• Need friends to play with

    LLooking for some people to play COD ghosts with on PS3 add me SailorGarner im on Almost every day!
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  • Searching 2 english players to create a Decerto's team with 2 French player

    Hi, my name is Simon, I'm French and I have got a really good level, I would like to create a team with 2 french player and 2 english player in the pLeasure Esport You must have a PSN microphone If you are intereste...
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  • I need people to play cod ghost

    Ok so I just got a ps3 and ghost and I'm trying to find new friends to play cod ghost with I'm 14 and I have a mic I am looking for people who have mics and speak English my psn is ZEXISxFURY
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  • How to maximize your connection + Open Nat types

    Some of this stuff people will already know or maybe you will know everything posted here already, but for those who are having problems with connection, I hope I can help you in some way. There are various ways to op...
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  • Looking for someone to play extinction Right know

    I'm looking for people Guy or Girl don't matter, just looking for some to play with PS3 Name: xXGODOFGIRXx  
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  • Got my Honeybadger Gold + Tips on Camos

    Yesterday I got my last assault rifle gold! Honeybadger. That leaves me with all Assault rifles gold so far :3 So I have collected some tips on how to get camos easily and quickly. Here are the camos and my setup ...
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  • looking for Australians to play with

    Hey guys, I am looking for some aussies to play some ghosts with. Psn is officiallyasim, timezone is south Australian time [GMT 9:30] drop your names or just add me
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  • Call of Duty: Ghost.....Activision what are you doing?

    I've been experiencing some seriously retarded difficulties with COD Ghosts. In squads and in game in general I am unable to reach customer service what so ever. Like...what's up with that? Isn't there supposed to be ...
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  • ghost clans

    I want to start my own clan in call of duty ghosts how do i do so?
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  • Call of duty ghost LLENO DE HACK.

    Estoy muy enfadado ya que este juego esta plagado de hack!!   Es una lástima jugar ya que cada dos por tres te encuentras a un hack en la partida . usan wallhack además de que aunque les descargues...
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  • Hi! Need HELP! Can't play COD at online mode. Any solution??

    Hi there! Everytime I try to play at online mode it appears a message saying "Tha call of dutty server is nos availabre at this time. Pleasy try again later or visit www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status for updates", and ...
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  • Pessoal, nao consigo entrar no modo online do call of duty ghosts no ps3

    Alguem ajuda por favor, nao sei o q fazer, ja faz quase 01 mes, e nao entra mais, sempre a mesma mensagem de servidor indisponpível, mas o status do servidor no site sempre ta normal...
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  • Looking for players.

    I'm looking for players. My id is M_O_D_90  add me if you want. I don't have a mic yet though.
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  • I am trying to find some new friends on cod ghost

    Ok so I just got a ps3 and ghost and I'm trying to find new friends to play cod ghost with I'm 14 and I have a mic I am looking for people who have mics and speak English my psn is ZEXISxFURY
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  • I'm online right now, does anybody wanna join me?

    my psn id- yemchickie
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  • Ghosts ps3 bug

    Hello, players from Ghosts and PS3. My problem is: I don't know who did it, the patch or my Ghosts CD (but its clean) or something else. If the patch came 1 or 2 weeks ago, thats the problem. Every time I go to ghos...
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  • HELP.. An Hacker has reset my account stats :(

    HELP..... Yesterday 03/June/2015, GMT+1 Rome, between 22:00 and 23:00, in a normal multiplayer deathmatch i've lost my stats! I think by an hacker.. i had seen that when I was being killed, in the kill cam was lag... ...
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  • relieved.....

    Sometimes during the day when I play before I head to work. These games are usually all campers, so its kind of nice to pull out my sniper rifle and get some shots in, since when I play at night its not so easy as I a...
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  • how can I upgrade my prestige rank?

    Hi I have reached lvl 60, but it seems impossible to rank up in a new prestige lvl. How can I do that? any help?
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  • Help clan

    ciao ragazzi, sono capo clan di URSS, ho cambiato console per motivi di mal funzionamento.. sono andato a rimettere i miei dati di accesso mi sono connesso su ghost in multigiocatore e risulta che sono sempre capo cla...
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