• why can't i create a cod account

    I'm trying to make a clan for me and my friends, but I have to make a cod account, but whenever I try to make one it keeps saying "The Call of Duty Account you entered is already registered to a platform account." Ple...
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  • Clan issues?

    I have been playing with clan members and I notice the exp bar has not moved in ages. We play as a clan and are on lvl 24 even when we win games no exp. All the clan stats are stuck the same too like when someone join...
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    everytime i load up the game it crashes and freezes up my whole ps3 i kno im not the only one ths happens too, if u kno the solution please help. ive already deletes game utility and installed again .. still crashing....
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  • when is the clan point system going to be fixed ??we have been stuck on level 17 for 2 months ????

    How long before clan points start racking up again ???? we have been stuck for over 2 months now ??????
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  • call of duty ghost live gold 7 dias

    comprei call of Duty Ghost e usei o código de 7 dias de gold grátis só que minha fonte acabou queimando e eu perdi os 7 dias de gold não teria como me mandarem outro código joguei uns ...
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  • Haven't recieved full clan wars rewards.

    Ok we just won our second diamond division clan war and we have received the warcry mask but for some of use this has been our 4th over all win in gold divsion and higher so why did we not receive the bodycount  ...
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  • clan war member "classified"?

    On clan wars it no longer says that I am in the clan that I made but my other clan members say that it shows my gamertag as the leader but I see it as classified. I also can not send in a request because apparently I ...
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  • ¿hello, i need help with the "disc error imagefile21" and more, how can i do for fix that.??

    every time that i wanna play ghosts in multiplayer during or before de game, my ps3 feeze or tell me some like disc error imagefile21, 16, 06 etc...
  • Hardened/Prestige Editions Season Pass Expired Please help your community

    Hardened/Prestige Editions Please Activision Help us Post after Post People Purchased These Versions and cannot activate Season Pass Please give us ETA on Fix. Passes Expired on December 31st 2014 but was not printed ...
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  • What to do with that "platform p2p auth publisher banned" message.

    I already checked the "Ghosts Security & Enforcement Policy" but i want an exact information if its a permanent ban or just for a few days. My game is Original and no Hacks or Cheats in use! Would be good if Activ...
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  • how do i use the teeth i find

    How do I use Teeth
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  • Why does my Game freeze every other game

    Can someone help by telling me what to do about ghost freezing up during every other game I play? It's not my xbox because I have used 2 separate systems and still same issue.  It's not my Internet it's running c...
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  • No one has Season Pass?

    Hey everyone,   A while ago now we purchased and installed the Season Pass for COD Ghosts - all 4 DLC's, right?   We downloaded, installed, tested them out in a private match. Totally pumped, loved the maps....
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  • camo

    Can you just make the cod ghost camo for bo2 on bo2 store
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  • I have a problem. My account has been reset.

    My account "finmat92", on PS3, has been reset yesterday. No hack or cheat. I was lv 58 prestige 5, now i'm lv 1 prestige 0. Anything is locked, even on Extinction mode. Can someone help me ?
  • I have tried accessing call of duty: ghosts multiplayer and cannot play in online games. i can play multiplayer in any other game, just not ghosts. I can also play Ghosts Multiplayer on Xbox 360 without a problem.

    I recently bought an Xbox One and Call of Duty: Ghosts, but cannot access the multiplayer. I can play local play games and campaign, but not multiplayer. I also downloaded the Evolve Beta and could easily play with fr...
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  • Ghosts Multiplayer freezes and ps3 crashes

    After the latest update cod ghosts freezes on multiplayer and then crashes the ps3. The disk has no scratches and the same thing happens on another ps3. It was fine before the update
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  • Issues Redeeming Ghosts Bonus Digital Content

    I have two copies of Call of Duty Ghost a Hardened and Prestige edition. I keep trying to redeem the codes for my and my wife's account and I keep getting this at the redeem page is "The code you entered is not valid....
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  • How can I get this fixed?

    I have the digital download version of ghosts for xbox one. Everytime I try to play it's telling me the ghosts server is not available at this time.. Been doing it for a couple days now.  How do I fix this?
  • Problem with my voucher code for season pass

    I Have bought hardened edition 1 day ago and can not activate season.pass dlc, I get error every time I try to activate my voucher code with playstation network. I was able to activate only free fall code. Please help...
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