• Server not available

    So this Message keeps on coming up every time I try to get online with the game:   The Call of Duty:Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts...
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  • call of duty ghosts app

    hi ..i realy want to dowload the call of duty ghosts app on my samsung galaxy s4 mini but it says there is no such app on playstore please let me know why
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  • so me and a few friends remade a clan and we have now noticed that when we are partyed and grouped together on matches and we win that we dont get any clan xp. we have tested on every mode imaginable. is this just a bug or was it taken out of the game?, s

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  • why was i banned from call of duty ghost

    I played the day before i moved when i moved and got everything back hooked up i was banned. WHY! how could i be banned and my system wasnt even hooked up? i have been trying to get answers almost a year
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  • Banned in COD GHOSTS for no reason

    I have a major problem with call of duty ghosts....i have bought the game a while ago and just played it normally...no hacking no glitching no modding nothing...just playing...and got banned after 4 days...i payed the...
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  • Call of duty ghost

    Bonjour Activision je ne suis vraiment pas content , l'autre jour j'ai acheter le pack Dévastation de call of duty ghost sur playstion 3 et ce pack ne marche pas du tout . Je ne possède pas les 4 cartes en ...
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  • Tengo un problema con el call of duty ghost

    Juego en modo campana y todo bien, me paso al modo multijugador y se traba el juego, juego en el modo de pelotones y me da un error IMAGE 70 y se traba.
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  • Gotta See This Badge

    I don't know if this should be considered an off-topic forum post, but I figured it might. Anyways, I'm wondering how you get the Gotta See This badge? I've posted at least 2 posts with at least 1 Activision support/ ...
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  • Call of Duty Ghost gebannt ohne eigenverschuldung!!

    Sehr geehrte Activision Team habe heute 23.5.2015 Call of Duty Ghost gespielt. Nach ungefähr einer halben Stunde wurde ich gebannt! Wieso warum weshalb weis ich es nicht! Habe werder jemanden beleidigt oder Chea...
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  • ps3 freezes with disc read error 'imagefile28' please help

    I played ghosts for two weeks with no problems at all..now I cant even play online for 2 minutes or the game freezes and kicks me to the online menu with a message of DISC READ ERROR 'IMAGE FILE 28' I can play campai...
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  • unfairly banned, help?

    hello, i was permanently  banned from my cod ghosts xbox360   all i did was send out too many game invites (2 or 3) to the same people. i think this is unfair, i spent good money on the hardened edition...
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  • Activision Rewards - Forum Badges: Round 2

    Hey everyone,   A whole new set of forum badges have been released as part of the Activision Rewards program for the Community. Check out the blog post for more details, Activision Rewards: Round 2   What do...
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  • why did my clan leader turn to gamertag classified on clan app and he has no control of clan anymore

    help my clan leader turned into gamertag classified and lost all his patches and stuff from clan wars we won and now he cant enter us into diamond nor has he any control of the clan we lost all commander privilages on...
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  • game crash

    My game crashes at the same point and has for sometime now.   I have looked online and youtube and on forums re this problem and it worked for a bit and will I cant play anymore   I would like to know how ...
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  • Why isn't any one joined my clan

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  • Unauthorized action?

    I am currently having an issue with my main account that prevents me from viewing anything on the forums when I am logged in. I had to make this current account just to get in here and ask for help. Every time I log i...
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  • Issues Redeeming Ghosts Bonus Digital Content

    I have two copies of Call of Duty Ghost a Hardened and Prestige edition. I keep trying to redeem the codes for my and my wife's account and I keep getting this at the redeem page is "The code you entered is not valid....
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  • Helpp PLEASE

    I bought Bf3 and ghosts for chirsmtas, Bf3 multiplayer works fine but ghosts multiplayer will not connect to any servers it says its finding potential matches but never it does. ive literally sat there and waited for ...
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  • Server unavailable

    I know this was asked about 2 months ago, but my game closed me out and is now saying that the server connection is not available and to go to the site, so I did and it just showed an error message too..any way I can ...
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  • I downloaded all the maps now I can't get games in domination.  Is there a solution to the matching issue?

    Is there a way to find games.  After downloading the maps,  I can't connect in domination. 
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