• Will There be call of duty ghosts 2 ?

    Ive been wondering if there will be call of duty ghosts 2 because in the end rookie drags him and makes him a federation to destroy the ghosts so will there be a call of duty ghosts 2?
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  • How do you become a Forum Moderator?

    I just wanted to know how to become a Moderator in the Forums.
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  • this gif's for you

    so i enjoy searching and looking at gifs (i blame falcon for showing me how). you guys have posted some really funny ones and one horrible one (hanz i got my on you) so lets see what you got.
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  • Castle V6.0.1

    Well, here we are again. The start of another call of duty forum. You'd think it would be easier if they just used the same forum and then just added sections for new games? Well, what do I know, not like I've ever ad...
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  • COD 4 coming to xbox one....

    Cod 4 is coming to xbox one...I hear all of you thinking the same headlines! What an amazing thought, the best game ever on the best console ever!! ...Of course it isnt, which is awful, but id like to beg the devs to ...
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  • What are you listening to at the moment?

    I've started this thread on every forum I've been apart of, all you have to do is post what you are listening to at the moment. Also if you want to, you can rate the music that the person above you posted.  
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  • *****official monumental points thread*****

    I took the tip of JeepChick to my heart so here it is.   To post when you achieve a monumental points point.   The benchmark will be 100 points.   When getting a badge or something you don't need to ...
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  • Destiny

    Destiny was a big disappointment when i reached lv 20 and cant level up more. And that the story is really short, about 15h and its complete. I dont want to replay all missions. Multiplayer in destiny is worst mp i ev...
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  • Parallels between Splatoon and CoD?

    Just a thought I want to toss out towards the CoD community, to see what you all think about it...   Am I the only one that thinks the whole premise of Splatoon's victory conditions, is a lot like a ramped-up ve...
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  • Can you really call esports players COD PROS

    Now I don't know if anybody else thinks this but when they call the pros the best in the world at call of duty, don't that seem weird,  like for example in cod ghosts they banned a whole weapon class, all explosi...
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  • Samuel L. Jackson

    7 votes
    I think a Samuel L. Jackson voice pack would be interesting. The personality he projects in his movies would mix great with the COD multiplayer atmosphere. Its like a combination of both the Snoop Dogg and drill serge...
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  • Ban The Forum Member Above You.. V.2

    This is part 2 of a thread from a previous CoDHQ.. It's a simple game.. Ban them for something.
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  • Why You Need a Fake ID

    (If you are looking for a fake id, check out FloridaFakes.com They are undoubtedly THE BEST fake ID manufacturer on the World Wide Web.)   In the nation that we live in today, having an id can grant you many priv...
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  • Cod Ghost Recording

    Hello Shooters,May i ask a question? what type of software/application did you guys use to record your Call of Duty Ghost game ? i've Tried Fraps and Bandicam but it seems like when i review my record,my video was ful...
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  • Who has the TV answer I'm looking for?

    I'm in the marketplace for a new TV. After getting a headache of searching for what I'm looking for, I've come here for help. I'm very hesitant to make this decision on my own.   Its my living room TV so there a...
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  • Forum Members - Who's who

    It's almost been a year since I got active,Without me being on FB & our profile's limited  I thought this could work with a mug shot of yourself if it does maybe moderators could "pin",or "sticky" this thread...
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  • New game mode idea

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone thought this might make a fun game mode.   Basic premise is you have a large rectangle designed to look like a basketball court, you have obstacles similar to to ones found in rush ...
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  • Website Badge Suggestions

    So, the site has been overhauled again, this time for the better, and one of the features that was added has been forum badges. Those of us who have been on the forums for a very long time will remember that badges ar...
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  • What U Playing

    I was thinking of playing some Metal Gear Solid, All of them. I stopped on the third one and never finished. I actually got stuck in the jungle, it must of been a glitch. At that time didn't know what a glitch was, bu...
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  • Infected in Advanced Warfare

    Hey Call of Duty Community,   Call of Duty Ghosts was my first COD so despite what the majority of the gaming community has said about Ghosts I still enjoyed it. But even though it was my first COD I could still...
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