• Extinction Team

    Trying to get an extinction team together. I play Nightfall & Exodus regularly. I'm ranked 900 on Exodus and 1000 on Nightfall. I have all map packs except Mayday so i'm open to play other maps. I have Master Scav...
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  • No online multiplayer option?

    Just bought Ghosts for the 2nd time, as I owned it on the 360 as well.  It was like $25 on Amazon.  I installed game... went to multiplayer.  And there is only an option for local play.    W...
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  • Why wont ghosts connect online for my xbox 1?

    Dear, readers   Every time i try to get onto xbox live on ghosts it gives me an error message telling me to go to www.callofduty.com/ghosts/statusforupdates. so the first time i saw that i went to that website a...
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  • Xbox One Ghosts not bad

    I won an Xbox one in the Doritos Dew AW promo.   We got it before xmas which was nice.   Local EB games had Ghosts for Xbox one for $15 new, so I bought it.   I have already Prestiged a couple of tim...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts splitscreen lag issue on XBox One

    Hi guys,   I'm pretty sure this is a very well known issue considering the frustration it generates, but after an hour of web search leading to no match, have resolved to seek for community assistance (aka exper...
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  • Help customizing character

    I Purchased the Elias character skin but it appears nowhere... Where do I find it and how do customize my character, badges ect? Thanks for any help, wouldn't really worry about if I didn't pay for the skin...
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  • Party Chat problems

    Tried to do a search but nothing is happening, i don't play this game really but my friends son has just got his Xbox One and Ghost, but when we play in Private, TDM, FFA,and Gungame we can't hear each other talking, ...
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  • Extinction intell

    I got the Devastation DLC a few days ago and I found all 5 "stationary" intel (and prologue + epilogue). I have killed the kraken 3 times and gotten to the kraken fight an additional 2 times and had the others in the...
  • Why I think Microsoft wouldn't give up the rights to CoD

       Here are the reasons why I think CoD won't switch its lead console to ps4: 1. Microsoft are making millions upon billions of dollars off the CoD franchise. Definitely more than Titanfall, simply because ...
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  • Incredible Underrated Player!

    Hey everyone! I have a huge favor for anyone that reads this and I hope that you share this with any and every friend and member of your family. I have found an incredibly underrated sniper on youtube with not near as...
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  • LFG tier 1 maps

    NNeed 3 for X1 exo survival  tier 1 maps
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  • Check out this video!

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Scorestreaks: Major Tip - YouTube
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  • Ghost XBX1 2v2 tournament

    Message daltonwig27 or pG MAMA for invite winner plays next match challenger pics gamemode strikezone only   full rules explained in game chat
  • Anyone who made the switch!

    so what's peoples opinions on the lag kills on the xbox one compared to the 360? my opinion the xbox one is rubbish compared to the 360. Last two days playing this stupid game, shoot first then die! I am so close to s...
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  • xboxone nat:open,Ghosts nat :Moderate..?Fix?

    On my xbox one my nat type is open ,but when I play ghosts its Moderate  why is that and does anyone else have this problem and is there a fix. o my xbox360 my nat type is open. weird , any help would be awesome ...
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  • I just got ghosts for the one

    So I just got ghosts for the one! Woo hoo, but I'm having a slight issue! after playing on the 360 for most of the year now switching to the one my aim is wayyyy off! The controller is so sensitive. I'm shooting all o...
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  • cod ghost drop shot perks?

    What perks do you use.  I play hc tdm so anyhelp should be great thank you
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  • Is This Real   ?

    After experiencing some crazy stuff myself mainly when running full stack of stealth perks, and people still seemingly knowing exactly where i am at even when they shouldnt. Plus head shots on hardcore as far as i was...
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  • Quick question?

    Hey all, just a quick question if anyones still on these forums, just want to know what the player base on the xbox one is in clan vs clan playlist as I have just upgraded to the one but won't get ghosts till the end ...
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  • Acid Test Results

    I must report that the test came out great! I was surprise. I came into my favorite game mode (HCKC) and saw well under 400 players, but I got into a game rather quickly on Saturday, and went on for several games unti...
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