• Banned for no reason!

    Hello, i just bought the game on a steam sale and i played two matches, then i disconnected and it said that i was banned!!!, For what?!?!?. I did not cheat or anything. no glitches/hacks or any exploits.. waste of mo...
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  • Why cant I find a match of TDM?.... 4000 people online....

    why is it that I can never find a match during the day, when there are the most people online?.... I can only find matches later on at night... when there's only around 1000 people.   Additionally, every time I ...
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  • Account reset

    Hey,   Haven't played the game for a few months now. Just logged in the other day to find out that not only my stats were reset, but my whole account has been deleted. No stats, no achievements, no guns/perks, n...
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  • Looking for people to play Squads and co op

    Sup guys and gals.   I bought the game 2 days ago. The multiplayer is almost dead and hackers are owning the place but hte Squads are AWESOME. I would love to play it with other people. My squad is all lvl 1 to ...
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    Hi Activision community. I need your help. I bought Call of Duty Ghosts yesterday nut i can not play online! I followed the posted steps but none of them worked. If someone enginear of activion can help me by for exa...
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  • Recently Bought on Steam. Problems Playing

    I recently bought Ghosts on Steam since I didn't pick it up when it first released. The multiplayer seems to work fine enough, but Extinction crashes every time I put my drill down. I played the campaign up until one ...
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  • graphic issue (yellow lines) in mission "birds of prey"

    Hello. I'm having a graphics-issue when playing the mission "birds of prey". As soon as the facility comes in sight, those yellow lines appear - accompanied by some fellow yellow dots - and they move across the screen...
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  • Extinction Map Won't Work

    Point of Contact map crashes as soon as I put the drill in the first spot. The nightfall map however works for me.   I am running an i5 4670 with 8gb or ram and a gtx760 graphics card on 64 bit windows 7 Home P...
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  • Looking for a PC Ghost clan

    hi, i want to join a pc ghost clan to play with. someone that lives in EU is mostly prefered. My steam name is either: siriussvaart or siriussvaart1, it has a picture of a car. add me if you have a clan i can join...
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  • 90 fps cap bull*&^#

    Hi Infinity Ward,   I have a Samsung 23" S23A700D Series 7 LED 3D Monitor.   I specifically bought this monitor July 2012 for the 120Hz refresh rate on it. I was in a clan called Mi4 (Missing in Action) a...
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    @ !Why don't they make call of duty for mac anymore? Surely a mac is as good a pc.
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  • Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

    I was playing a regular match of Team Death Match in Call of Duty: Ghosts and after I finished the game, I logged out. The next day I came back it said I could not connect to the game, telling me to check back later a...
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  • Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC

    Call of Duty: Ghosts PC version must get the following feature:   Split-Screen Multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch etc. Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op Missions, Survival etc.   So far every previous CO...
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  • activation code pb

    Hello I just bought an occasion call of duty ghosts pc game with box cds and activation code but the code is already activated is it possible to have a new code and disable the original code? As I can play with it and...
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  • errors after match in MP

    I have huge issue with ghosts on PC... Almost every time when I end a match I have erros like that..   read file error: - mp_character_bodies - mp_character_room - imagefile6 - imagefile42   What I t...
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  • Encouraging a  Creative Approach on CoD Videos

    Hi guys! So I've seen a lot of Call of Duty videos in the past and most of them are montages. So I just want to encourage people to create new ways to present their Call of Duty videos.   I'd like to give an ex...
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  • BF4 Vs COD Ghosts

    So, i'm looking for a COD players opinion on this, I will link the two multiplayer reveals for both BF4 and COD ghosts, i wanna know why you guys prefer COD over BF4. Im not hee to hate, i just want a COD players opin...
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  • COD ghosts please help me get DEVGRU dominator

    i want the DEVGRU dominator, but i need help, i'm really bad at that game, can someone help me? i'll help him get it too. please. thank you
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  • Stop the BAN madness plz......

    Activision / Infinity Ward please stop the BAN madness, you ban lots of ppl without any reason and let the hackers continue playing, guess all you want is our money and then you don't care about us anymore, I have tal...
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  • PLEASE REMOVE 90 FPS LIMIT?!??!!!!?!!?

    @ Hello.   I know this has been mentioned before but for goodness sake. Running this game on a 120hz monitor makes this game unplayable, extremely unpleasant at best. When people go out and spend plenty of mone...
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