• Looking for people to play with

    im looking for people to play with. Please have a mic. Mw3 PS3. I like dropzone but I am willing to play anything also I am looking for a full team that is decent and maybe i can join a clan. But I am not going to mak...
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  • Can anyone help me?

    Looking for someone to teach me quickscoping. My PsN is Nonvul_Brii
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  • Play online

    No puedo jugar en linea porque me sale este error
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  • whats going on with elite?!!!!!

    i enter call of duty elite and it takes me to a page where it says please sign up or log in above, why is this there if i already have a bloody account????!!!!!!! damn cod elite and mw3 is full of problems and trouble...
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  • Hi any one wanna play with me

    any one tryin to play
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  • CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need snipers that can quickscope
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  • Looking for mw3 sniping clan

    AS it says i am looking for a clan. i Dont want to sound cocky but i am a beast with a sniper i get top kills online. i Have a mic too. Add my psn: shafi36
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  • What is the biggest map on MW3??

    I really dont like big maps except for sniping so i would love to know what is the smallest and the biggest maps and there advantages.
    Stealth Gaming
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  • MW3 Sniping Tournament

    This is for any one who enjoys sniping. a fun event I made that started in black ops. a private match, that goes up to a chosen amount of kills by the players that want to compete.Free for all no time limit. This is j...
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  • Clan

    How to start a clan form a computer
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  • PS3 Clan Level 13 recruiting premium and others with kd 1+

    Clan Name: xH4WKVISIONx Level: 13 Premium/Founders : 8 Tag- xHVx Non Premium- 9 We are currently looking for premium members to join our PS3 clan. We are active and friendly and take part in all challenges! We often p...
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  • Call of Duty Elite sign up for PS3

    Ok i maybe a noob for asking this but i gonna anyway.   I have pre ordered noraml CoD and wanna sign up for Call of Duty Elite went on website and tried to link my PSN a/c like they ask it dont work, yet i know ...
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  • Man Named Trinix_EpiicXz Hacking in MW3!?!

    hello Infinityward and sledgehammer,I would like you to BAN THIS GUY:Trinix_EpiicXz PLEASE!!   i Was playing MW3 on PS3,then this guy showed up (Trinix_EpiicXz)when the match started,he was actually hacking.He w...
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  • Looking For Clan

    So recently I was kicked from a clan due to some... misjustices... so now I'm looking for a new clan. So, what I'd prefer is a gold title (because I don't want to join a small clan) and non ahole clan members. My sta...
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  • "Quickscopers should be removed!11!1one"

    There's a lost child in the ARs vault and its clear he doesn't belong there. He's a not-so-long-range sniper and really annoying to die to; the MK14. If quickscoping is annoying, why is the MK14 not regarded as the mo...
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  • Elite Clan Tag

    My clan just reached level 10 yesterday but when ever I try to change my elite clan tag to FizZ it doesn't send the change ingame but still shows on my clan page and when I try to change it in the console app to FizZ ...
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  • looking members for my clan!:)

    so,i started new clan named "SuOmI-TaAjUuS" and my goal is getting golden clan tag,KDR does not really matter and you dont need mic:) *i dont have mic* but well..if your interested--> https://elite.callofduty.com/c...
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  • Whatever happened to Frost?

    I just beat MW3 today. I was dissapointed to find that most of the main characters died. I noticed that Frost didn't make an appearance in the final missions of the game. So... whatever happened to Frost? Did he die e...
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  • Looking for a clan ps3

    I dont know where to post this but im looking for a clan. hit me up ps3 = revert23
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  • Looking to join a clan

    Hey guys, So I am looking for a clan on the ps3. I am decently skilled with a 1.5 K/D ratio and a positive W/L ratio of around 1.3. I am a casual player but can also play competetively. I will do as im told and I typi...
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