• xboxone nat:open,Ghosts nat :Moderate..?Fix?

    On my xbox one my nat type is open ,but when I play ghosts its Moderate  why is that and does anyone else have this problem and is there a fix. o my xbox360 my nat type is open. weird , any help would be awesome ...
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  • I just got ghosts for the one

    So I just got ghosts for the one! Woo hoo, but I'm having a slight issue! after playing on the 360 for most of the year now switching to the one my aim is wayyyy off! The controller is so sensitive. I'm shooting all o...
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  • cod ghost drop shot perks?

    What perks do you use.  I play hc tdm so anyhelp should be great thank you
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  • Is This Real   ?

    After experiencing some crazy stuff myself mainly when running full stack of stealth perks, and people still seemingly knowing exactly where i am at even when they shouldnt. Plus head shots on hardcore as far as i was...
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  • Quick question?

    Hey all, just a quick question if anyones still on these forums, just want to know what the player base on the xbox one is in clan vs clan playlist as I have just upgraded to the one but won't get ghosts till the end ...
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  • Acid Test Results

    I must report that the test came out great! I was surprise. I came into my favorite game mode (HCKC) and saw well under 400 players, but I got into a game rather quickly on Saturday, and went on for several games unti...
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  • Getting Ghosts For Xbox One

    Hello , I am getting Ghosts Prestige Edition for Xbox One . So, just wanna know that how many players still play Ghosts on Xbox one ? How many players are there on Xbox One ?     Thanks
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  • Looking for friends

    Recently me and my son both had a Xbox One Console, unfortunately most of our clan members and friends are still on Xbox 360 so we have very little friends to game with. We're looking for new friends to game with, I'...
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  • Acid test

    I love Ghosts, even if I do get my butt kicked. At lease people have to work to do it, and I feel good about taking down a good player even once. But here is the test: I will be going in to the game tonight, and see ...
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  • Just thought I'd pop it in again...

    but as expected, still not playable in Australia. But you sold it here. An we kinda bought it. So whenever you guys are ready, we'd like to play online now.   Yours sincerely, Australia.
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  • OK you convinced me!! Where are the players????

    Have to admit, up until about the end of August I NEVER had a problem with getting a game. Always read where people had problems but never understood it. Since then, it is absolutely terrible. Sometimes 10-20 minutes...
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  • Would anybody like to see old Call Of Duty games remastered

    War at world, mw2/3, black ops/2.......perhaps store classic downloads
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  • Correo de cuenta COD

    HOLA hace tiempo puse una cuenta en COD, pero puse un correo que no quería poner, quiero cambiar ese correo PORFAVOR ayuda se puede cambiar el correo pero Q no me cambie nada de la cuenta? Ayuda Gracias
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  • level

    anyone else had the problem of one of your quad going back a level i switch to watching tv then going back to the game to find i've gone from level 7 back down to 5
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  • is the season pass worth it mainly for extinction?

    I was planning on buying the season pass because i like extinction and i was just wondering if people are still playing that.   Do people still play the dlc mp maps aswell?
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    I just buy the xbox one and the game cod Ghosts, but I can't get into the store to download my map packs, whem I look in to the game store there are also no add on's to find ( strange ), with the game was also a code ...
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  • You know things are bad when...

    This is pretty crazy. I can't believe the exodus from this game. It is really pretty telling to just how bad it is. 9 players in a playlist.... crazy.
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  • Problem with Ghost on Xbox One

    Hi, I am using a downloaded version of Ghost on a new Xbox One.  Every time I get to the second campaign mission "Brave New World" the system locks with the error "Disc read error 'imagefile6'" Anyone have a sol...
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  • Can't Unmute and Other last update issue with Xbox One

    First off, I frequent this sub often and haven't seen my specific bugs, so I apologize if this has already been answered. That said... I play on the Xbox One with a physical copy of CoD: Ghosts. Several things have ha...
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  • Rank, squad points, load out keep resetting daily.

    I have cod ghost on xbox 1, over the last three days ive earned squad points , used squad points to add to my character, then the following day no changes are there and squad points are never increased. Any ideas?? ...
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