Thanks to everyone who attended GameStop’s Modern Warfare 2 Tournament Finals Event this past Saturday at Fort Mason in San Francisco. See more pictures of the finals event at


Congratulations to TCM Gaming and 4-Play, the winning teams for the Xbox 360 and PS3 4v4 finals, and James Eubanks, winner of the Free For All finals!



4v4 Xbox 360 Tournament Winners


Team: TCM Gaming

Country: UK


     1) Andrew William Fisher

          a) From: North Yorkshire, UK

          b) Age: 25

     2) Tomas James Jones

          a) From: Denbighshire, UK

          b) Age: 17

     3) Callum Liam McManus

          a) From: Cleveland, UK

          b) Age: 23

     4) Nicholas Ward

          a) From: Lanarkshire, UK

          b) Age: 19



4v4 PS3 Tournament Winners


Team: 4-Play

Country: U.S.A.


     1) Rizwan Qureshi

          a) From: New Jersey, U.S.

          b) Age: 20

     2) Joseph M. Walega

          a) From: Florida, U.S.

          b) Age: 18

     3) Daniel Pena

          a) From: California, U.S.

          b) Age: 18

     4) Jonathan Arias

          a) From: California, U.S.

          b) Age: 17



Free For All Winner


Player: James Eubanks

From: Virginia, U.S.

Age: 17


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