• comment ajouter quelqu'un

    bonjour sa fait quelque jours que je suis sur mw3 sur pc et je voudrais sa voir comment on fait pour ajouter des gens. si vous savez comment on fait  merci de me le faire savoir et ou ajouter moi
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  • I cannot get an answer. Can I use an Xbox controller for MW3/PC?

    I bought a logitech F310 gaqmepad, installed the profiler, nothing. It worked, but not in the game. I just bought a wired xbox360 controller. Still nothing. What do I need to do in order to use the controller on this ...
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  • [PC] LF Hack/Cheat-free server; will buy game soon

    Hello everyone - I see these forums do not get much attention, but I was hoping anyone could respond with a good server or individual to contact about playing on a cheat/hack-free server. I've been away from this game...
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  • Error : MW3 is not available at this time

    I get this message every time i push the button play........ it says to me connecting to online services for more than a 30 secs and after this the stupid message.   The Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 server is ...
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  • please help

    for some reason i cant walk and tun at the sam etime ... please help ... quick
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  • Modern Warefare 3 Fehler kleine verbindung zum mw3- server

    Hilfe     Bitte wer weis wie das weg geht   Fehler Der Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3-Server ist zurzeit nicht verfügbar. Versuchen Sie es später noch einmal oder besuchen Sie http://ww...
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  • Problems with guns

    I have a problem. all my guns are white, at the place where there should be the weapon camo, its just white. Please help, thank you
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  • Les joueurs francais.

    Bonjours tous le monde,   J'ai recu MW3 cette aprem et j'ai fait un peu prés 20 partie en mélé général et kill confimer et je ne suis pas tomber avec des francais met que des anglais , s...
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  • I must be a HOST?

    Hey people, I want to ask if you can not somehow set that I was not a host, because I have a weak internet and also the PC. When Im host, laggy even me, as well as other players. When they do not leave me so i left . ...
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  • Can't connect to online services PC

    Hello everyone,   I've played MW3 for 6 months (since it came out) and after these 6 moths I couldn't connect to the online services anymore. After this long time my problem still isn't fixed.   Fixes I t...
  • Cannot connect to online servers, MW3 PC need help.

    When I open MW3 multiplayer and click on the play, it keep saying connecting to online servers untill another message appear and say that the servers are currently unavalaible. On the website, the servers are avalaibl...
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  • problème installation steam

    je possèdes le jeux call of duty modern warfare 3 que j'ai acheter quand je veux introduire la clé steam me dit "le code que vous avez saisi a déjà été associé à un compte s...
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  • COD: Elite Will Not Debut with MW3 for PC

    This was posted on OneofSwords Blog:   Dan: Back in August, at GamesCom, you mentioned that you were working on customizing the PC platform for Elite. Back then I wondered  if  dedicated servers might ...
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  • How To Enable Dedicated Server Browser And Join/Create A Class - All Weapons Without Ranked Matchmaking

    The Dedicated Server Option is hidden from players on purpose. It's in the multiplayer options menu.   Joining a Dedicated Server 1.     To join a dedicated server you need to enable the ...
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  • MW3 Online Vault

    I was wanting to know how i get to my vids that i add to the online vault. Ive looked and cant find it. Any help?
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  • Ten Reasons why IWNet is not the answer

    10.) IWNet is hosted on Joe Blow's residential internet. This translate into the host having a 0 ping and all other players a ~100  ping minimum. Dedicated Servers are hosted in a datacenter. All Clients connect ...
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  • Pissed Off

    I have been played all of the COD series and have been playing Modern Warfare 3 since its release. I enjoy playing the game and then get pissed off by kids ( anyone younger than me) where I have to put almost 2 full c...
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    I've been playing this game since release and I've come across TOO many hackers and they ruin the game, I just want to enjoy myself; not worry about presteiges for gods sakes...   That nuke timer go down, everyo...
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  • iw5mp_ceg.exe Error

    I have bought Mw3 for my PC and when i try to click on multiplayer i get an error screen that says i dont have the "iw5mp_ceg.exe". I have tried to reinstall the game but i still get the error screen.
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  • No "Camping" or Sniper Support on MW3 Multiplayer-Maps!!!

    First, I'd like to point out that I've been enjoying the new "Kill Confirmed" Mode and was playing it almost non-stop for 6-hours yesterday. That said, I'm disappointed that there aren't any easily defensible location...
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