• DLCs don't work

    Hi, A friend of mine bought me two DLCs (Onslaught and Devanstation). The problem is: I can't play with them online, the game doesn't charge and doesn't find players to play with when the maps of Onslaught and Devans...
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  • Wheres the lag compensation?

    I have played COD since COD 4, bought every single edition Hardened to show my support for a wonderful franchise. This COD looks ok, seems very balanced and most of the maps are excellent. MY only complaint is the one...
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    I remeber the ps3 days.That's before it broke that is. You didnt need a membership to play online. But now since I got the xbox 360 it says This account doesnt have permission to play online or something like that. &...
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  • Bring back the COD Ghosts App

    Bring back the clan wars app I have created this Idea so all those that agree with me can vote to say that they feel the same way.   I know that AW is Beachhead's main focus point right now but that doesn't mean...
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  • Best gun on ghosts to use?

    Anybody have any suggestions on whats the best gun to use on ghosts? Im used to the UMP from mw2 an mw3 so im still having a difficult time adjusting to the weapons. (Please dont say snipers -_-) .
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  • I need a recorder and GFX Designer. Anyone interested?

    I have recently started a new channel called The 1v1 Community specializing in Quickscope 1v1's. Anything from CoD 4 through Call of Duty Ghost's. I would recommend someone with a HD PVR 2 or better but I am not going...
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  • I recently returned from an overseas deployment and no longer have xbox live. How do I play offline extinction mode if it keeps telling me to download new multiplayer content. Im not trying to play multiplayer online i just want to play offline extiction.

    How can I play offline extinction with no xbox live if it tells me I must download some multiplayer content. I'm not trying to play online at all or even go online I don't even have it connected to the internet. I jus...
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Collection for PS4 and Xbox One

    I hope this is true1 It would be awesome   http://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-2014-rumors/1100-6419935/
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  • Ayuda, help!

    Como puedo instalar la app de COD-Ghost en mi celular !???
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  • How Do I delete a clan I created?

    I created a clan on Ghosts (xbox 360) and I do not like the name. I would like to delete this clan a create a new one if possible. How would I do this?
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  • Cod ghosts dlc maps xbox 360 - no games found

    Hello i resently bought ghosts dlc maps Onslaught,Invasion and Nemesis when i'm searching for game it says no games found! Please i need a solution! Please help!
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  • Downloaded COD Ghost on my 360... Why cant other profiles on my xbox play it? I couldve just bought the disk and not had this issue, yes? Correct me if im wrong.

    So i bought COD: Ghosts on my Xbox 360 via market place... Paid $59.99. Turns out if anyone else tries to play the game on my console it says "Cant launch Call Of Duty Ghosts" xbox stores* ... Wtf? So is this a mistak...
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  • Looking For More People To Play With

    I've Been playing cod black ops 2 for a very long time and i finally switched over to Cod Ghosts, I am not the best at the game due to me being new but I will get better, If you'd Like to play with Me Add me Nelson Bl...
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  • No Games Found

    Is it just me or is this a problem.   I have sat the last 2 days struggling to find games on Multiplayer live.  Not just team deathmatch but all of them.   It took me 1hr 15 min to eventually get a ga...
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  • accessing Makarov in game

    I recently purchased Makarov and have downloaded him.  Can someone tell me step by step how to access him?  I am still a new player.
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  • DLC maps don't play

    I have recently started playing ghosts again after taking a break and I find that even though I have all dlc maps I am not playing any of them (only origonal maps come into play). I have had a look around and found si...
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  • AW: Xbox 360 version keeps freezing when either customizing your class or in the middle of a match..

    Any idea why Advanced Warfare keeps freezing when customizing your classes, or playing in a match? I have to reset the console every time this happens. It only happens in this game. I tested the console on all the oth...
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  • Clan Recruiting for Momentum Gaming Nation [MGN]

    If you are Intrested in joining Momentum Gaming Nation[MGN] Message me on XBOX LIVE GT: MGN PRODIGY     p.s Must be 16 or older to try out
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  • I'm looking for the manual for the HD Tactical Camera

    Please help. The web address that is posted in the instructions that came with the camera does not work.
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  • (X360) Looking for a clan.

    Hello, I'm looking for a clan. My last clan went nearly unactive and frustrated me and I left. I'm looking for an active, friendly clan.   Here's my stats:   X360 GT: SincererLion40 K/D: 0.539 W/L: 0.856...
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