• game worth buying?

    i have recently reached master prestige in advanced warfare and im growing tired of the game. ghosts i had owned on xbox 360 and i remember it being pretty sweet but i have also read some pretty shitty reviews on it b...
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  • Looking for Extinction Partners

    I am looking for serious extinction players to team up with and nab some trophies, I need the completionist trophy.  So I would be willing to help other get trophies they are missing.   Thanks in advance NR
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  • Why is this game so dead?

    seriously this is one of my favorite games and its so hard to find a game due to how little people still play it. If anyone still plays regularly feel free to add me on PS4(ArnoldTheGoose) because I'm always looking f...
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  • Would love some feedback!

    Hey guys! My buddies and I are all starting up Youtube channels! Its pretty awesome because we are trying to put up content that most people don't put up. We will be messing around and having some funny moments videos...
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  • Best Strikezone Domination gameplay?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDeggDI8GcY   This is a gameplay from a bit ago that I did. I played Strikezone Domination and had a really great match! I was wondering if anyone has had such a great game while ...
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  • Looking for active ps4 clan kd - 2.35 tdm

    21 one years old, looking for active ps4 clan. PSN: PopeEli
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  • No games found.... Is this normal for TDM 3000 players?

    Im trying to get into a game in TDM and im having an extremely hard time doing so. Is it my connection or there some other problem? I can only find one lobby when there are 3000 people playing tdm.
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  • PS4 expansão

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    Alguem sabe como recuperar as DLC's compradas no PS3 do Call Of Duty Ghosts para o PS4? !
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  • how many people still play ghost.. on ps4 USA

    Im in the US and i was wondering how many people still play ghost on ps4..i dont like AW and was thinking of getting ghost
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  • Hardcore: Players killing themself or destroying team kill streaks

    I still play ghosts cause I never liked the exo suits and wasted $59 on a game I don't play.  Anyways within the last 2 months I started finding these guys who will have names like f___playstation or other stupid...
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  • Help on extinction, anyone?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out in extinction. I need 2 trophies: no man left behind: finish with 4 players and completionist: complete every hive challenge. If anyone would like to help...
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  • Need help with extinction trophies! Anyone down to squad up?

    Hey everyone, I noticed when I would play extinction public matches people would leave in the middle of the game so if anyone wants to squad up and get these trophies send me a message or a friend request. PSN - Fan...
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  • Multiplayer map rotation

    Is anyone else getting the same standard multiplayer maps in the rotation, despite having bought the dlc ones? I have bought two of the map packs, but since the last update they don't work in the rotations.
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  • do a lot of people still play this game?

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  • need help......

    why is there no callofduty ghost app anymore?? i have a clan but cant put a clan tag or slogan?
  • how the multiplayer coulda been great..

    so I took a year off playing video as I didn't like this game when it first came out. And I was busy with work and other obligations.   But two things right off the bat:   1. Time to kill. This game seriou...
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  • Call of duty ghost skin problem

    I have purchased a skin on cod ghost, Thats fine, When im play alone my purchaseds stuff works and i can use it. But when i use splitscreen in multiplayer i cant use it when i play as second player. What can i do?
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  • prestige

    how to unlock second prestige ?
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  • CLAN

    busco clan :C nick jaime alejandro (español) LAN
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  • Does character transfer from PS3 to PS4?

    Trying not to sound too dumb by asking this question so please forgive me - I've listed my PS3 and I'm about to buy a PS4, but I'd like to know if my decent character from Ghosts PS3 will be transferred to Ghosts on P...
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