• Im unable to connect

    Hello everyone,recently I found myself stuck with annoying problem whit Ghosts on PC.I join a game normally and then either at waiting for players or few triangles left my game get stucked and error displayes Unable t...
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  • How do I make the Maverick a sniper rifle?

    I can't argue that I'm fairly new to the game. I purchased the Maverick because they said it could be used as either an assault rifle OR a sniper rifle. It's average as an assault rifle (I'm having better luck with th...
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  • ghost clan app on pc

    ghost can somebody help me. I downloaded the cod ghost app on my pc the first time I downloaded it it worked just fine but now everytime I click on the app it says "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OFFLINE"   I HAVE...
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  • Mouse Lag

    Hello,   The first day I got Call of Duty: Ghosts I had seen many issues regarding the game's performance. For example, the graphics look horrible even on the highest settings, and the mouse lag was intense. Bas...
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    bought the call of duty ghosts hardened complete edition in the pre sale and have all customization of content that has been released and I can not finish a single game, reform these errors because it is a lack of res...
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  • Ghosts Extinction Outline Problem

             Hi all! I've been having a problem for a while now on Extinction, where there are no colored outlines on objects and items. In addition, feral instincts or any outlin...
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  • Soundtrack Download Problem

    Greetings! Just bought the Hardened Edition of Ghosts, and try to activate the Code for downloading the Soundtrack. But the internet side www.callofduty.com/ghosts/CE isnt available. Only an errormessage is showing ...
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  • Disc Read Error (FATAL ERROR) common_mp

    Anyone else getting this error?  Single Player works, I have a 3TB HDD that has 2.5TB left on it... not a space issue.  When I start MP the game crashes with this error!  HELP! 
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  • Specs not enough? Game lagging

    Hey everyone,   got my new Notebook with the following specs:   4. Gen. Intel® Core™ i7-4510U (4M Cache up to 3.1 GHz) 8 GB DDR3L mit 1.600 MHz (2 x 4 GB) 240GB SSD SanDisk Ultra 2 AMD Radeon&...
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  • Can I run Ghosts with these specs?

    I can run Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (lowest settings, around 60FPS), 1, and MW3 perfectly fine with a fantastic framerate. I am thinking of buying Call of Duty Ghosts for my laptop today via steam Can I run this game ...
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  • Recruiting clan for COD Ghost PC

    We are recruiting people in our clan. Don't worry about mic, K-D, Were really here for fun. I don't care if your K-D is in the negitives. Join why don't you. Two rules. 1 Have fun 2 No team trolling   We pla...
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  • defcon 4

    when this lags will be fixed?
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  • Dlaczego ne działa online na PC?

    Oto co wyskakuje:                                  ...
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  • How Do I get  refund on the season pass?

    I would really like a full refund but I imagine that is impossible as the single player game is playable. So I will settle with just a refund on my season pass for the multiplayer..   Since day one the same che...
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  • Banned 3 times on 3 acc. in 2½ month.

    Well first of all, I wouldn't purchase the game 3 times if I was cheating, so for me it seems that something on my PC is triggering the alarm at Activision/Infinity Ward, but can't get an answer what it is, I formatte...
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  • You'd think the price would be lower...

    With the new game coming out you'd think this title would be lower in price so the publisher could grab more cash just before it's on the way out... no one is going to pay 59.00 for a game that has the next version ou...
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  • How to appeal a ban??

    Hello;         Have no idea of why I was banned, when it was the first multiplayer game ever since buying the game..would like to have this lifted please..       No ...
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  • Banned for no reason!

    Hello, i just bought the game on a steam sale and i played two matches, then i disconnected and it said that i was banned!!!, For what?!?!?. I did not cheat or anything. no glitches/hacks or any exploits.. waste of mo...
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  • Why cant I find a match of TDM?.... 4000 people online....

    why is it that I can never find a match during the day, when there are the most people online?.... I can only find matches later on at night... when there's only around 1000 people.   Additionally, every time I ...
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  • Account reset

    Hey,   Haven't played the game for a few months now. Just logged in the other day to find out that not only my stats were reset, but my whole account has been deleted. No stats, no achievements, no guns/perks, n...
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