• Ghosts Add-Ons not working

    Hello. I have Ghosts on the PS4. I moved over from PS3 and was sad to see all my camos and skins not there. So I REBOUGHT a ton. Skins, Camos, the Wolf, etc.   Well, for the third god damn time. I go to play, an...
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  • Season Pass not working

    Like some others, my season pass isn't working...  As well their season pass part of the site is down to.... How can i get it fixed? Why dont they close the season pass until they fix their issue? If the tec...
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  • looking for clan members (ps4)

    i am currently looking for 2 people to join my ps4 clan on AW preferably 1 slayer and 1 objective based player if there is anyone interested from UK or EU my twitter is @Kershaw_97 or @executegamingeu you could also ...
  • Player Count

    Just wondering what's the player count on CoD Ghosts for PS4.   Thanks!
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  • map rotation

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    Look, i paid good money for season pass. Fix the map.rotation. i bought the new maps, i want to play them
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  • I have a problem

    My problem is the COD Ghosts app doesn't work on my mobile phone: If I open the app it will open but I cannot see my items. And the app will be going to the advanced warfare store page. Who can help me???
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  • Join my clan [qgry] my in game name is GENERAL_R_AND_R

    join please im the only member
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  • COD Clan actif??

    Bonjour,   Cela fait pas mal de temps qu'avec mon clan nous jouons et que nous ne prenons plus d'expérience.   J'aimerais juste savoir...   Suite à la sortie du dernier COD Modern Advanc...
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  • Looking for active players

    I Hate AW so back on ghosts looking for a few players to team up with. Psn is MrEleven1181 add me
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  • A question regarding sat coms and killstreaks:

    I've googled and bing'ed and wiki'd all freaking day and nothing has given me a clear and straight answer, so I'm gonna ask here:   Do sat coms, once dropped, slowly help add to your points towards your next kil...
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  • DLC Onslaught pack still waiting to download.

    I payed for the DLC pack and it had 2 sep files to download, 5.2 gig each i think.. Any way one downloaded ok. The other has been waiting to download for 2 days now.. What is in this other download?   I can p...
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  • Devgru Dominator

    Does anyone want to help me get Devgru Dominator? I need six people to help me with this, maybe 11. Thanks PSN: DoinkOink
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  • Ghosts PS4

    I'm looking for players. COD Ghosts, extinction. Someone who can help me with Completionist trophy: complete all Extinction challenges and escape. Add me on PSN  vBalda_7
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  • I saw this youtube montage...

    I saw this ps4 youtube montage and really liked it.. Cod:Ghosts Hell & Back Killcam Montage - YouTube
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  • Cod ghosts ps4 fix?

    IIf buying a tv that's faster than 5ms would you not suffer from the fps lagg? I heard its because the game has higher fps than standard tv could handle.
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  • IM looking for a clan ps4

    hi there im on ps4 and trying to find and join a clan. my k/d ratio is 0.820.   ghost is the first cod ive played. so started off quite bad. now im used to it my k/d is only goin up.   last 5 matches k/d...
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  • Whats the best way of finding a clan

    I want to join a clan. wats the best way to find one?
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  • final PS4 multiplayer framerate fix

    any chances for the framerate in multiplayer being finally fixed? changing the horizontal resolution dinamically from 1360 to 1920 could help? i think at the solution for AW on xbox one. the bad framerate is the one...
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  • plus de psn sur ps4?

    le psn ne fonctionne plus sur ps4? en tout cas pour ghost
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  • AAO* Lvl 25 Recruiting

    Looking for people for advanced warfare, we are level 25 clan, with a 2.60 clan kd. Need people for advanced who will participate in clan wars. Holding tryouts now and tonight. Message me or send a friend request TEST...
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