• The MW3 server is not available at this moment!

    Hey   I'm trying to connect with the multiplayer but it say all 3days that" the server is not available at this moment try again later or check http://callofduty/mw3/status for updates" but there said "the Call ...
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  • How can i put Words in the Titles in PC?

    im search for a long timr how to put words in the titles and i cant find and i dont know how. someone can help me?
    |GSP| Blitzkon
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  • Survival/Chaos/Missions Laggier Than Ever!

    As a player running on fibre-optics and often hosting Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer servers without any latency issues, I find it incredibly unusual that in single player, or Co-Operative, games of Survi...
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  • Single player error

    When I try to start Single player, Steam gives an error. It says: "Failed to start game (missing executable)". Steam says that I should completely exit Steam, delete the "appcashe" folder, and restart my computer. I d...
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  • [YB] Un montage, vos avis ?

    Bonsoir,   Aujourd'hui j'ai posté ma première vidéo de MW3 et c'est un montage. Je voudrais savoir votre ressenti, vos avis pour pouvoir m'améliorer car je sais qu'elle ai loin d'être ...
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  • Banned Problem.

    Hello,Im HammaD,I've Been playing MW3 For a moment,I saw a hacker,And that hacker pulled me out ,and made me hack,Like Literally He Was controlling me,I dont remember his Name,But He was controlling,I remembered that,...
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  • help me please

    I bought my steam account from a friend it's been a while now for my grandchildren but unfortunately I found that the game Call of Duty multiplayer is banned how can I fix this and play the game.     thanks...
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  • r_multigpu = 1, cannot connect to servers?

    Has anyone else tried this? Change r_multiGpu from 0 to 1 in the config file, if you have a crossfire or SLI setup. Then try to play online. You'll constantly get "Unable to connect to host" or "Connection to the serv...
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    I had mw3 cracked and got it to me then bought. Now installed the non-playing! Why is that? (Sorry for the bad english!)
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  • please Help me

    I have i big problem in Game ... Disc Error in second mission in paris Help me Please i need fix It 
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  • MW3 color code list.

    Here is complete list of Color codes you can use in your name, classes and chat. Remember to like and bookmark the topic   ^1 - RED ^2 - GREEN ^3 - YELLOW ^4 - BLUE ^5 - CYAN ^6 - PINK ^7 - WHITE ^8 - ...
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  • P90 Iron Sight Modden aber wie ?? HILFE

    Hallo Mein Name lautet Powny und habe eine Frage. Man kann ja in MW3 (PC) Verschiedene Waffen, Camos modifizieren soo nun hab ich ein Problem. Bei der Waffe P90 ist das soo wenn man die Modifiziert hat man alles M...
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  • не пускает на сервер

    при входе на сервер выдает ошибку что сервер времмено не доступен и нниже ссылка где можно посмотреть Call of Duty status туда захожу пишет SORRY, AN UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED помогите пожалуйста очень хочу поиграть ч...
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  • Question:  "CoD: Ghosts pre-order" Message in MW3.

    I wonder why on startup CoD: MW3 still this message appears "Pre-order CoD: Ghosts ..." CoD: Ghosts was released 5.Nov2013 and in MW3 you were still asked by this message to Pre-Order a game that was released abou...
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  • About the hackers and Infinity Ward

    Ok. I believe everyone knows that the multiplayer of MW3 PC is already filled with tones of hackers. Almost every day, I encounter dozens of hackers. They use aimbot, shoot through wall, and especially use NUKE. T...
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  • Help - Error

    Help me!   I'm having problems in special ops survival, it appears MENU_CONTENT_NOT_AVALIABLE. My game version is 1.4.382. How do I solve this problem? Thanks!
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  • help!

    *** cresc in lvl?
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  • clan elite???

    What is elite clan?
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  • Looking for answers please help so confused

    hey is there a way to sign in to cod elite in game on pc and is there a way to get prestige tokens without prestiging?
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  • Movie for MW3 Multiplayer PC

    Come on guys, look at my new video of MW3.   Zuando um pouco no MW3 - T.D.M - Dieta de Kill's - YouTube
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