• HELP.. An Hacker has reset my account stats :(

    HELP..... Yesterday 03/June/2015, GMT+1 Rome, between 22:00 and 23:00, in a normal multiplayer deathmatch i've lost my stats! I think by an hacker.. i had seen that when I was being killed, in the kill cam was lag... ...
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  • relieved.....

    Sometimes during the day when I play before I head to work. These games are usually all campers, so its kind of nice to pull out my sniper rifle and get some shots in, since when I play at night its not so easy as I a...
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  • how can I upgrade my prestige rank?

    Hi I have reached lvl 60, but it seems impossible to rank up in a new prestige lvl. How can I do that? any help?
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  • Help clan

    ciao ragazzi, sono capo clan di URSS, ho cambiato console per motivi di mal funzionamento.. sono andato a rimettere i miei dati di accesso mi sono connesso su ghost in multigiocatore e risulta che sono sempre capo cla...
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  • Hardened Edition

    I bought call of duty ghosts hardened edition for ps3 on ebay and it is brand new sealed. I have been reading that people are having problems with the season pass not working in brand new hardened editions. Does the s...
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  • Looking for an active clan

    Hi I'm looking to join an active clan on Ghosts on PS3. Ideally I would like a skilled clan but I really just want regular play. I want a group of people i can join lobbies with and rip it up. I don't have a mic, but ...
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  • Looking for friends to play crazy games:d (K/D: 1.85 )

    Heeeyyy :d   just was looking for some friends to play CoD Ghosts, i am good in it but im tired to play allone and it's kinda boring so i thought why not meet some people here   i love to play TDM, Domina...
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  • Just A Couple of Things...

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    Aware that the game came out in 2013, my brother and I both knew we were very far behind with everything going on with the game. In fact, we even missed out on the clan wars. We are unable to get the patches for clan ...
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  • ¿Busco clan?

    Busco clan preferentente Argentino soy prestigio 6 y mi nivel de ratio es de 1.123 juego bastante a menudo soy de Ps3  ID:Defalt2002
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  • New Friends??

    Hey i'm looking for some fun friends to play with, I have played a little but not so much and want to improve and have a blast at the same time. I'm really just looking for some people to enjoy myself with   My...
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  • Any Gay Ghost Players?

    Hello all,   im just just wondering to see if there's any gay or bi Ghost players out there. If so feel free to add me. I lack of friends who play ghost so I'm just looking for more people to kick ass with. ...
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  • Ghosts at night

    How does it come that nights all the noobs come out? Rushplay spraying!   IED falling out of the ass on every Corner!  Gay drop or gayjumparound shooter.. and the worst are those Thermalscope noobs....
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  • Going to stick with Ghosts..

    I've played all Cod's.. With Black Ops one being my favorite right next to Call of Duty 4 MW. Ghosts (in my opinion) is a mix of both. I'm burnt out on Black Ops but I do play here and there. I just started playing Gh...
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    HEY GUYS , who wants play with me in CoD Ghosts I need 2 trophies to Platinum - Trash Picker and Completionist ( I have a 2nd prestige) Please add me   My PSN ID : marcin9195k
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  • I'm new around here

    I just want to say I love COD Ghosts more than any COD. I hope to find some new friends around here to play online.
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  • Why do high level players bother with standard TDM?

    As a newbie to COD (and other shooters online), I am finding it really frustrating that Level 40 and above players keep clogging up the Standard TDM matches.   Not knowing the maps, or figured out how each weapo...
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  • trickshot party

    Sup guys, looking for a 6 man s&r trickshot party hmu. Psn ID Bantos_Ab0v3_You
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  • The current state of extinction

    Hey guys, First of all, I would like to say hi to all. New guy here!   I discovered extinction game mode only a month ago. Here is my impressions so far:   The community is bad. Very bad. CoD have always ...
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  • where do you find the support??

    i am a level 60 user but i have a question i see people everywhere that used dogs, wolfs, airsupport ,...   my question is where do you find it and how do you use it on PS3   Can some one help me beca...
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  • Gente para clan ps3

    Hola, muy buenas a todos, busco gente para reclutar un clan, los que esten interesados dejen su ID de ps3 o envien un mensaje sobre el asunto de clan al id: WILLIANSON15, recuerden no quiero gente agresiva por si algo...
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