• How do I use downloaded characters?

    I paid for and downloaded a DLC character on my PS4. It says its installed, but i cant find anywhere to use this character. Is there a specific process to get to downloaded characters, and if so could you please walk ...
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  • Looking for good PS4 players

    I've upgraded from PS3 to PS4 and need friends who play Extinction on this system. I have all the armory upgrades and maps. Looking for people who play as a team.   Drop your PSN and I'll friend request
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        I would like to thank the company of Activision for making such a wonderful game series such as COD , I know a lot of time and hard work goes into making games such as these with the developing team . H...
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  • Where can i get the actual ps4 user manual for this?

    The activision link only gives a ps4 controller layout and network setup.
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  • ghosts from ps3 to ps4 cheaters? ..

    so has anyone here gone from ps3 version to ps4? any real major difference other then graphics? like the ps3 version is there an issue with hackers/modders? that's my main reason for switching, please only comment if ...
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  • Many people still playing this on ps4?

    Hello, just wondering if a lot of people still play this? I bought black ops III and had nothing but issues with lag compensation. I liked ghosts personally and wouldn't mind coming back, is the game worth picking bac...
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  • COD: Ghosts Help

    So I just started back with COD...played enough to get 17 trophies, but really don't have any idea where I'm 'at'. When I went to play today, the 'Resume Game' option had a little lock next to it. WTH? How do I remove...
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  • Back into COD!

    After a fairly long absence, we're getting back into COD: Ghosts. Bought a new PS4 and love it so far. LOT more layered in options than years ago!   My question is this: Is there a way for my husband and I to pl...
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  • Creating A SNIPING TEAM //NEW 2016//

    hey there players!! my friend and i are starting a Sniping Team. our Team is called Cloaks Of Midnight. or CoM for short which is also the clan tag. this Team will be playing a variety of game modes including both cor...
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  • Looking for People w/ Nemesis DLC for Trophy

    Hi everyone. I want to finish collecting the trophies for this game. I hop online to get the Eggstra XP Trophy, but no one seems to have the Nemesis DLC, so those maps are never played.   If y'all have the DLC, ...
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  • German PS4 Spieler

    Hello hello. Ich suche noch ein paar aktive Ghosts PS4 Spieler und zwar bitte ab 18 Jahre mit Headset. Leider ist der größte Teil zu Bo3 und somit bin ich fast alleine da einfach mal ID hinschreiben ich ad...
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  • looking for friends to play with .

    hi . guys i recently bought a ps4 and i was wondering if anyone wanted to play i'm here . my gamertag is saidthegreatest
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  • Can you use the vita for multiplayer on the ps4?

    Is there a way to use the vita as a second screen for the ps4 cod? On the wii u you can play with someone else and have your own screen. I was just wondering if you could do something similar on the ps4.
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  • Good PS4 Gaming Headsets?

    I mean i'm just looking for a loud PS4 headset were i can sound whore alot, my budget is £100- is there any good ones where i can really just sound whore and hear most of the map?
    Big Bad A
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  • Monster Energy codes....

    If anyone has any monster energy codes still around i'll take them. You can still enter the codes I just did one. Thanks!
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  • Black Ops 3 Tournament PSN

    Ok guys so I want to host a tournament the night Black Ops 3 comes out. It's a 1v1 Tournament with a maximum of 50 players attending. It will be hosted online by me on PSN. The winner of the tournament will receive $1...
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  • Looking for a clan/group to play with

    Hello,   my PSN is Xtremefear27, I play a lot of ghost and will be getting BO3 when it comes out. looking for a group to play with cuz its more fun. Send message on psn
  • Support Anti-Cheat Coding

    Cheaters in CoD games are rampant and something needs to be done to put a stop to them.   Just last night I gunned down two guys who then respawned right beside me and gunned me down. In another match last night...
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  • Problem with Add-Ons

    Hi guys, I have a problem with buying/downloading/installing Add-Ons in COD Ghosts. When I wanna buy camos it takes me to in-game store and then it starts loading and loading and loading.... I have no idea whats goin...
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  • Error 2080

    Quisiera ayuda sobre este error. lo rstoy presentando con el ghost. Gracias@
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