• Why can't I find the app?

    I Looked for the app in the App Store for iPhone 5 and it's saying that the app is unavailable for my area. What does that mean? Someone please help me.
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  • Why can't I download the ghosts app in the U.S.?

    The ghosts app isnt  available in the U.S. Why is that?
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  • DLC issue!!!!!

    I have the DLC content downloaded on my Xbox 1. I haven't been able to play on the new DLC maps since I've logged back onto my XBone. Which is weird I used to get those maps all the time. What could be going on?  ...
    ApoLLo jD
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Error

    Hello, i buy my CoD All Pack today   I install the CoD: Ghosts multiplayer and i have this error     Please help me
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  • Cod Ghosts Help me

    Okay, so I just got Cod Ghosts for Xbox one. I bought DLC for Xbox 360 ghosts. When I went to the One, my DLC that I bought was not there. Is there a way to bring it over?
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  • banned in cod ghosts, why and how long?

    Can anyone explane me why i'm banned and how long i need wait before i restart play? thanks
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  • Call of Duty app missing in action?

    I recently tried to locate the call of duty ghost app on the verizon Android app store. It doesn't appear to be there, this is moderately an issue for one, I'd like to use the app for all the added features and for tw...
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  • Free Fall MAP COD Ghost

    I have purchased Call of Duty Ghost PS3. Free Fall Map Redemption code is not working. Error is " The code is expired or Invalid" Pls help what to do?
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  • Unable to unlink PSN account receive error every time

    When I unlink it says "An unexpected system error occurred.". I was just trying to unlink and relink my psn account because my clan info is not migrating over. My buddy linked his account and all his clan gear and awa...
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  • COD Ghost Xbox360 to Xbox One

    Is the next gen upgrade still available? I'm a loyal fan but I don't want to lose the time and effort I have already put in. Is there an alternative to repurchasing the entire game and DLC for Xbox one at 99.99 and st...
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  • Error: The call of duty server is not available at this time.

    Every time I try to play Ghosts or Advanced Warfare online I get "The call of duty server is not available at this time please try again later. I have tried port forwarding, reinstalling the games and verifying the ga...
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  • Download Exclusive Packs and Soundtrack

    I recently bought the Prestige Edition and was trying to to download the Ghosts Insignia Pack and Digital Soundtrack. When I try to go to the website to redeem these items, it says that the website is unavailable. Wha...
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  • Is this game still supported online

    My games keep glitching and disconnecting
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  • My COD Ghosts account been reset.

    Im not a hacker at all. And my account has been reset to level 6, prestige 0. I was Prestige 6, And my "War cry" is still Available from winning the Diamond Clan war. Any ideas how this can be fixed? All that hard wor...
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  • More Cheaters lately.

    So what's the plan? Nothing as usual? Lately I have noticed an influx of suspicious players, ie cheaters. Are you going to handle this game as you have MW2/3 etc? So this will be MY FIRST AND LAST infinity ward/activi...
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  • Server not available

    So this Message keeps on coming up every time I try to get online with the game:   The Call of Duty:Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts...
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  • I completed the operations chrome barrell I,II,III 850 kills for the ghillie suit and at the end it said I earned the uniform and the patch, but yet when I go to customize my player I can not find the uniform nor the patch. What can I do?

    As it said above. I completed the operations and even when I go back it is in yellow and says previously completed, but yet I still can not find ghillie suit as an option or the patch either. At first the chrome barre...
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  • Banned in COD GHOSTS for no reason

    I have a major problem with call of duty ghosts....i have bought the game a while ago and just played it normally...no hacking no glitching no modding nothing...just playing...and got banned after 4 days...i payed the...
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  • why was i banned from call of duty ghost

    I played the day before i moved when i moved and got everything back hooked up i was banned. WHY! how could i be banned and my system wasnt even hooked up? i have been trying to get answers almost a year
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  • Direct3DDevice::Present failed (DEVICE REMOVED) :

    I get the following error when I play the single player. Direct3DDevice::Present failed (DEVICE REMOVED) : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG (-2005270523).   What's causing that problem? I have directx 11 and 8gb of ram.
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