• PLease Help Me SomeBody hack my Acoount and i get banned ?

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  • Unable to redeem Season Pass and Bonus Content codes on PS4

    I just bought a brand new Ghosts Hardened Edition and am not able to redeem both codes. It says the codes are invalid or expired. Please help.
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  • Ive been banned and dont know why

    I tried to play online today and it said I was banned permanently. I've never hacked or done anything to be banned. I've spent hundreds on stuff for my games that I now cant play. So far I've gotten no answers and hav...
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  • can you view clan details

    i want to read my clan details but cant find the link.
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  • All of my stats reset, not a hacker

    All of my stats have been reset, I can barely run a computer let alone hack, I'm trying to figure how how to fix my stats?
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  • Has anyone reset their weapons statistics to see if it resets preferred weapon?

    I'm getting better at Ghosts.  My K/D in the beginning was probably .5 or less, but after, I dunno, maybe 5,000 games, I'm usually around 1:1.  But my overall KD still reads around .750 and it climbs rather ...
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  • Get the exclusive Activision Ambassador Calling Card!

    Hey everyone! As some of you may have heard, the top 50 Ambassadors of 2015 in the Activision Ambassador program have been rocking this exclusive Activision Ambassador in-game calling card in Call of Duty: Black Ops...
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  • Season Pass Issue on PS4

    Hi,  I just bought a new copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition for the PlayStation 4 from a local game store and when inputting the codes for the Season Pass, as well as the extra background, patches, Fre...
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  • green skull patch

    hi,I have registered an account with activision and yet I've still no green skull patch on CoD ghost any help would be greatly appreciated
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  • CoD Ghosts Andriod App

    ive bin using the app since ghosts came out with no problem at all and wanted to know Is there a update that's going on or why does the message appear saying the service is currently unavailable.ive re downloaded it 3...
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Redeem Bonus Content code FAILURE

    Believe the error was code is invalid try again. Here's the code #. Doesn't work so no harm in posting? G3A5-3CNE-D9RL  Any help please?
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  • Losing progress on Xbox One

    Hi.  When I come back to play Call of Duty: Ghosts, campaign mode, I frequently find my progress lost.  Not to the beginning of game, but typically 1 or 2 missions back.  I'm currently stuck on the unde...
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  • call of duty ghosts. Failed to start game(unknown error)

    don't have any other details to give.  I deleted the apache file and rebooted with no luck.   tried running as admen.  regedit is all set right.  I'm at a loss. ive looked before asking this q...
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  • My account has been hacked is there any thing I can do?

    I have been in two hacking Lobby's lately no by my own accord obviously and the first put my days played to 26000+ And today I went in to a lobby and it had completely screwed with my stats  I don't who it was.&#...
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  • Map packs never appear in rotation can only play them off line

    Map packs are loaded and work fine off line but never appear on team death match
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  • new Map  packs never appear on death match games

    Just got new maps but they are never used in game rotation even though they come up as a choice think I wasted my money and should get a refund
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  • Need help

    I had to uninstall and reinstall my ghosts and now it is not downloading compatiblility pack 2 because it is saying i dont have enought space, i have made sure it is downloading to my usb where there is 25gb free(mY x...
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  • Choppy camera, sound problem during loading

    Hello. I bought this game on steam yesterday, but it looks like I have some strange problems.  There are 2 problems, but 1 thing solve them all = recording with fraps (?????) :D  Anyway, there is 3rd problem...
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  • Cod wii u

    So are there going to be any more call of duty games for wii u? If not can they at least give us the damn DLC for ghost?
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  • Somebady help me to replace my cod ghosts Purchases from BLES1945 to the the new region?

    I got a new disk of Cod Ghosts but dlc not work on it, Because of change of disc region I have put a question on the same subject, but I did not find an answer to It !@
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