• Is there a way to harmonize Wiimote controls between CoD games?

    Hi there, I'm a long time fan of CoD on Wii/WiiU (and CoD in general since CoD1).   I found the perfect controls for me personally on W@W and spent hours recreating them on MWR. When MWR came out Treyarch intro...
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  • Number of online COD users

    I was wondering what the online players count is on the wiiu (bo2 and ghosts) and on the other platforms (ps3, ps4, xbox360, xbox1: bo2, ghosts, advance warfare).   On the PS3 COD AW I can not see the number of...
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  • Target teasing COD AW for Wii U

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3FpiFVTUUo   Obvious inventory error, but hilarious nonetheless.
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  • So the wiiu sales numbers or the revenue split% killed COD on WIIU?

    Revisiting Wii/wiiu sales numbers that should make us happy with cod on wiiu in the first place   I guess that there's not enough money to be made by selling COD advance warfare to the small installed wiiu base ...
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  • The reason no AW on wiiu ...Destiny next big thing?

    Ive gotten to know a few people on twitter personally this year through Destiny and Activision, and and I think I have a good feeling as to whats what.   Treyarch started making Black Ops 3, 2 years ago, as expe...
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  • Cod Advance Warfare with Wiimote

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  • I'm On PS4 Now & A Special Notice!

    So, as we know, the S.S Call of Duty is leaving without Nintendo for what seems to be forever. I have already bought a PS4. Will I never get on my Wii U? Of course not! I will still be playing Nintendo exclusives. I a...
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  • A_Trey_U might be working in the PC Team now.

    So on Twitter, I recieved a message that said “Join [A_Trey_U's Twitter account] and [some other person] in following [Treyarchs Pc_assist account]. if call of duty is no longer coming, then this might be a real...
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  • The Future of Wiimote FPS?

    I started playing Ghost again. 3 Weeks and counting. The Online Numbers are sad and even MW3 and Black Ops on Wii pull better Numbers. But i stay and enjoy. It was never about COD for me its all about the Wiimote Cont...
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Call of duty Advanced Warfare is coming to the wiiu on

    01 - 04 - 2015
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  • Re: Titan One : Wiimote support for PS/XBOX/PC

    UPDATE:     I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the   dispute between the two).     Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of ...
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  • Titan One = Wiimote + cod on PS, XBOX and PC

    UPDATE:     I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the   dispute between the two).     Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of ...
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  • So how's the online?

    Been playing this on the PS3. I thought I might pick up a Wii-U version of it because it is only like $10 new. What's the community like? Also, how does the Wii-mote and Nun-chuck work? Black Ops 2 took me a good deal...
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  • which is your fav weapon?

    mine is the AK
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  • Dear Activision...

    I'll try to be nice, but as everything falls on deaf ears - tactical glitch, hiding in rocks glitch and many others remain unfixed I guess there is no hope for you.   How you have not been able to fix the mother...
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  • Playlist has been updated message.

    Got one today and it kicked me out of the lobby.  Like when they turn Double XP on/off or do a hotfix.  No idea what it did though.  Did we have Double XP turned on and I didn't notice?  I was hopi...
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  • This is the weirdest game ever.

    I Just bought ghost today . Omg it's the craziest game ever spawn right behind you, in front of you ied,s every where . Riot shields everywhere . It's just so dumb I don't understand it at all . No wonder no one likes...
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  • This is why people have moved away from Call of Duty.

    Okay? We're tired of this spawntrapping BS. We're tired of unfun gameplay with punks. We're tired of this organized team vs PUG stuff. It's stupid. It's unfair. It needs to be quashed. End this stuff now.   htt...
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  • So if there's no AW on WiiU, where's Treyarch?

    I kind of found it strange how the Treyarch Wii team went off the grid. I haven't heard from A_Trey_U in months. I know they've added Nuketown 2025 but I'm sure that's not the reason they dropped support for Ghosts. D...
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  • I have several questions for Call Of Duty Black Ops II / Ghost:

    Preguntas en Español 1.¿ porque no sacaron más DLC para Wii U? 2.¿ porque no hay mas mapas del modo "Extincion"? 3. ¿como la comunidad podria ayudar para dar mapas/DLC a la conso...
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