• how the multiplayer coulda been great..

    so I took a year off playing video as I didn't like this game when it first came out. And I was busy with work and other obligations.   But two things right off the bat:   1. Time to kill. This game seriou...
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  • Call of duty ghost skin problem

    I have purchased a skin on cod ghost, Thats fine, When im play alone my purchaseds stuff works and i can use it. But when i use splitscreen in multiplayer i cant use it when i play as second player. What can i do?
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  • prestige

    how to unlock second prestige ?
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  • CLAN

    busco clan :C nick jaime alejandro (español) LAN
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  • Busco clan español para ps4 en Ghosts

    Busco clan español para modo liga en call of duty ghosts,Nick de Ps4 Lucasz-93Xx
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  • Season pass! download problem!

    Hi Lately I have had this problem where whenever I finish my DlC download it just says waiting to install, I am unsure on what to do, I have tried re installing and also doing something with my licences, I forget wh...
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  • DLC Dévastation

    I bought this map pack couple weeks ago and the only thing that I got was the Ripper, even if I play in domination or MME or WHATEVER, I can't play in the new maps!!!! What the problem guys?? Help me please. Right now...
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  • Pero que pasa con nuestro servidor de cod ghost en ps4!!!!!

    Que esta pasando?!??
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  • Suggestions for COD Ghost

    COD Ghost can learn a lot from BO2 on what to improve and what not to implement. Here are my thoughts:   Should Allow DLC toggle option. I had to delete my DLC just to play MP because it was too laggy with DLC. ...
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  • How do I unlock the "Up All Night" patch?

    What Call of Duty app do I download? I can't find a Ghosts one anywhere@, only AW....
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    Hi all,   I have downloaded the call of duty ghost app as i've created a clan, everytime i load the app up it goes to the app store and telling me to download advance warfare, but i don't have it :/ Could someo...
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  • How is it that.......

    Whenever I throw a grenade it bounces off a random object or explodes in nothing, but whenever anyone else throws one it always lands right at my feet?
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  • Ghosts Add-Ons not working

    Hello. I have Ghosts on the PS4. I moved over from PS3 and was sad to see all my camos and skins not there. So I REBOUGHT a ton. Skins, Camos, the Wolf, etc.   Well, for the third god damn time. I go to play, an...
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  • Season Pass not working

    Like some others, my season pass isn't working...  As well their season pass part of the site is down to.... How can i get it fixed? Why dont they close the season pass until they fix their issue? If the tec...
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  • looking for clan members (ps4)

    i am currently looking for 2 people to join my ps4 clan on AW preferably 1 slayer and 1 objective based player if there is anyone interested from UK or EU my twitter is @Kershaw_97 or @executegamingeu you could also ...
  • Player Count

    Just wondering what's the player count on CoD Ghosts for PS4.   Thanks!
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  • map rotation

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    Look, i paid good money for season pass. Fix the map.rotation. i bought the new maps, i want to play them
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  • I have a problem

    My problem is the COD Ghosts app doesn't work on my mobile phone: If I open the app it will open but I cannot see my items. And the app will be going to the advanced warfare store page. Who can help me???
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  • Join my clan [qgry] my in game name is GENERAL_R_AND_R

    join please im the only member
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  • COD Clan actif??

    Bonjour,   Cela fait pas mal de temps qu'avec mon clan nous jouons et que nous ne prenons plus d'expérience.   J'aimerais juste savoir...   Suite à la sortie du dernier COD Modern Advanc...
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