• My kd

    hello guys ccan somene tell me what my kd is on ghosts. if you can't how can I check it on my ipad thanks darkbladex99
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  • what is goin on , is any one able to play right now

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  • Going to stick with Ghosts..

    I've played all Cod's.. With Black Ops one being my favorite right next to Call of Duty 4 MW. Ghosts (in my opinion) is a mix of both. I'm burnt out on Black Ops but I do play here and there. I just started playing Gh...
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  • Looking to join a clan

    I am looking to join a fun clan! I have a k/d of .908, w/l of .800, and I have a mic. My username is MadiMomo73 (sorry for the dumb name, I made it when I was like 14).   Message was edited by: foxshadow_
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  • Anyone got a clan a could join

    AAm a good player 2 pretige
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  • Clan Italiano

    Salve ragazzi sto cercando un Clan Italiano Consigli? Un ultima info per favore. Visto che l'app di Ghost non va' piu' come faccio ad entrare in un Clan? Grazie 1000
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  • Cod Ghosts Bots lag

    Dear,   I'm get so angry about the fact that i lag against bots in private match and in Local play! It's so anoying, it's like framedrops!   I did read something that this is a bug and that they had to fi...
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  • Help

    Can someone please tell me how to find and start playing Onslaught on COD Ghosts please? I purchased, downloaded etc. But cant figure out where to find it in the game to play?? TIA
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  • PLEASE HELP! my Cod ghosts freezes every time i play

    When ever i turn on my ps3 go on multiplayer on Ghosts and press play online my ps3 and the game freezes and a black screen appears and i cant do anything other than turn my ps3 off. Sometimes it works and i join a ma...
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  • Help with the devastation dlc!!

    I've always been a big fan of the Call of Duty series, but I've also always been a "hater" because of the sloppy things in the game. I wanted to download the onslaught dlc but it was nowhere to be found, so i choose t...
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  • Loadouts Showoff Thread

    C'mon, CoD: Ghosts community, share with me your loadouts, tactics and even customization options. I want to know what the CoD community's playstyles and loadouts are on this game. This thread may even grow to become ...
    Agent Jinx
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  • Finding Rooms to play online

    I've just recently noticed that im having issues finding online Hardcore Team Death Match games, says no game found and when it does finally find a game it takes for ever to find. Is anyone else having this issue if s...
  • What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

    As many of you know COD Ghosts has a really bad Hack going on right now for the last month. It has been confirmed by Activision and thousands of players each day are being banned. You do not get a second chance anymor...
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    It was definitely infinity wards best game! I think it still is though.. I did see full lobbies They need to take better care of their old stuff but. Made a video on it for old times sake:) Check it https://www.you...
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  • Cod GHOSTS - Mic not working

    I recently purchased cod ghosts for ps3 and started playing online, for some reason i can not hear any chat through my headset (ps3 headset). I have tested the mic and it works fine, and it still works and i can hear ...
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  • Can we get a seperate section for all the add on maps so us that have them can actually play the maps?

    My clan and I are getting so sick of playing the old maps and we all have the season pass. We vote for them and just sends us to the old maps. Seems like we wasted money on maps that we can not ever play and it's been...
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  • Issue with freezing in multiplayer GHOST

    It freezing all the time, i have tryied everything. I can play all other games like for example MW3 multiplayer without any problems, but online GHOST = FREEZE!  What the hell is the problem? This problem just po...
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    Hello , did anybody can tell me why I was redirected to download COD AW app when I launched the COD GHOST app ??? I can't do anything with my Ghost clan !! Why Activision leaving Ghost for Adwanced Warfare ?? I can't ...
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  • Question

    For the callofduty.com for call of duty ghost on PC why can't we edit our squad?AdministratorProduction Administrator
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  • Clan Wars unfair playing ground for Hardcore Players?

    Does anyone else feel like this is totally an unfair playing field?  They dropped hardcore game modes down to only (2) in the clan wars!!! It's bad enough we only have (4) game modes in general to choose from, no...
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