• Why the lag & glitches in COD Ghosts?

    Does anyone else have this issue? I play many games online and  although all have some lag & glitches with Ghost its rare if there is no lag. I've been playing COD Black ops 3 for the last 2 months and I can ...
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  • Xbox One Purchases

    So I bought these following items on the Xbox 360:   - Ripper - Blaze Outfit - Blaze Camo   I then bought Call Of Duty Ghosts for Xbox One and I noticed that none of these showed up. The shop told me tha...
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  • will there be a call of duty ghosts 2?

    does anyone knew if ghosts 2 will be or not ? We want it!!!
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  • xbox one season pass

    ive upgraded to xbox one brought ghosts and the season pass but NO GAMES FOUND always comes up but when i delete the dlc packs it works fine same with my xbox 360 aswell as i thought it was lack of players so went bac...
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  • Map Packs not working - Xbox one - work on Xbox 360

    I've paid for & downloaded all the map packs on my 360, just got a new Xbox one a month ago & cannot redownload the maps I already own. It keeps on saying that I've got to re-buy the maps, is this true? Any su...
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  • DLC Content?

    When I switched to Xbox one I lost all my DLC stuff and cant access it?
    created by SyraCuseeee
  • Looking for mature/laidback community? Look no further! Join TXG today :)

    Hey! My name is TXG Pink XX (Council Leader) and Toxik Gaming is now recruiting! We are a newer community and like any other community people have come and gone. We're not like other clans though; we are forum based w...
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  • Anyone want to play ghosts on xbox one???

    if you do message me - xXDeadraHeartXx - on xbox one
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  • Tranfer data from PS4 to Xbox 1

    How to transfer data from ps4 to xbox 1? Need help, thank you.
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  • Xbox One Private Match

    Looking for some people to do private matches with just for fun.
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  • How many players are playing?

    I'm sitting here thinking about buying ghosts, but I am wondering if there are people playing call of duty ghosts, because it is such an old game. Could someone help me please?
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  • Some love, please ?

    You see: a bit more than a year ago, I bought my first console, an xbox one (keep reading, it gets better).   Using controllers for first time ever, I had to learn how to aim from scratch; and then I started unl...
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  • I Cant download my dlc to xbox one

    Hi. I bought 2 dlc, some camos and an emplacement pack on my xbox 360 but I can't download it on my xbox one. Somebody can help me?
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  • seriously why the eff is ghost an aw eff up?

    Okay first off im effing sick of trolls in hardcore aw so please fix it secondly fix ghost for xbox one !
  • Need Team

    Team player, mostly play search. K/D is 2.4 Gamertag: sjcboarder
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  • Harden DLC?

    So I bought the Harden Edition of Ghost and download the codes but when I went to find them on the Xbox One I couldn't find them nor download the packs. Same with the Riley Mask couldn't get the back either. Any help?
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  • My collectors edition code for the soundtrack is not valid.

    I got the prestige edition for ghost and I am downloading all my codes but after when I put this code on the website it just tells me it is invalid. Can somebody please help me to just get this code to work.
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  • Lost 200 teeth

    I was on my Xbox one and purchased Master scavenger, then turned off my xbox and later went to my 360 and my teeth were missing but I didn't have the upgrade.  All my other teeth purchases have worked on both pla...
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  • Looking for a team to join.

    Im 15 years old and I'm looking to join a team, or make a team.   at the moment I'm not competitive but I will be when bo3 comes out. GT: JClas   K/D 1.299. I usually play DOM and TDM. But if you w...
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  • Looking for a team.

    Im 15 years old and I'm looking to join a team, or make a team.  at the moment I'm not competitive but I will be when bo3 comes out. GT: JClas  K/D 1.299. I usually play DOM and TDM. But if you want I can go...
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