• Call of Duty Ghosts has gotten ridiculous with all the cheats

    It"s funny how cheaters get on these forums and try to act as if they are in support of non-cheaters.  They try to start off with support and then later complain about innocent people getting their accounts trash...
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  • How do i install CODMW3 Single Player ??

    I bought this game on disks  , but for some stupid reason the game wanted me to download the game .. so after driving 30 miles to a friends house who does not have limited bandwidth like i do , i downloaded the g...
  • MW3 Theatre Mode

    Anyone know how to access theatre footage on PC? Do you need to go onto Elite to get it even though PC isn't an option to even sign up yet?
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  • [PC] The Honor Squad is Recruiting!

    Name: The Honor Squad Clan Tag: [ONR] Location: North America Games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Chivalry, Clash of Clans, Counter-Strike, Rust, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six Siege, more... Platform: PC Forme...
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  • MW3 server not availible

    Hello, I have a problem i can't play mw3 multiplayer, when i try to go online it always says mw3 servers not availible at time If other personn have this problem pls tell TY
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  • Graphics stopped working properly after updating to latest version

    Suddenly after updating game version, graphics are not working properly. I am playing this game in IPad, kindly suggest suitable file for fixing this problem.
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  • Get rid of MW3SA

    MW3SA can be used to reveal somebody's location, IP, and with a little command prompt knowledge, MAC Adresss.   DoS attacks are becoming more frequent because of MW3SA, it needs to be VAC bannable to have MW3SA ...
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  • Que alguien me ayude!!!

    Cuando intento jugar me sale esre mensaje. Que es lo que tengo que hacer Porfavoorr!
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  • aimboter + wallhacker   report he, please

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033404167/   this is the steam id of the hacker, please, report all
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  • Error : MW3 is not available at this time

    I get this message every time i push the button play........ it says to me connecting to online services for more than a 30 secs and after this the stupid message.   The Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 server is ...
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  • MW3 color code list.

    Here is complete list of Color codes you can use in your name, classes and chat. Remember to like and bookmark the topic   ^1 - RED ^2 - GREEN ^3 - YELLOW ^4 - BLUE ^5 - CYAN ^6 - PINK ^7 - WHITE ^8 - ...
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  • How to Account / Stat Reset

    Hi! Is it possible to account / stat reset your multiplayer account?
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  • How to setup a dedicated server for mw3?

    I have tried allot of tutorials but none of them works. i am strugling to find one that is simple and clear. If anyone could maby provide a link or post that will explain how to setup my dedicated server, that will be...
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  • comment ajouter quelqu'un

    bonjour sa fait quelque jours que je suis sur mw3 sur pc et je voudrais sa voir comment on fait pour ajouter des gens. si vous savez comment on fait  merci de me le faire savoir et ou ajouter moi
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  • I cannot get an answer. Can I use an Xbox controller for MW3/PC?

    I bought a logitech F310 gaqmepad, installed the profiler, nothing. It worked, but not in the game. I just bought a wired xbox360 controller. Still nothing. What do I need to do in order to use the controller on this ...
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  • [PC] LF Hack/Cheat-free server; will buy game soon

    Hello everyone - I see these forums do not get much attention, but I was hoping anyone could respond with a good server or individual to contact about playing on a cheat/hack-free server. I've been away from this game...
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  • please help

    for some reason i cant walk and tun at the sam etime ... please help ... quick
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  • Modern Warefare 3 Fehler kleine verbindung zum mw3- server

    Hilfe     Bitte wer weis wie das weg geht   Fehler Der Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3-Server ist zurzeit nicht verfügbar. Versuchen Sie es später noch einmal oder besuchen Sie http://ww...
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  • Problems with guns

    I have a problem. all my guns are white, at the place where there should be the weapon camo, its just white. Please help, thank you
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  • Les joueurs francais.

    Bonjours tous le monde,   J'ai recu MW3 cette aprem et j'ai fait un peu prés 20 partie en mélé général et kill confimer et je ne suis pas tomber avec des francais met que des a...
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