD on Wii/WiiU (and CoD in general since CoD1).   I found the perfect controls for me personally on W@W and spent hours recreating them on MWR. When MWR came out Treyarch intro...
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  • Number of online COD users

    I was wondering what the online players count is on the wiiu (bo2 and ghosts) and on the other platforms (ps3, ps4, xbox360, xbox1: bo2, ghosts, advance warfare).   On the PS3 COD AW I can not see the number of...
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  • Target teasing COD AW for Wii U

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3FpiFVTUUo   Obvious inventory error, but hilarious nonetheless.
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  • So the wiiu sales numbers or the revenue split% killed COD on WIIU?

    Revisiting Wii/wiiu sales numbers that should make us happy with cod on wiiu in the first place   I guess that there's not enough money to be made by selling COD advance warfare to the small installed wiiu base ...
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  • The reason no AW on wiiu ...Destiny next big thing?

    Ive gotten to know a few people on twitter personally this year through Destiny and Activision, and and I think I have a good feeling as to whats what.   Treyarch started making Black Ops 3, 2 years ago, as expe...
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