• Issue with freezing in multiplayer GHOST

    It freezing all the time, i have tryied everything. I can play all other games like for example MW3 multiplayer without any problems, but online GHOST = FREEZE!  What the hell is the problem? This problem just po...
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    Hello , did anybody can tell me why I was redirected to download COD AW app when I launched the COD GHOST app ??? I can't do anything with my Ghost clan !! Why Activision leaving Ghost for Adwanced Warfare ?? I can't ...
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  • Question

    For the callofduty.com for call of duty ghost on PC why can't we edit our squad?AdministratorProduction Administrator
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  • Clan Wars unfair playing ground for Hardcore Players?

    Does anyone else feel like this is totally an unfair playing field?  They dropped hardcore game modes down to only (2) in the clan wars!!! It's bad enough we only have (4) game modes in general to choose from, no...
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  • Remove from Clan - App problem

    I would like to remove myself from a Ghosts clan however when I try to open the Call of Duty AW app, it is not able to sync with my PlayStation account. I do not own AW and cannot find the Ghosts app. Not sure what I ...
  • Suche Clan

    Ich bin ein 19-jähriges Mädel und würde mich freuen, wenn mich irgend jemand aufnehmen würde. PSN: TakiLLLLya
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  • Clan for NL / België

    I am looking for dutch players on ghost for my clan. active member with 1.00 KD and higher.   We all have the same name in game x-LiQuidx If you think it is something for you then message me. x-LiQuidxMark...
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  • Clan Wars Opinion

    Ok, so the first round of Clan War is about to end...for those that actually participated in the war (what I mean by that is those players who actually went outside their normal game modes to try to score CP) what did...
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  • Season Pass - No one to play?

    Hey everyone,   A while ago now we purchased and installed the Season Pass for COD Ghosts - all 4 DLC's, right?   We downloaded, installed, tested them out in a private match. Totally pumped, loved the map...
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  • Does anyone still play on PS3 and new maps

    I'm thinking about buying this game again but does anyone still play on PS3 and new maps or with out maps
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  • I am looking for friends!

    Hey guys, I am a COD player, and I've played nearly all of them ( AW Missing out ) I played MW3 and BO2 the most, but as my friends got PS4's I am now stuck by my self on Ghosts, I play better in a team then by myself...
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  • Busco clan español

    Me gustaria entrar en algun clan español, me gusta lo que se dice dar caña. Juego entre 9 a 11 de la noche. no wh spec me noobs
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  • Problema con tienda directa en el juego ps3

    solo se queda cargando y nunca aparece el contenido descargable q puedo hacer ?
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  • completionist trophy?

    I need help with completionist achievement if anyone can help please user name: trowa_wing0
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  • Desaparecio Reticula

    Hola, buenas. Me ha desaparecido la mira o reticula.. y no puedo verla.. Tengo que disparar y no aparece la mira... Nose que fue lo que toque, hasta inclusivce no me aparecen ciertas opciones abajo a la derecha cuando...
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  • Looking for clan (nl) and exctintion NL

    add me for a good clan kd 1:45
  • Onslaught DLC worth buying??

    What's up, guys! I'm here with another question, this time about the first DLC or just any other DLC.   I was thinking; are the DLC's worth buying? The reason I'm asking is because, I have been buying a lot DLC...
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  • Free Fall map. Blitz and Domination. Spawn Trapping is here!

    Over the past few days now I have come across clans/ party that are quite effectively spawn trapping on the Free Fall map during Domination (sometimes) but really well trapped when playing Blitz. It was so bad that i...
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  • PS3 Ghosts Clan

    Looking for some players to start up a clan. I'm looking for good or decent players to play with. If interested message ToXic_Dios. I will then give you a tryout and see how you do. First 4 players recruited are Leaut...
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  • Thx for your support!!!!!!   :)))))))))))))

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