• Cannot lunch Call of Duty: Ghost in my Windows 7 Computer "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error"

    Cannot lunch Call of Duty: Ghost in my Windows 7 Computer "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error"
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  • *AGAIN* I've been rolled back??? REALLY getting frustrated.

    So, again - played a lengthy session of CoD Ghosts today, aiming for 8th prestige. I got it about 30 minutes ago or so. YAY! EXCEPT, My first game after selecting my new prestige character was terrible, laggy...2 v 5....
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    Hallo! Ich habe mir am Samstag Call of Duty:Ghosts gekauft. Nunja ich habe also ein bisschen gespielt bis ich auf 5Stunden Spielzeit kam (Ich war ungefähr lvl 16-20 und hatte eine K/D von 1.12). Dann probierte ...
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  • Lost my saved data

    Dear All, I started the game two weeks ago but I lost my progress twice? anyone have any clue about the issue please because I hate to repeat the game many times. Thanks I have XBOX ONE
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  • Cod Ghosts Clan problems. Looking for information.

    I recently decided to start a clan on call of duty ghosts. 1st problem: Says I need to play multiplayer. 2nd: From what I've heard there is no ghosts app for clans its now only for COD AW. Also there is no COD Ghost...
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  • call of duty ghosts problem!

    I have a big problem when I try to run call of duty ghosts , a message appears and says that the game is not executable . Can you help me plz???
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  • why are the COD servers down?

    The COD servers have been down for several days, ages in fact, here in NZ. Why and how much longer?
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  • i have been permanently banned from playing cod ghosts online and i want to know why.

    I was playing cod ghosts in a private match against bots when i was automatically kicked from the game. a message popped up saying that i had been permanently banned from playing cod ghosts online. so i had a look at ...
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  • I got BANNED for NO REASON, I need to know why! Is there a danger of getting randomly banned on other ACTIVISION titles, too? Please help me restoring trust in your company again.

    Dear Sir or Madam,   I have been banned from playing CoDGhosts two days ago. I want to know why that happened and why I was forwarded to a page (within the ban message) with accusations?   I was accused a...
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  • Ghosts DLC: Downloaded DLC, cannot play online

    Had two of the 4 DLC map packs for about two weeks now and cannot get a lobby in online play with them. I can play them in private matches but that is it. Anyone having this issue/ knows how to fix it? Really would li...
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  • My Friend have got IP ban on Cod Ghosts¿

    Hi There. I was playing Cod Ghosts with a friend, He said something to me and someone thought it was against him but that was not so. And now he has received an IP ban while that is not supposed to apply. How can you ...
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  • Yet ANOTHER unwarranted account ban for COD:Ghosts Multiplayer

    I've heard more times than I can count about people having been banned from online COD games for no apparent reason. As such, I have been very careful not to use anything that could even REMOTELY be considered a 'Mod'...
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  • ghost app is gone... how do i work on my clan now??

    The CoD Ghost app is not in android app store... is there a new app im over looking? I need to work on my clan... can any one help the AW app will not even let me in it... what is being used for GHOST!!!!
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  • apperantly i received a ban. not further comment given

    Hello,   A few weaks ago, i couldn't log in to online services. after waiting several minutes i received a message "Your account is banned and cannot play online." The only options i could choose was EXit and th...
  • Problem with DLC weapons?

    I'm having a strange problem with my Call of Duty Ghosts. I play it on PS3, and I've got it and the Season Pass from the PS Store. But my dad and I both share our PS3, and he has a different account, so our PS3 has tw...
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  • i have a xbox one if i buy cod ghost prestige for xbox 360 how can i upgrade it to xbox one

    i have a xbox one if i buy cod ghost prestige for xbox 360 how can i upgrade it to xbox one
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  • Is anyone out there >?

    Is this forum officially dead ?
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  • How come I can't download the app for cod ghosts

    How come I am not able to download the cod ghost app I will not let me I am not happy I would like to got the app so I can start up a clan someone plz help
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  • Season pass problem ps3 sharing

    Hi, i have a problem sharing my season pass that i put in an account  that i have access, i shared both slots, but the second one is having problems to access the maps but not some of the features( like the rippe...
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  • Me han regalado el Call of duty Ghost 360 y tengo la ONE

    Hola, mi mujer, me ha regalado la version completa del call of duty ghost de 360 (prestige) y resulta que tengo la ONE, con la mala pata que ha pasado los 30 dias de cambio que me deja la tienda; hay alguna posibilida...
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