• it keeps saying online server not available anyone got any ideas?

    I was just playing ghosts online and at the end of the game in just disconnected from the online server and now it wont connect it just keeps sayin online server not available. Has anyone got any ideas?
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  • why is online gaming not working for ghosts in any mode?

    why is the online gaming not working? it told me to come to the website i cant find any help.
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  • i bought the blunt personalization pack and it downloaded but it still shows up locked

    and on the store it shows up that i still need to buy it
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  • Merging xbox live and PSN accounts?

    I know it is possible to link your accounts. With that being said, I am trying to get my xbox live CoD: Ghosts account connected to my PSN CoD: Ghosts account so that I will have the clan war items I earned now that I...
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  • Why didn't I get a KEM-Strike in Call of Duty Ghosts?

    So, to keep Ghosts entertaining today I set about trying to get my first KEM strike. I got a 58-0 game on domination, with two loki's/Helo pilot's. After the game, I went to the kills leaderboard to see what my kill s...
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  • ghost wont let me create an account

    ghost wont let me create an account
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  • perminent banning

    Since being banned from ghosts last year I moved over to battlefield 4 and i am curious to know if Activision are still randomly attacking gamers with bans. Fair enough those that deserve it should get it but there i...
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  • prestige icon stuck

    I recently prestiged to lvl 6 but the icon still shows a lvl 5 prestiged character. I can view the prestige details of my last 5 characters. Platform is xbox 360.
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  • Why do my teeth keep resetting? I'll never get double class like this.

    I had 870 teeth and was so damn stoked. It dropped to 824, so I was obviously upset. But, I kept a level head and brought it up to 870 again before going to bed. Woke up earlier and checked my teeth, it's back to 824 ...
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  • can you start a new clan for ghosts

    i tried to start a new clan for ghosts, finally got a name not taken but it wont show as my tag, nor let me edit anything........is it possible to start a new clan for ghosts?
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  • online server not available

    online server not available?
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  • why was i banned from cod ghost? when i never really get on and play. l am only a level 4 on the first one and thats it.

    think someone got tired of doing their job and having people report cheaters hackers and everything else so they decided to make a program to get rid of all these people
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  • Ripper and Maverick have disappeared

    I decided to uninstall and reinstall Ghosts and all my downloads because the DLC maps were affecting my matchmaking and to be honest, the quality of most of the DLC maps (and the spawns) don't justify the problems I h...
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  • season pass

    tengo cod ghost y decidi adquiri el season pass, sin embargo cuando estoy buscando alguna partida, nunca la encuentra! que hago, mi cuenta es colombiana, eso afecta en algo?
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  • Ghosts campaign crash

    I bought call of duty ghosts in steam for pc. My system requirements is ok and online works. My problem is that campaign freezes always at the same point. In first mission when I have played about 1 minute.
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  • DLC preventing me from joining lobbies with people playing

    Is there anyway to disable the DLC other than deleting the DLC packs off my X1? Every other COD it's an option to seek out DLC maps or standard maps, I do not see it here.
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    DLC4 NEMESIS NO PLAYERS!?(Mark as assumed answered) mobiuusCRO Mar 12, 2015 10:56 PM ok i bought season pass when the game was out on the beginning...   now for last 6 month i see that nemesis is still separate...
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    since all attention is here...   ok i bought season pass when the game was out on the beginning...   now for last 6 month i see that nemesis is still separated from global matchmaking, and i do have to ask w...
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  • hey sorry im late but i was wondering how can i transfer my call of duty ghost dlc from xbox 360 to my xbox one cause i dont know how ?

    This would really save mr some money if i dont buy them again the 2 time
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  • I was permanently banned for no reason!

    I turned on the ps3, and I went to play in online mode of ghosts, when clicked play online I got the message that I was permanently banned, wanted to know why?
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