• Looking for someone to play MW3 with?

    Hey, if you wanna play some MW3 add me on Infastructure I mostly play Domination and Ground War, but other modes are always an option. Maybe a few of us get together, form a party, and tear up. What do you say? Sen...
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  • Looking for a friendly MW3 clan

    I'm looking for an MW3 clan. PSN is Infastructure. Mainly looking for friendly, but i can try out if need be. Thanks.
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  • mw3 clans

    was sup everybody im here to see if anyone wants me in any clan cause its hard to find so... im revxrse im not premium i will be in a few weeks my kd is low because my friends always come over and they dont know how ...
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  • MW3 CLAN PS3

    Ok guys, I like this game but I only play DOMINATION.  I'm not the best but I'm not the worst, the thing is, I really am trying to enjoy my gaming but these cheaters/boosters/hackers, what ever you call them, are...
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  • Looking For An Elite MW3 Clan

    I'm looking for an elite MW3 clan. My PSN is Infastructure, and I play on PS3, not PS4, but may upgrade in the future. I don't mind if I need to make a new account, but I would prefer to keep my original one. My Time ...
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  • Going for triples and quad moabs Need people Ps3

    Need people to help go for moabs with support runs and non support runs are welcome just add me on psn my name is thevintagerusher
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  • Creating a MW3 Elite Clan ! Need Members !

         Hey guys Truth here and Im making this post to see if anybody on here would like to start a PS3 Elite clan. Im doing this because Im tired of doing good on my team but loosing when if i simply...
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  • Disconnected from server

    I played for a few hours today and whever i had a K/D ratio above 3 i was disconected from the server afterwards along with everyone else in the lobby, but when it was lower it would just take me back to lobby like no...
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  • Clan recruiting !!!

    ~GodZ oF \/\/-/\-R~ is recruiting , we are currently 5 PREMIUM members, level 1. We are recruting every one, dont need a special ratio or nothing. Just here for Fun. Send me an PSN friend request on PSN if you wanna j...
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  • Looking for a Mw3 clan. (ps3)

    Hey, Cotzeh here. Looking for a mw3, I have 1.3 kd/r on main but 2.00 kd/r on other accounts. I also have a modded account with God mode, 15 colored classes, all titles, emblems and all my weapons in gold. I mainly pl...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    II've been playing mw3 but I don't have fun losing. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to play with me I want to play dropzone because it helps rank up fast but I'm willing to play anything. ...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    im looking for people to play with. Please have a mic. Mw3 PS3. I like dropzone but I am willing to play anything also I am looking for a full team that is decent and maybe i can join a clan. But I am not going to mak...
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  • Can anyone help me?

    Looking for someone to teach me quickscoping. My PsN is Nonvul_Brii
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  • Play online

    No puedo jugar en linea porque me sale este error
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  • whats going on with elite?!!!!!

    i enter call of duty elite and it takes me to a page where it says please sign up or log in above, why is this there if i already have a bloody account????!!!!!!! damn cod elite and mw3 is full of problems and trouble...
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  • Hi any one wanna play with me

    any one tryin to play
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  • CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need snipers that can quickscope
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  • Looking for mw3 sniping clan

    AS it says i am looking for a clan. i Dont want to sound cocky but i am a beast with a sniper i get top kills online. i Have a mic too. Add my psn: shafi36
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  • What is the biggest map on MW3??

    I really dont like big maps except for sniping so i would love to know what is the smallest and the biggest maps and there advantages.
    Stealth Gaming
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  • MW3 Sniping Tournament

    This is for any one who enjoys sniping. a fun event I made that started in black ops. a private match, that goes up to a chosen amount of kills by the players that want to compete.Free for all no time limit. This is j...
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