• COD ghost pc crashes in extinction mode

    Hi, I'm using COD ghosts on PC (steam platform) and it crashes  few seconds after I put down the drill. It crashes only in extinction mode... Anyone knows what I can do?
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  • Bloqueado, y porque???

    Hoy después de jugar una partida me ha salido un mensaje y como no me conectaba he mirado en Steam y me da este mensaje: Hemos confirmado que tu cuenta xxxxxxx ha sido bloqueada en el juego Call of Duty: Ghost...
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  • Unable to connect to Online multiplayer?

    Hi so I have a physical copy of Ghosts but when I try to start Multiplayer it says the COD Ghosts servers are not available at the moment. I've been trying to access the MP the whole day but it's the same message agai...
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  • Help for still blocked on level of Call of Duty Ghosts

    Hi, a few days ago I installed on my Windows PC game Call of Duty Ghosts, I could play without any malfunction to the level where it is detonated the dam from the tank and the water invades the city and our heroes mus...
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  • Message d'erreur quand je me connecte.

    Quand je me connecte sur PC à Call Of Duty Ghost Multiplayers , un message d'erreur s'affiche : PLATFORM_P2PAUTH_PUBLISHER_BANNED J'espère que se problème sera résolue.
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  • I have Permanently banned from Call Of Duty Ghosts:Multiplayer on steam

    Hello, today like 30 mins ago I was playing cod ghosts multiplayer game with no problems and aftermatch I started to use my point to buy something for my profile after that sudden a screen came and sad I am banned fro...
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  • Bisogno di aiuto per Call of Duty Ghosts

    salve, da pochi giorni ho installato sul mio pc windows il gioco Call of Duty Ghosts, ho potuto giocare senza nessun problema di funzionamento fino al livello dove viene fatta esplodere la diga da parte del carro arma...
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  • Unjustified ban.

    Yesterday, i was hosting a private match to play with some buddies (Dropzone on Freefall with short drop-interval) and after 2 minutes or so my screen went black, kicked me back to the menus and told me that my accoun...
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  • Is Their A Server Issue ?

    I was playing fine last night on MP, i did note i was on moderate NAT (however i have opened DMZ + FWD ports). I know that they are open as i have tested them with the port checker, but it says cannot connect to serve...
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  • I spent 120 Euros between game and extensions to the new maps, and now have been banned for writing before the game started good luck campers playfully? Alert server administrators to contact me immediately otherwise proceed to court. thank you!

    I spent 120 Euros between game and extensions to the new maps, and now have been banned for writing before the game started good luck campers playfully? Alert server administrators to contact me immediately otherwise ...
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  • Ghosts Search & Destroy

    Hello all,   first it is sad that only 400 to 800 gamers play this game. To be honest if I made a game and that little players would play I would make it free to play, free DLC or something because this is just ...
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    I purchase CoD Ghosts-Devastation DLC 3 weeks ago and I did play 3 times map Ruins and one time map Collision, and that's it. YOU CANNOT PLAY ANY MAP FROM DLC DEVASTATION BECAUSE THERE ARE NO GAMES ON A STEAM. I did...
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  • Is reinforce coming back in infinity wards new game?

    Hello,   I'm wondering if reinforce from call of duty ghosts is coming back?   I enjoyed it alot in call of duty ghosts and would love to see it coming back :-)   What do you think?
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  • PC - Black Ops 3 Beta is in your library ready to download

    Yes check your Steam library you can download it because you own this game. PC only: If you own Black Ops 2, Ghosts, or Advanced Warfare on Steam, you get access to BO3Beta | Charlie INTEL
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  • call of duty app

    can anyone tell me how to download call of duty app on my laptop
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    ouaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
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  • I'm soooooo sorry,,help me

    I come from China, I want to contact you too hard. So had to be in this way ask for help     my cod:ghost multiplayer Has been permanently ban I'm sorry because of my momentary greed CE is used to modify ...
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  • Multiplayer

    We need more players. The game is good on pc online if your pc can handle it. Mien can and I got a K.E.M strike on my 3rd match. Went 18-0 and having a good time on it. The only sad thing is that no one is playing any...
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    if anyone can tell me why I was banned!!! I was playing and someone disconnected the electricity.when electricity back my Call of Duty Ghost account was PARMANENTLY BANNED!!! FOR WHAT!!!! what should I do now??? I'...
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  • About campers

    I hate you campers, I hate you more than the  cheaters !  You're ruining this game! Please sell your accounts and play counter strike or sth. It is best for your style!
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