• Ghost clans????

    i have been trying to make a new clan but for some reason when i try to go into barracks their is nothing about clans anymore i just have ( Leader boards and Reset Stats ) nothing about clans pls someone help me i wan...
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  • anyone want to play domination?

    looking for core domination players on xbox360. drop gamertags here mine is grumpyxs0uljah
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  • Simple and easy if Ghost has quickscoping I won't buy it

    Quickscoping= no sale
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  • Starting a Ghosts Clan :D

    Hey guys, im starting a competitive and Sniper clan on ghosts. Looking for Co leader, Editor, GFX, And members !!!!! add me on 360 and pm me - Its Shilly
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  • New player

    I just started playing im wondering if it's better with other people?  I don't have any people on my Xbox either... eh?
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  • What's up with the hate for the camping strategy? Camping and running to spots is smart.

    Any thoughts?GHOSTS XBOX 360
  • Why do people hate knifing?

    Knifing in my opinion is a skill. I believe it to also be harder than a gun. You have to get close to a person to be able to knife them. If your chasing after someone, they could easily turn around and shoot you or so...
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  • Best gun on ghosts to use?

    Anybody have any suggestions on whats the best gun to use on ghosts? Im used to the UMP from mw2 an mw3 so im still having a difficult time adjusting to the weapons. (Please dont say snipers -_-) .
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  • Como creo un clan?

    Esque quiero crear un clan con unos amigos pero el problema es que no me aparece ninguna opción en barracones que es donde supuesta mente se crean
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  • no se puede leer el disco

    Hola mi nombre es Jose y compre el COD ghosts lo probe y me dio error diciendo que no se puede leer el disco
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  • dlc map packs not working

    when i try to go online when i have dlc packs installed it dosent find any games but when i delete my dlcs it finds games with no problem this happens on my xbox 360 and xbox one as i thought it was a lack of players ...
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  • Why add a spawn delay in hardcore?

    It disrupts the game flow and makes the game a ton more boring. Black Ops 2 had it perfectly executed without a spawn delay, why did IW have to go and **** up ANOTHER part of this game that was already good...
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    Its a shame you can talk to someone on the enemy team in a party while playing SEARCH AND DESTROY. the only reason i played BLACK OPS 2 before GHOSTS was because of the excitement of the enemy team not hearing my con...
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  • I recently returned from an overseas deployment and no longer have xbox live. How do I play offline extinction mode if it keeps telling me to download new multiplayer content. Im not trying to play multiplayer online i just want to play offline extiction.

    How can I play offline extinction with no xbox live if it tells me I must download some multiplayer content. I'm not trying to play online at all or even go online I don't even have it connected to the internet. I jus...
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  • Xbox 360 clan recruiting

    The new law is recruiting for Xbox 360 must be mature gamer ... We will not tolerate harassment or cheating! If anyone is interested in joining my xbox live tag is Bip0larJ3w ... The 0 is a zero!
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  • Looking for people to play Extinction with

    I just started playing Ghosts. Have player and own the rest of the cod games. I'm looking for some one to play Extinction with. Will be getting the rest of the map packs soon. My gamertag is credmond341.
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  • Bring back the COD Ghosts App

    Bring back the clan wars app I have created this Idea so all those that agree with me can vote to say that they feel the same way.   I know that AW is Beachhead's main focus point right now but that doesn't mean...
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  • DLC and Account issue

    First: the account I normally use is getting errors and I've been told it got disabled due to inactivity.   Second: I was wondering if someone could help me with this, I bought the season pass last year in March...
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  • [GER/ENG] Verstärker sinnlos? Amplify pointless?

    Hallo ich habe folgendes problem und zwar bringt mir das Perk "Verstärker" kaum etwas ich höre die meist erst wenn die soo nah bei mir sind das ich die umarmen könnte und dann bin ich auch schon tot... ...
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  • DLCs don't work

    Hi, A friend of mine bought me two DLCs (Onslaught and Devanstation). The problem is: I can't play with them online, the game doesn't charge and doesn't find players to play with when the maps of Onslaught and Devans...
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