• CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need snipers that can quickscope
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  • Looking for mw3 sniping clan

    AS it says i am looking for a clan. i Dont want to sound cocky but i am a beast with a sniper i get top kills online. i Have a mic too. Add my psn: shafi36
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  • What is the biggest map on MW3??

    I really dont like big maps except for sniping so i would love to know what is the smallest and the biggest maps and there advantages.
    Stealth Gaming
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  • MW3 Sniping Tournament

    This is for any one who enjoys sniping. a fun event I made that started in black ops. a private match, that goes up to a chosen amount of kills by the players that want to compete.Free for all no time limit. This is j...
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  • MW3 CLAN PS3

    Ok guys, I like this game but I only play DOMINATION.  I'm not the best but I'm not the worst, the thing is, I really am trying to enjoy my gaming but these cheaters/boosters/hackers, what ever you call them, are...
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  • Clan

    How to start a clan form a computer
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  • PS3 Clan Level 13 recruiting premium and others with kd 1+

    Clan Name: xH4WKVISIONx Level: 13 Premium/Founders : 8 Tag- xHVx Non Premium- 9 We are currently looking for premium members to join our PS3 clan. We are active and friendly and take part in all challenges! We often p...
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  • Looking for a Mw3 clan. (ps3)

    Hey, Cotzeh here. Looking for a mw3, I have 1.3 kd/r on main but 2.00 kd/r on other accounts. I also have a modded account with God mode, 15 colored classes, all titles, emblems and all my weapons in gold. I mainly pl...
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  • Call of Duty Elite sign up for PS3

    Ok i maybe a noob for asking this but i gonna anyway.   I have pre ordered noraml CoD and wanna sign up for Call of Duty Elite went on website and tried to link my PSN a/c like they ask it dont work, yet i know ...
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  • MW3 Elite

      Everytime I think about Elite for MW3 one song comes to mind (and yes I am a PS3 user):    "I've been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved." When you ask me why of course I will reply that...
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  • Man Named Trinix_EpiicXz Hacking in MW3!?!

    hello Infinityward and sledgehammer,I would like you to BAN THIS GUY:Trinix_EpiicXz PLEASE!!   i Was playing MW3 on PS3,then this guy showed up (Trinix_EpiicXz)when the match started,he was actually hacking.He w...
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  • Looking For Clan

    So recently I was kicked from a clan due to some... misjustices... so now I'm looking for a new clan. So, what I'd prefer is a gold title (because I don't want to join a small clan) and non ahole clan members. My sta...
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  • "Quickscopers should be removed!11!1one"

    There's a lost child in the ARs vault and its clear he doesn't belong there. He's a not-so-long-range sniper and really annoying to die to; the MK14. If quickscoping is annoying, why is the MK14 not regarded as the mo...
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  • Elite Clan Tag

    My clan just reached level 10 yesterday but when ever I try to change my elite clan tag to FizZ it doesn't send the change ingame but still shows on my clan page and when I try to change it in the console app to FizZ ...
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  • looking members for my clan!:)

    so,i started new clan named "SuOmI-TaAjUuS" and my goal is getting golden clan tag,KDR does not really matter and you dont need mic:) *i dont have mic* but well..if your interested--> https://elite.callofduty.com/c...
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  • Marine Camo?

    i heard a patch went live yesterday that put the Marine Camo on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of CoD: MW3, how do i get the camo?
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  • Whatever happened to Frost?

    I just beat MW3 today. I was dissapointed to find that most of the main characters died. I noticed that Frost didn't make an appearance in the final missions of the game. So... whatever happened to Frost? Did he die e...
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  • Looking for a clan ps3

    I dont know where to post this but im looking for a clan. hit me up ps3 = revert23
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  • Looking to join a clan

    Hey guys, So I am looking for a clan on the ps3. I am decently skilled with a 1.5 K/D ratio and a positive W/L ratio of around 1.3. I am a casual player but can also play competetively. I will do as im told and I typi...
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  • MW3 hacked

    MW3 is now full of hackers using an invisible hack especially on search and destroy. It is now unplayable. What is activision doing about it??? Nothing because Activision dont seem to care about gamers that enjoy play...
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