• Redeeming code for insignia and soundtrack pack

    i redeemed my code for the Insignia pack and soundtrack and it went through but when i tried to download the sound track, it went and loaded a random page saying an error has occurred and now i cant get it.
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  • i just left my old clan 1 hour ago and made a new clan but i cant make a clan tag for my clan? pls help me

    pls help me this is for call of duty Ghost on the xbox 360
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  • Lost items already purchased

    Have lost "purchased" items from my COD Black ops ghost. Weapons and uniforms along with badges and backgrounds I had purchased through my time on the game are now not available to me. Shows I need to download them. A...
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  • problems with downloading content!

    i bought a Weapon  'The Ripper' and 2 skin packs 'Abstract Pack' and 'Nebula Pack' when it finish downloading i started cod ghost and i want to use the content that i bought but i couldn't use it it's like i neve...
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  • Ambassador Guitar Hero Live Contest Winners and more exciting news!!

    Hey everyone!   October has come and gone! Welcome to November, every gamers favorite month of the year. More on that later…   You all lead the charge as Guitar Hero Live was released, and did a bang ...
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  • Trying to redeem Insignia pack for Xbox one Ghosts

    I bought the hardened edition for the main reason to enter this code and I can't find a place to redeem it I wish someone could help me
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  • ingame ban custome game fov timescale

    well my i situation is that i got ingame ban on cod ghost steam version i got it because i used timescale and fov in custom game versus bots i would ask unban because i didn't do anything illagaly in multiplayer here ...
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  • Ghosts freezes, help!

    So i started my cod ghosts up on my xbox one and its automaticly in multiplayer section..and headed to xbox live play and everything worked then gf came home with new and better internet connection since old is out of...
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  • Problema ghost

    Salve, Ho un problema con ghost, dopo aver acquistato il gioco e aver letto i requisiti minimi (che il mio pc aveva) ho installato il gioco e quando provo a giocare in multiplayer con settaggi medi ha all'inizio vari...
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  • call of duty-Ghosts Download

    I got a copy of Call of Duty-Ghosts on CD and I have the activation key. I got a new laptop which does not have a CD/DVD Drive. Is there a way I can download a copy of the game online and use my key to activate? ...
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  • Tengo problemas con mi DLC de COD Ghosts, como solicito uno funcional?

    Al momento de querer canjear al codigo me dice que es invalido y que ponga un codigo valido, es el DLC de Free Fall y pues queria saber como solicitar un codigo valido o como arreglar el problema
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  • I recently upgraded to xbox one from the 360. If I re buy ghosts and sign in on the same profile will I keep my stats and more importantly my DLC?

    I have recently seen ghosts second hand for £10 on xbox one . If I buy it will I still keep my Xbox 360 stats for that profile and will I still have access to my DLC . I had the hardened edition originally which ...
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  • CoD Ghosts/PS4 is Bs. Need help.

    So, I bought a $20 PSN card so I could buy stuff on CoD Ghosts. Problem is, says it's downloaded and installed, but it won't let me use it. It's on my boyfriend's PS4, and yes I did this on my account. He bought stuff...
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  • Call of duty Ghsot: Clans is off?

    In game to barracs saying "Downloading Clas Details"
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  • how do you make clans?

    how do you make clans?
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  • The Big One Ambassador Contest

    Hi everybody! 2015 has been an incredible year for the Activision Ambassador program. We’ve learned a lot from each other, and we’d like to think we’ve made some good friends along the way. With ou...
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  • My server for COD Ghost is not available, any clues what needs to be fixed?

    My COD Ghost server is not available that the POP-up message coming up all evening any clue how to fix it?
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  • can someone help me replace my cod ghosts season pass?

    I bought cod ghosts brand-new off of amazon it came in yesterday and the season pass wouldnt work so i called amazon and they transferred me to sony who then told me they cant do anything and  sent me a link to t...
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  • Activision Ambassador GH Live Contest!

    Hey All! September was another fantastic month for Ambassadors! As we enter October, we’re gearing up to rock out with Guitar Hero Live! This past month’s winner has been a star in the Activision Ambassado...
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  • kein Bohrer bei Awakening!!

    Habe bei Extinction Awakening im Offline modus das Problem das am Start kein Bohrer mehr zu finden ist... Ich habe bereits wie in anderen Foren erwähnt alle zusatz artikel gelöscht und wieder neu geladen, l...
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