• Verification email is not working. Click the link and nothing happens...

    Verification email is not working. Click the link and nothing happens...Tried to have it resent and same result. Tried regular gmail web/gmail app/sparrow app both on iPhone and Mac Mountain Lion.   Help please.
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  • Call of Duty app missing in action?

    I recently tried to locate the call of duty ghost app on the verizon Android app store. It doesn't appear to be there, this is moderately an issue for one, I'd like to use the app for all the added features and for tw...
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  • Help

    Infinty ward please fix the freezing and the image fire error in Ghosts for ps3 i actually bought it just 2 days ago and guess what everytime i get on ghosts it gets freezd or the image fil;e error there are ppl who s...
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  • (PC) Cant aim down sights.

    Hello,   I am playing COD: Ghosts Multiplayer on PC Steam Free Weekend. When i use my mouse + keyboard, the mouse isn't working correctly, i can't move properly without stuttering and i can't look around with ex...
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  • Imagefile help

    Hey After Getting the 1.16 Update on my ps3 the game just starts to freeze i couldn't play like i just open Play Online and just as the backgroung sound goes off after 10 seconds i just get the error imagefile28 can u...
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  • Hallo Activision Support ich spiele Call of Duty Ghost seit xa einem halben Jahr aktiv und würde es gerne weiterspielen es stören mich nur einige dinge das die Clankriege weggefallen sind und ich auch dadurch viele Sachen wie z.b Aufnäher usw nichtmehr be

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  • xbox 1 CoD Ghosts Campaign progress does not save why?

    Have just loaded CoD Ghosts and played in Campaign mode. When I exited I selected Save and Exit. When I go back in the Resume is locked and I have to start all over again. Why?
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  • reddeming soundtrack for call of duty ghosts

    i'm trying to redeem the free sound track with call of duty ghosts hardened edition but the link it says to go to brings me to a page that says error and directs me to the official site or to the store. am i doing som...
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  • GHOST: Problemi di connessione.

    Ciao a tutti.Ho bisogno di aiuto , non riesco a giocare on line con ghost. I server non sono disponibili
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  • Server down?

    Xbox 360 call of duty ghost. When wanting to play on line, it states that the server for call of duty is down but I know for a fact that other people are playing. Is there some kind of filtered system that will preven...
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  • He comprado call of duty ghosts prestige edition y el código del season pass no me sirve

    Acabo de recibir la edición prestige de Call of Duty Ghosts y al intentar canjear el pase de temporada me decía que ya estaba usado
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  • Ripper DLC

    Purchased Ripper DLC & installed but still shows locked in online multiplayer game. Is it necessary to download season pass or a map pack? Using PS3 Console. Please Help.
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  • App COD Ghost PS3

    Gioco online con Call of Duty Ghost versione per PS3 . Dal lancio della nuova versione di COD M.W. la mia app di ghost non funziona piu'. Ho diversi dispositivi due Samsung S4 ed Un Tab 4s dove non va' i n nessuno di ...
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  • My game crashes or freezes in Campain Mode

    hi there ..  My game crashes or freezes in Campain Mode chapte End Of The Line, is playing ok, but near to finish crashes and stop.... help me please!!!.. Regards
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  • COD ghost keeps freezing on the mission all or nothing

    I Have an Xbox 360. I thought it was the disk so I bought a new one since the original was used but I'm still having the same problem. someone please help!
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  • Cannot connect

    Hi, I brought a PS4 today and CoD-Ghosts. Happy as Larry.   But I can't connect to multiplayer. It always says ''Error The Call of Duty: Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again ...'' So I'v...
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  • I got ban at ghost for no reason please fix this

    I Bought the Weapon pack and the camo pack like months ago and later that day I got ban for no reason If you can't Unbanned me i want my microsoft points back if you CAN unbanned me and fix the problem that would help me
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  • CoD: Ghosts (PS3) DLC problems

    Hi, I bought the DLC's (Invasion and Devastation) on Playstation 3 for Call of Duty Ghosts. But I cant play them online, WHY? PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance.
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  • My COD Ghosts games says I'm not in clan but I actually am (I am locked out) happened out of no where help please.

    I have been a Lt Commander of a clan for sometime now on COD Ghosts, last night when I got online to play I noticed that my clan tag was not there. So I went into the Barracks to put the clan tag up but the Clan Detai...
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  • RE : Banni pour inactivité ?

    Banni pour inactivité ? Cette question N'a PAS été résolue.   MavericK_38 22 juil. 2015 13:15      Bonjour,   Il semblerait que j'ai été banni pour caus...
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