• Help with Clan Wars

    When I go on Clan Wars I see all of the nodes and gamemodes on the map but none of them are lit up and I can't click on them. I looked at the tutorial and it showed them lit up and said to click on them to see how man...
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  • Extinction not working

    im trying to join an extinction game and every time it loads up, it boots me saying "unknown function" or "couldnt connect to host". doesnt kick me from multiplayer and three of my buddies have the same problem. is an...
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  • eu detesto o call of duty advanced e agora não é possivel jgar o ghost.

    firing a shot and and it just hits the opponent last one to two seconds. this happens to colleagues? is already bad to several days I will have to return to play the older games.
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  • Recruitment [Xbox 360] Up and Coming Clan

    Here is how to join UP and COMING CLAN: 1. Choose one of the few divisions you'd like to join 2. Message DMiZ PRODIGY on Xbox Live 3. I will invite you to a party and you must introduce yourself (ex; Name,Age, Goa...
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  • Ceci n'est pas une question mais je recrute plus description

    Je recrute il faut etre français et etre avoir un bon niveau nom de la team VITAVIT !
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  • New mod

    Just coming on to say there is a mod that has auto aim and appears to try and go for the head thats just started to get around on 360. May have more benefits than that im not sure, joined the match late.   It bl...
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  • hackmodcheaters

    what hope is there that any of the new COD games won't be overrun by hackmodcheaters?   As originally intended, I like COD from WAW on. But all COD games have just become a waste of time and money as hackmodchea...
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  • Bring back Heavy Duty .. Im dissapointed in Infinity Ward...

    So we all know how call of duty works. New game comes out, everyone likes it, then shortly after, you start hating it. But still get excited next year when the next call of duty is announced. I know, thats me. But thi...
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  • Why is in game audio and music mixed together.

    This obviously on xbox 360 needs to be changed. We were able to reduce music to 0% in the other cods. We want a patch update to be able to do this. If this can't be done, this is one of the worst cods i have ever gott...
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  • Nooo! Camo challenges don't carry over!

    So I just prestiged and went to my camos to see how many headshots I needed for the next camo. All my headshots are gone. They make it where you need 500 headshots to get all the headshot camos, and they didn't even h...
  • Rant: Ghosts wasn't a bad MP game.  The "general" community simply refuses to understand why.

    FYI - When I mention the "General" community, it's regarding the the majority of how the community thinks as a whole.  I understand that some people will act differently and perhaps even agree with my opinions, b...
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  • sniper running thermal and tracker perk.

    Got a message from someone asking if I was using a thermal scope on a USR and running a tracker perk. If so LMAO!! Any idea what they are on about?? Was using Incognito and off the grid with a unsilenced rifle, could ...
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  • probleme avec saison pass introuvable

    je n'ai plus le saison pass depuits la dernier mise a jour comment je peux faire j'ai deja fait le re-telechargement met toujours pas les cartes que faire de plus merci
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  • Loadout tips for bots for Squads mode?

    Hi guys, I've just discovered Squads mode today and think I'm going to enjoy it a lot. One thing that I don't understand yet is how to best equip my AI squadmates. I've tried different loadouts but didn't find any to ...
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  • Activision's Policy on Ghost DLC Pack Rollout (XBOX)

      I'm sure that this has been covered by many angry people this year.  I would like to learn more about what was said, but am looking for the right phrase to search for.   In any event, I believe t...
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  • Question on COD AW season pass.

    I was wondering if i bought the season pass for one of my child's accounts, would buying one enable the season pass for both accounts. Like if you buy a DLC it transfers for all accounts would the season pass enable f...
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  • Too long to connect?

    Has anyone had the problem where it takes way too long to connect to xbox live and fetch the profile. Then when you are finally on and search a game it constantly says 'Finding 7 more players' for minutes? It's getti...
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  • Any hardcore dom players out there?

    I'm looking for people who play this gamemode as it is impossible to play solo due to constant joining games that have started and no chance of pulling it back, 17 times in a row this happened the other week and is a ...
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    Disabilitys Unit is apart of A Facebook group & page & YouTube channel & a Twitter profile called  Disability's United In The Uk & we looking for new members to be a part of the clan you don't nee...
  • new clan

    we should make a clan for teaching people like in video game high school
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