• ghost app is gone... how do i work on my clan now??

    The CoD Ghost app is not in android app store... is there a new app im over looking? I need to work on my clan... can any one help the AW app will not even let me in it... what is being used for GHOST!!!!
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  • why are the COD servers down?

    The COD servers have been down for several days, ages in fact, here in NZ. Why and how much longer?
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  • Problem with DLC weapons?

    I'm having a strange problem with my Call of Duty Ghosts. I play it on PS3, and I've got it and the Season Pass from the PS Store. But my dad and I both share our PS3, and he has a different account, so our PS3 has tw...
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  • i have a xbox one if i buy cod ghost prestige for xbox 360 how can i upgrade it to xbox one

    i have a xbox one if i buy cod ghost prestige for xbox 360 how can i upgrade it to xbox one
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  • Is anyone out there >?

    Is this forum officially dead ?
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  • How come I can't download the app for cod ghosts

    How come I am not able to download the cod ghost app I will not let me I am not happy I would like to got the app so I can start up a clan someone plz help
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  • Season pass problem ps3 sharing

    Hi, i have a problem sharing my season pass that i put in an account  that i have access, i shared both slots, but the second one is having problems to access the maps but not some of the features( like the rippe...
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  • Me han regalado el Call of duty Ghost 360 y tengo la ONE

    Hola, mi mujer, me ha regalado la version completa del call of duty ghost de 360 (prestige) y resulta que tengo la ONE, con la mala pata que ha pasado los 30 dias de cambio que me deja la tienda; hay alguna posibilida...
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  • since purchaseing ghost for 360 i cant play it it was duel code for 360 and one [xbox]

    Want my mp and extinction rank followed over to xbox one
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  • DLC for COD Ghosts problems?

    I have bought 3 DLC for COD Ghost. They downloaded all three but I'm not able to play them. It looks like they are never chosen to be played. I can access them on LAN party but never om for example team Deathmatch. I ...
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  • Since Saturday my account is banned permanently, why? Ive done nothing wrong, no cheating hacking and plyed against KI! So whats going on?

    Hello Activision, why i get my COD Ghosts account permanently banned on saturday? I played Trupps against KI like every day before and done nothing wrong! So why the hack are you doing that? I read on internet that ...
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  • i need to talk to a activision employe

    somebody their? I recently purchased an xbox one and have discovered after spending almost $200 on ad-ons for my old xbox game that only my season pass could carry over to my xbox one use...is there any way that I ca...
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  • My disc broke, can i download CoD Ghost to my Xbox 360?

    My CoD disc got the "perfect circle" so if i just download Cod Ghost, I can play. Plz Help. Is there anywhere i can download it?
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  • Black Screen after clicking 'Online'

    So... i haven't play COD : Ghosts for a while, when i decided to play it again, it will be black screen a couple of seconds after i clicked online.   Help please?              ...
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  • Problem w DLC Ghosts. Cant play DLC Maps in Multiplayer. OK in Private match

    Bought two DLC packs yesterday. Can find and play maps in Private match. Maps do not appear when wanting to play Multiplayer match. Appreciate any advice. Thx.
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  • Why is my account banned on call of duty ghost multiplayer???

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  • How can I stop hosting lobbies?

    Life had gotten pretty good for me playing Ghost on the 360 and now that I'm on the Xbox one a good match is hard to come by especially when I host a match. If there's away to fix this problem I will appreciate the so...
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  • Map packs installed but not showing

    I recently bought a digital version of Ghosts on xbox one. I then bought the season pass and installed all maps but I can't play them. When I go to the store it tells me that I already own them and they are in my apps...
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  • Why was my console banned?

    I have been having issues with ghosts on my ps3 all day. Couldn't stay logged in and kept getting disconnected. Came home tonight to try again, couldn't load a game, tried editing one of my load outs, got a ghosts s...
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  • No one has Season Pass?

    Hey everyone,   A while ago now we purchased and installed the Season Pass for COD Ghosts - all 4 DLC's, right?   We downloaded, installed, tested them out in a private match. Totally pumped, loved the maps....
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