• Redeem code wont work

    I just recently got call of duty ghosts hardened edition for ps4 and the code for the bonus digital content wont work.  The code for the season pass worked fine, so I don't understand why this one wont.
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  • Got banned for no apparent reason ?!

    Hello guys, yesterday I wanted to play Ghosts,and as every other time, I open the game go to Online Play, but this time I got a message saying "You are VAC banned and can't play online". I was just like "WTF,why did t...
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  • Getting online

    My husband is having trouble getting onto ghost online when he clicks the xbox live section on the ghost screen anyone else have the same problem
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  • Ruined stats and rank

    my rank has been reset and my stats have been ruined after joining a public match. I suddenly have over 8 million deaths and losses which results in a k/d ratio of close to zero. Is there a way to fix this?? My user n...
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  • bought yesterday via steam then banned playing squad wargames mode

    I purchased Call of Duty Ghosts via Steam yesterday because it was on sale. I am not much a FPS player, but the Squad feature seemed interesting and I thought it would provide a nice diversion from time-to-time. I was...
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  • Why don't you bring it back online?

    You have an average 20.000 people playing Call of Duty:Ghosts and you have disabled the application and therefore clan wars!Just bring it back! It will cost you nothing. thanks
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  • cod app

    i am trying to join a clan on cod ghosts but when i try to download the call of duty app in play store. its says item not found. please help me with this issue.... thanks Tim
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  • Psn to Xbox live

    Been playing COD ghost on ps3 for a long time. Just recently bought an Xbox one. Is there a way to get my ghost account from PlayStation to Xbox live?
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  • Xbox live ghosts multiplayer connection

    Hello,  I am having an issuing connecting to xbox live ghosts mutiplayer, I keep receiving a messaging stating that the server is not available and to check the status and i have checked online and everything is ...
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    I want to buy the Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition from Amazon and the seller says that it is sealed and what ever comes in the box is there. I want to know of the dlc will be expired or if I can still use it?
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  • El codigo de bonus digital content no funciona

    cuando quiero canjear el código manda error
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  • Cannot login to Activision although I entered correct credentials

    Cannot login to Activision although I entered correct credentials: your site denies my credentials are valid even though I reset the password as a troubleshooting step.  I think you are not there, and your chat i...
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  • I got banned out of nowhere

    I didn't even play ghost and I got banned permanently,  but the name of the Gomorrah it showed "the one banned" was not my gamertag and it was spelt wrong. My gamertag is "VURLSH" with lowercase L. The psn it sho...
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  • Activision online chat is closed during posted business hours

    Activision online chat is closed during posted business hours.  WHY?
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  • COD CP purchase from an alternate source

    Is there anyway PC players can purchase CP other than through the game's Black Market? This feature hasn't worked for me or my son since its inception. Surely there has to be a backup selling system in place somewhere...
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    I started a game on multiplayer, deadmatch, the map started loading and got to 100% loading when a fatal error message came : Disc read error 'imagefile19'   I'd be grateful if you give me a fixing advice!
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  • What happened con clans the call of duty ghosts

    In Brazil the clans were deleted and have no response from the activision about it  
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  • Ghosts Digital Content Redeem

    Hi,    So I just got the Ghosts Hardened Edition for the 360 and I went to the website address and it says that there is an issue, so how can I get the digital content?
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  • please HELP ME..........

    I was unfairly banned only ghost...... I swear on my whole family I didn't use any program.... I have also been banned on the forum of steam for one day to show that I was banned for an error . Please help me ......
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  • Trying to redeem official soundtrack code for Call of Duty Ghosts and keep getting an error message

    I go to the website but it keeps saying an error occurred?  Is it because I waited too long?
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