• Spent the weekend with the Titanfall Alpha. COD is dead

    No joke, this is what is going to kill call of duty. Fitting that the guy that started it all is the one that is going to end it.
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  • Post FaZe Rain quotes?

    Hi guys,   I'm designing some apparel mock-ups using FaZe Rain quotes.   If you guys have any funny/interesting FaZe Rain quotes post them here please.   Thanks,   Hannah
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  • Inquiry on sharing youtube videos

    I just wanted to ask the community if there's a specific place where you're allowed to share Call of Duty videos here in the forums. I posted a youtube video one time and my thread got deleted. When I asked one of the...
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  • Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox One

    Hi was looking for compatible wireless keyboard & mouse for the xbone which works with Ghosts and all other games (when they are finally released).   I saw a video on youtube that requires modding the consol...
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  • Future call of duty game idea

    The idea I have is different, but it could give both future/modern warfare and Older warfare fans some pleasure.   OK. Imagine it is the beginning of ww2, everyone knows the world is going into chaos. But what ...
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  • Full of Win

    A logical progression from Ego's Fail Thread..  
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  • What do y'all think of Advanced Warefare then....?

    Thought i see what y'all think about this new cod, i've seen various videos now of the new cod and at first like many i guess, i was like is this a call of duty game? ha! but as much as it's like a cod game on steriod...
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  • Destiny Shader

    Since you get a destiny shader code for pre-ordering advanced warfare, can someone please sent his 360 code if hes doesn´t buying destiny? We don´t have the offer in germany.
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  • I'm streaming on TWITCH with a player who is speaking about advanced warfare

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  • just a thought

    Am I going to be the only one laughing when Treyarch's game has the same hit detection as AW and Ghosts? From what I can gather, the main complaint about ghosts is you die too fast and people want more health.. Realis...
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  • Quick question about AW.

    I had already pre ordered AW prior to the day zero being announced. Since I already ordered it will I get the day zero edition? Or will I need to cancel my pre order and order it again. I'm just getting the game. Not ...
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  • Any advice for a fellow gamer?

    Hey all I have a question I was hoping someone might have the answer.   So here's the scenario (yay, you read this far)   I had an issue with my xbox 360 hard drive & disc reader (IKR...all happened ...
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  • New & Improved Maps - Weather Patterns / Night & Day

    Hi all, Activision/Infinity Ward,   For a long time we have heard various discussions re: new maps, renovated maps, favorite maps etc, but what I'd like to propose is something I have not seen discussed before. ...
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  • showtime sucks

    i dont understand why people liked shipment on cod4 and these people are the same people who like nuketown..these 2 maps are absolutely terrible..the good thing about showtime tho is that it opens up after like a min ...
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  • What i want for COD 2015

    Something that takes place between WWII and the War in Afghanistan.  Maybe alternate history BO3 where Germany and Japan won the War, and groups of rebels are uprising to overthrow them.  I for one want more...
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  • Destiny Ps3

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone other then me is going to replace ghosts with destiny as far as my time is concerned. I am planning on doing all the end game content and am glad i can finally get away from ghosts.
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  • Turtle Beach PX22 ps4 ?!

    Hello there, i was wondering if there is anyone who owns a set of turtle beach px22s and can help me set it up on the ps4 ?   I kinda dont have a headphone jack on my t.v, does that mean im not able to use it at...
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  • Share Factory PS4 question

    Hi i am trying to figure out share factory but cannot find help from videos so i will post it here. Share factory has randomly recorded some of my split screen matches in ghosts but now i don't know how to control whe...
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  • why people dont like quickscoping

    ok first i start this by saying there is nothing wrong with quckscoping you have to aim andshoot one bullet and if you mis yourt screwed so you have to hit every bullet instead of sparying wityh a machine gun so yea t...
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  • Nivdia control settings. Connecting to the online servers

    Ive just got my tower back with new motherboard, new graphics card nivdia gtx 780ti, and i7. I need some help with the settings and with connecting to the online servers. Anybody mind helping me out on whats up?
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