• recruiting for new clan

    hello i'm the Leader of Advanced Ghost Squad, a clan made specifically for team deathmatch nothing more.. looking for members with a K/D higher than 1.00 just so I know you can hold your own in a fight.. if your inter...
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  • Hardest Patch/Operation?  (Plus Patch Help!)

    Out of all the patches you can obtain in Ghosts, which do you personally believe is the hardest?  I want to exclude the DICTATOR patch, as that is a no brainer (fire an entire LMG magazine without missing). ...
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  • Mike Tyson Plays Destiny and Call of Duty (Undesputed Truth)

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  • Looking for CoD Ghosts clan.

    I'm a VERY active player that is looking for an active clan to join, my gt is SasugayKun.
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  • Anyone wanna try for high scores ? Xbox 360

    Im looking for players for co-op high scoring must  be experienced.  I don't minding helping others either or having a few tooth farm games my gamer tag is DAZTASTIC69 all in capital as I have writ it I hope...
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  • Why COD: Ghosts is not worth getting good at

    Before when acquiring the new title in the COD franchise, i would follow a similar pattern that i'd encounter with previous COD titles. Firstly, admiring the game for the first couple of lobbies id get into. Such as, ...
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  • Admit it, aside from the bad things, there are some things from Ghosts I want in newer titles.

    First of all, I loved the in game callouts. Hit detection Small hitmarkers Dynamic attempts   Tell me some of your favorite things, I mean for real.. It might not have been a necessarily good game but hey, it...
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    New clan made by me The~Elite~Force anyone is welcome dont matter how good you are. Im not much of a great player but am looking for some people who would like to participate in various games on cod ghosts-xbox 360. I...
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  • need help

    hello anyone on? GhostsNewsGHOSTS XBOX 360!
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  • How to remove silencer

    test<> test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>test<>...
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  • help on live commentary

    hello i need some help with my commentary, i am using the elgoto to recode and do the commentary. so my problem is when i plug a mic (am using the turtle beaches x12) into my computer it well pick up all noise includi...
  • There seems to be more hackers/modders /cheats than ever before

    I dont know if anyones noticed in the past week its almost impossible to find a lobby that does not have at least one guy whos cheating the game   Ive been playing the game for 9 months and have over 26 days of ...
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  • Existe alguna forma de cambiar el idioma de call of duty ghost?

    Necesito saber si hay alguna forma de cambiar el idioma ya que soy de Costa Rica y compre el juego en EEUU y no está en español... muchas gracias
  • looking for friends

    No I know what you're thinking, oh you're a kid with no friends get a life. Well I'm not a kid, and I while I don't have a full list of friends, it's primarily because I'm very particular in who I chose. My problem is...
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  • Multiplayer issues

    When I try to sign onto multiplayer it says that there is a problem with my Xbox Live connection. But when I check the connection it says its fine. What is wrong?
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  • Leaving a game, searching for a new game.

    I am simply here to provide some feedback from my call of duty experience. I've been a huge fan of the series since COD3, and as I've watched the multiplayer progress there has always been one thing that has Never cea...
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (8/4/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Aug. 4, 2014 &...
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  • Off the Grid/IED not working

    Perk tree- Off the grid, incog Weapon-honeybadger   Problem-  I am being walked up on as if I am on radar.   1)Has anyone else noticed  people seeing or locating them with ease lately? 2)IEDs a...
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  • I am loving Ghost of late

    I think its the small population has finally put the lag on a level playing field for me. Good game when the connections are balanced.
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  • how hard is it to stop the cheats and hackers

    How hard is it or the developers and gaming companies to stop all the cheats and hackers and make this game fun again, well if anyone from the any of the companies are reading this let me help you out,   1. Turn...
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