• Looking For More People To Play With

    I've Been playing cod black ops 2 for a very long time and i finally switched over to Cod Ghosts, I am not the best at the game due to me being new but I will get better, If you'd Like to play with Me Add me Nelson Bl...
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  • accessing Makarov in game

    I recently purchased Makarov and have downloaded him.  Can someone tell me step by step how to access him?  I am still a new player.
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  • DLC maps don't play

    I have recently started playing ghosts again after taking a break and I find that even though I have all dlc maps I am not playing any of them (only origonal maps come into play). I have had a look around and found si...
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  • AW: Xbox 360 version keeps freezing when either customizing your class or in the middle of a match..

    Any idea why Advanced Warfare keeps freezing when customizing your classes, or playing in a match? I have to reset the console every time this happens. It only happens in this game. I tested the console on all the oth...
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  • Clan Recruiting for Momentum Gaming Nation [MGN]

    If you are Intrested in joining Momentum Gaming Nation[MGN] Message me on XBOX LIVE GT: MGN PRODIGY     p.s Must be 16 or older to try out
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  • I'm looking for the manual for the HD Tactical Camera

    Please help. The web address that is posted in the instructions that came with the camera does not work.
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  • (X360) Looking for a clan.

    Hello, I'm looking for a clan. My last clan went nearly unactive and frustrated me and I left. I'm looking for an active, friendly clan.   Here's my stats:   X360 GT: SincererLion40 K/D: 0.539 W/L: 0.856...
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  • Looking for people to play COD Ghosts with

    must be 16 or older's no lil kids Message me on Xbox Live at DMiZ PRODIGY
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  • Anyone want to party up?

    i have a 4 KD 8 WL and im looking to play with some good people. GT: DieteticRobin53
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  • Exclusive Xbox Clan - Team Essential

    Team Essential (#WeAreEssential) is an Xbox-based and exclusive recreational clan that specializes in first person shooters and objective-based games.   Share gamer experiences on our website: TEAM ESSENTIAL - Ho...
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  • Friend used profile on my xbox w/DLC now I can't play at all

    My friend signed into my Xbox 360 with his profile because we were gaming split screen online together.  He has purchased the season pass with all map packs on his xbox at home.  It prompted him to download ...
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  • Anyone good at highscoring co-op ? Wanna help me get highscores ?

    please there has to be some good extinction players left out there to help with high scores. I don't mind helping either
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  • Does infinityward even care about ghosts anymore?

    Aim bots and wall hacks (mostly wall hacks) are becoming more and more common to ghosts. I really hate AW every since the bal got "nerfed" because now everyone runs an ASM1 in at least one loadout. so i went back to...
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  • 1 - 360

    i bought the season pass for the xbox 1 first and now that i got ghosts on the 360 i want to be able to play on the dlc maps without having to pay $60 again is there a way for me to get the season pass down to the 36...
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  • Looking for an active clan 1.1k/d xbox360

    Hey I'm looking for an active clan with live party chats on xbox360 and more! my old one is in active and is boring... please reply or message me on xbox360 gt --> Misery Bolt
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  • I am looking for new clan! K.D 1.89 (no bad clans)

    Looking for new clan. (obviously) Old clan rarely gets online and most of the time they play GtaV or some other game. Looking for clan with the red letters. If you know someone or your clan is good. Send a message to ...
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  • Is the Advanced Warfare app compatible with Ghosts?

    Stupid question, I know but I can seem to get it working... I just keep getting "No multiplayer data found". COD account is linked to Xbox account and everything so cant see why it isn't working   Any help would...
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  • recruiting for new clan

    hello i'm the Leader of Advanced Ghost Squad, a clan made specifically for team deathmatch nothing more.. looking for members with a K/D higher than 1.00 just so I know you can hold your own in a fight.. if your inter...
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  • Hardest Patch/Operation?  (Plus Patch Help!)

    Out of all the patches you can obtain in Ghosts, which do you personally believe is the hardest?  I want to exclude the DICTATOR patch, as that is a no brainer (fire an entire LMG magazine without missing). ...
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  • Mike Tyson Plays Destiny and Call of Duty (Undesputed Truth)

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