• Looking For Someone To Play Spec Ops With

    Add me on iiBeedon Veteran players wanted. Also if anyone wants to mod my level up I wouldnt mind. Thanks
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  • Hacked Server

    When joining a server on 4/7/2015 it ended up being a hacked server.  Once I got out and attempted to join another server I kept getting an "Unable to connect to host" message.  I think it is a shame that In...
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  • Can't find regular games, only running into hacked/modded lobbies??

    Hey guys, hope you guys can help me with this,   I'm facing trouble while I wanted to play some games of TDM/DOM at MW2. I can't find any regular game while I already disabled my DLC Resurgence pack (because the...
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  • Fui banido e não sei porque

    Estava jogando o Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 quando entrei em uma sala ai escolhi a classe e quando sair do respaw apareceu a sniper e apareceu colorido: www.youtube.com/EazohLobbies ai apareceu um tal de unlock alg...
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  • Maybe Reactivation MW2 to esl :)

    Great back mw2 on esl , slowly ends 5vs5 tournament and look forward to the next tournament . Want to know more , please http://www.esl.eu/eu/mw2/sd/5on5/autumn2014/ It is possible that the next tournament will be ...
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  • A spanish TV show uses Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's BSO

    In Spain, we have a show called "Policias en Accion" it's like "COPS", so i was watching it and i suddenly heard that most of the music they use is the COD MW2 soundtrack, i think they might be using it without Infini...
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  • I've been hacked?

    hello I am from mexico... good thing is I was playing call of duty modern warfare 2 on steam does one a few days I bought the game ye played a good time to entonses multiplayer was on a server normally and suddenly I ...
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  • How can i enter the code?

    Can anyone said me where i must to write the code that appears in the back side of the game manual?
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  • NAT-Typ: Open but nobody can join [GER]

    Hallo, mein NAT-Typ ist offen aber niemand kann mit Joinen, ich hab alle Ports die benötigt werden freigegeben aber es funktioniert nicht. Ich kann einem Freund joinen bei dem strikt ist und er kann mir Joinen ab...
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  • please make a new improved modern warfare 2

    please make a new improved modern warfare 2
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  • Anyone Please Help, Just Started Playing and Now I'm lev 70 Because of a Hacker and I don't Want to Be.

    I literally started playing like 4 days ago and I just got rank 19. I entered a que in groundwar planning on playing some tdm or domination and when I got in to a game, It was really wiered. Whenever I got a kill, A b...
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  • Banned from MW2-Multyplayer

    A Month ago i played MW2 on my PC. Somehow I got on a haker Server where i suddenly were level 70 and had ll archeivments and Weapons unlocked. I did not report this earlier because it was nice to have got all weapo...
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    IND is looking for new members!   For those who have been around this world for a while, you have probably heard of the KSIs, XGC, RoG, and many others to come onto the scene in the past years. While they are all...
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  • support please..

    ok now that alter iw .net has been closed down I have no choice but to play on steam. only problem is, the reason I was playing there was that my steam version is broken: After starting the game I have to wait 2 mi...
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  • Anyone still playing MW2 on PS3?

    I don't know many people playing this game online, so I want to know. I have no mic so if that bothers you don't even post.
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  • Quickscope Lobby

    all day long these few kids will be hosting a quickscope lobby. anyone interested send them in game message, party invite, or just plain invite so they get the hint.   TheEliminatorXX CODEMAN1929 xXlViolatorl...
    created by TylerBennett

    This game is so hacked and it's unplayable. Can you please fix it and patch all these infection hacks.
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  • Animation: Call of Duty Gun Control Edition (Black Ops 2)

    Our animation company LOVES Call of Duty! ...and we think the politicians in congress who blame video games for our nations problems are a bunch of ridiculous wusses. So we combined these two passions in our latest an...
    created by adasport
  • Youtube Channel

    Hey Guys, We've Had Our Clans Youtube Channel For About Two Months Now And Were Not Getting Subs As Fast As We'd Like. We Have 26 Videos And We Are Learning How To Use Adobe After Effects CS6. Plz Subscribe To Our Pag...
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  • I have a question about a Mission in Modern Warfare 2. (Xbox 360)

    I was wondering if it was possible to get an Ak47 with no attachment on the Mission "The Enemy of My Enemy". Every single Ak47 I see on that level has a Red Dot Sight. If anyone knows a way to have one with the iron s...
    created by Drizzy_DrakeXBL