• I have several questions for Call Of Duty Black Ops II / Ghost:

    Preguntas en Español 1.¿ porque no sacaron más DLC para Wii U? 2.¿ porque no hay mas mapas del modo "Extincion"? 3. ¿como la comunidad podria ayudar para dar mapas/DLC a la conso...
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  • Glitches

    SSorry guys this might be old but I'm new to the game I'm level 26 . What's with all the under map glitch and in the rock glitch . Plus all the camping . It's kinda crazy I'm still getting used to it .
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  • Advanced Warfare

    Is it coming to wii u ? can we make a petition somehow?
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  • Don't know how reliable this is, but here you go anyway

    Like the title says........   http://mp1st.com/2014/08/20/advanced-warfare-coming-wii-u-13-game-modes-launch-c ustomizable-camos/?utm_source=dlvr.it&ut…
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  • WTF Moments

    We all know that these (debatably) games are full of b.s. However, there are instances that go far above the rest, many times giving us a good laugh and/or a nice jaw drop.   Examples: In my first game tonight,...
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  • Problème Micro Multijoueur

    Bonjour, j'ai constaté un problème avec les Call of duty en général sur ma wii U, Depuis 2 semaines mon micro ne fonctionne plus en multijoueurs, j'ai un tritton kunai, est pourtant m&eci...
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  • Nap does some Wiimote aim assist testing.

    I did this testing in response to a post on GFAQS.  A big thanks to IKY for being a target for me.  I normally don't use aim assist, and during previous tests in game, it never did anything.  In fact, m...
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  • So guard dogs disable IEDs.

    Fact.  Someone posted that he thought his dog disabled one on GFAQs.  No one replied until today.  I had it happen last night on Stormfront.  I went through the glass doors on the side with the tru...
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  • How is your "preferred" weapon calculated?

    So this is a PET peeve of mine (get it? huehueuue), how is your preferred weapon in your stats figured out? For the longest time it said that mine was the Honey Badger despite my IA2 having double the kills and higher...
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  • Wii U Ghosts Competitive Battles

    Hey guys, I know it's tough to stay active on Ghosts nowadays with all of the Advanced Warfare information being revealed. Also, many of you are probably prestige master on Ghosts by now. I'm only 4 levels away from ...
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  • Could Wii U Possibly Be Skipping Advance Warfare & Focusing On DLC For Ghost & Black Ops II On The Wii U?

    It's kind of strange that we suddenly just received Nuketown 2025 (However unlike the other versions of Black Ops II, this was installed into the game via an update so we didn't have to download it from the eShop) for...
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  • Petition | Name an NPC in the new Legend of Zelda game after Robin Williams

    There's no need to add words, feel free to sign this petition if you want. I don't put a direct link here because the system doesn't allow me to do it, so search the petition on google (or my nintendo news if you pre...
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  • Living or Ghosts?

    I haven't posted on here in a while. Not many people have. But I do still check to see if anything's new every few days. Today, I'm posting to hopefully give us something more to talk about.   I don't know about...
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  • Another Bomb Has Been Dropped...

    ...Or rather a nuke, that is.   It appears that Black Ops 2 Wii U just got Nuketown 2025. Y'know, that map that we were all promised as a preorder bonus and then which was subsequently pulled out with about 1-2...
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  • NUKETOWN 2025 NOW ON WIIU!!!!!!!!!

    Load the WiiU normally, non quick start. Click BO2 to begin auto update.
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  • Do people still play ghost on wii u?

    I haven't played in a long time bought it for 360 .
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  • Reasoning?

    Is there a reason why this game is made and sold for the same as other platforms but yet neglected beyond reason? Say I bought this game for Xbox, Playstation, or PC. I chose not to buy any of the DLC, would I still r...
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  • Heading back to Black Ops

    I ordered Black ops a few days ago and it should be here soon. I don't know why but I honestly miss the Wii graphics, and can't wait to play. Another thing I miss about the Wii was the Wiimote; for some reason it seem...
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  • What's Happening With Chat?

    Anyone else starting to have problems with chat? Every night now people keep getting cut off chat, sometimes we can hear them in the lobby, but in game we can't hear them, sometimes the other way round, and sometimes ...
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  • Cod Ghost Wii U DLC

    How come we still dont have the dlc (Onslaught) for COD Ghost Wii U wen its already available on others competitor hardware, im wondering how can you expect to make better sell over wii u version wen you sell it at 60...
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