• Anyone reached prestige 20 level 80 AND prestiged?

    If so, does it do the same thing as prestiging at level 15 level 80 prior to prestiges 16-20 being added?
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  • Looking For A Clan

    IM rank 36 MY Kd sucks from when I started out I play all modes im a quickscoper
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  • Can you delete all videos from mw3ps3 youtube channel

    no one can use the vault to upload clips to the youtube channel can you please delete all videos so people can upload adminsiteadminsuperadminNM156CoD: MW3 PlayStation 3Call of Duty: MW3p00ter71KittySparkles
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  • ayuda

    como hacer un clan para jugar en multijugadoer para call of duy modern warfare !
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  • theater error

    I'm having an annoying problem with COD MW3. My PS3 is the 160GB slim model, but These Days put 500GB on it. The problem is this, I can not write more than 5 minutes of any departure from the theater, always When it...
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  • MW3 Elite

      Everytime I think about Elite for MW3 one song comes to mind (and yes I am a PS3 user):    "I've been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved." When you ask me why of course I will reply that...
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  • mw3 teammates

    Hey just looking for some cod players who are serious about the game and having fun I play all modes and just looking for some good players to play with
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  • Theater Mode?

    How can I find my rendered theater mode clips now? I'm so confused I've been trying for hours to find them. Please help I need them for a montage.
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  • Looking for players

    What's up I got back to COD after 3 months of not playing but I'm still a decent player with an average 4.1 K/D.I'm looking for players to either:   -play 2v2 with (your K/D doesn't bother me at all as long as o...
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  • Looking For A Veteran Spec Ops Player

    trying to complete them all on veteran this offer goes for mw2 spec ops as well send me a kik message at WRECKITYCHECKED
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  • Looking For Someone to Play With?

    Send me a kik message at WRECKITYCHECKED. We can form a party and wreck together. Any game modes are fine with me. I live in Canada and I'm in Eastern Time Zone. Also, I am looking for a clan preferably in or arou...
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  • Marine Camo?

    i heard a patch went live yesterday that put the Marine Camo on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of CoD: MW3, how do i get the camo?
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  • Looking for someone to play MW3 with?

    Hey, if you wanna play some MW3 add me on Infastructure I mostly play Domination and Ground War, but other modes are always an option. Maybe a few of us get together, form a party, and tear up. What do you say? Sen...
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  • Looking for a friendly MW3 clan

    I'm looking for an MW3 clan. PSN is Infastructure. Mainly looking for friendly, but i can try out if need be. Thanks.
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  • mw3 clans

    was sup everybody im here to see if anyone wants me in any clan cause its hard to find so... im revxrse im not premium i will be in a few weeks my kd is low because my friends always come over and they dont know how ...
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  • MW3 CLAN PS3

    Ok guys, I like this game but I only play DOMINATION.  I'm not the best but I'm not the worst, the thing is, I really am trying to enjoy my gaming but these cheaters/boosters/hackers, what ever you call them, are...
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  • Looking For An Elite MW3 Clan

    I'm looking for an elite MW3 clan. My PSN is Infastructure, and I play on PS3, not PS4, but may upgrade in the future. I don't mind if I need to make a new account, but I would prefer to keep my original one. My Time ...
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  • Going for triples and quad moabs Need people Ps3

    Need people to help go for moabs with support runs and non support runs are welcome just add me on psn my name is thevintagerusher
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  • Creating a MW3 Elite Clan ! Need Members !

         Hey guys Truth here and Im making this post to see if anybody on here would like to start a PS3 Elite clan. Im doing this because Im tired of doing good on my team but loosing when if i simply...
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  • Disconnected from server

    I played for a few hours today and whever i had a K/D ratio above 3 i was disconected from the server afterwards along with everyone else in the lobby, but when it was lower it would just take me back to lobby like no...
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