Hey everyone, here's a quick list of the patch updates for PS3 that went out today (PC has been available for a few weeks now).

You'll be prompted to download the patch once you load the game (and online).


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PC Patch 1.13


Fix for mismatching files error between DLC and Non-DLC owners


PS3 Patch 1.15 (Goes live June 14)


- 400 new ranks included in 5 new prestige levels (prestige 16 through 20)


- Dead Man’s Hand now has a reduced explosive radius


- Dragunov rebalance


- Fixed Dead Silence / Sitrep Pro issue with Specialist class (you can't hear your own footsteps anymore)


- Fixed an issue where some “defense” kills were not incrementing on the leaderboard


- Fix for rapid fire glitch (semi-automatic weapons can't gain rapid fire and unlimited ammo anymore)

- Increased damage reduction for Blast Shield in Hardcore modes


- Fix for Kill Confirmed: Update the player score before updating the team score


- Competition Mode added to System Link (LAN parties!)