• Call of duty ghosts will not download or install on xbox one

    Call of duty ghosts will not download or install on xbox one
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  • Black Ops 3 Beta Ambassador Contest Winners!

    Hey all!   This past month was filled with awesome craziness thanks to the release of the Black Ops III Beta. The Ambassadors kicked butt, both in the game and helping to make sure as many players from our commun...
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  • Issues Redeeming Ghosts Bonus Digital Content

    I have two copies of Call of Duty Ghost a Hardened and Prestige edition. I keep trying to redeem the codes for my and my wife's account and I keep getting this at the redeem page is "The code you entered is not valid....
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  • Im having trouble partying up on multiplayer. I can not invite or join party with a certain friend

    Our clan is ministry of demons [MoD] . I rang  PlayStation & they say there is no block of any kind, or even no complaint on their side. Maybe a complaint was made directly to Activision? PlayStation suggeste...
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  • C.O.D Ghost Game Pack: Nemesis

    I recenlty purchased a game pack "Nemesis" for COD Ghost, but I havent had a chance to play in any of the maps. Do I have to purchase all of the game packs in order to play them or what?
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts DLC maps won't load on my PS4.

    I have deleted all Ghost related files on my PS4 and reinstalled everything twice but the DLC still doesn't work.  The nature of my problem is that when I pick a DLC map and go to load a local game, I get a black...
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  • DLC-Karten, die ich nicht spielen kann....

    Da packe ich mein geliebtes GHOSTS wieder aus. Spiele mit einigen Freunden wieder regelmäßig und habe echt Spass. Bis mir auffällt, dass ich meine teuer bezahlten DLC-Karten nicht zu Gesicht bekomme. So...
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  • my default stick layout has the controls flipped and I can play with it like that, how do I fix it?

    MY defualt stick layout on cod ghost has the look up and down flipped. how do I fix this?
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  • Keine DLC map-packs mehr spielbar (XBOX ONE)

    Hallo Zusammen,   ich spiele seit einigen Wochen wieder mit großer Begeisterung GHOSTS mit meinen Freunden. Allerdings muss ich feststellen, dass ich sowohl als Einzelspieler wie auch in der Gruppe keine...
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  • Haven't been able to connect ghosts to Xbox live for weeks now

    Me and my boyfriend each have our own Xbox one and we live together. For whatever reason only my ghosts game won't connect to Xbox live. The Xbox itself is connected to live and I can do everything else on live it's j...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts stopped working

    Event log: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH   Application Name: iw6sp64_ship.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp: 54da6602   Fault Module Name: nvwgf2umx.dll   Fault Module...
  • my kd has been reset by someone else , how can i get it back

    hello , me and some friends were playing ghosts on ps3 last night , we were playing hc kill confirmed. and we sam a wall hacker/invisble player in the game. we left with party but when we saw our kd and w/l ratio we ...
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  • I'v banned for no reason! :(    >:(

    Hay.. can somebody help me please? my name in steam is [P4G]Shadow Freak and i banned from Call of Duty Ghosts for no reason. can somebody explain me how and why? or to tell me where to go and tell this? because i don...
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  • ghosts dlc

    I just bought a copy of cod ghosts for my xb1 my season pass and maps downloaded no problem my question is why do I have to pay for all the personalization and weapon skins and weapon slots again is there anyway to tr...
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  • Why does my COD games Crash & freeze my system like COD ghost says Disc read error "Imagefile46" but any other none COD game works perfectly fine

    Why does my COD games Crash & freeze my system like COD ghost says Disc read error "Imagefile46" but any other none COD game works perfectly fine
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  • Activate my account please

    My account has been deactivated. The user ID is LLEBRONJAMESLL. When I log in to that account it will not allow me to view forums. Can you please help me reactivate my account?BkfstWidowSavageHam or OGHuxtable
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  • I have accidently linked the wrong psn account to my cod app and cant unlink it to change it please help me?...

    I have the wrong psn account linked with my cod app account and it seams that unlinking it and linking the right one on cod elite doesnt help. Also i have a problem with the cod app clans, im in a clan with 3 people a...
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  • Ambassador weekly winners

    Another exciting week with the help of our amazing ambassadors on the front lines getting players back in game.   We want to take the time to give thanks and a big congratulations to our weekly winners!   Th...
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  • Link provided in verification email does not work.

    I click the link and nothing happens. I tried having it resent but having the same issue, and tried right-clicking the link and opening in a new tab but that takes me back to my inbox. I even tried on a different brow...
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  • come faccio a riscattare un codice sul sito di call of duty?

    come faccio a riscattare un codice sul sito di call of duty?
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