• Elite Clan Tag

    My clan just reached level 10 yesterday but when ever I try to change my elite clan tag to FizZ it doesn't send the change ingame but still shows on my clan page and when I try to change it in the console app to FizZ ...
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  • looking members for my clan!:)

    so,i started new clan named "SuOmI-TaAjUuS" and my goal is getting golden clan tag,KDR does not really matter and you dont need mic:) *i dont have mic* but well..if your interested--> https://elite.callofduty.com/c...
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  • Whatever happened to Frost?

    I just beat MW3 today. I was dissapointed to find that most of the main characters died. I noticed that Frost didn't make an appearance in the final missions of the game. So... whatever happened to Frost? Did he die e...
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  • Looking for a clan ps3

    I dont know where to post this but im looking for a clan. hit me up ps3 = revert23
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  • Looking to join a clan

    Hey guys, So I am looking for a clan on the ps3. I am decently skilled with a 1.5 K/D ratio and a positive W/L ratio of around 1.3. I am a casual player but can also play competetively. I will do as im told and I typi...
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  • MW3 hacked

    MW3 is now full of hackers using an invisible hack especially on search and destroy. It is now unplayable. What is activision doing about it??? Nothing because Activision dont seem to care about gamers that enjoy play...
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  • play cod mw3 on psn with me

    if u are a psn cod mw3 player add me on psn: keukske_nl
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  • Buenas necesito hacer un clan como se puede hacer ?.

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  • Recruiting members for new mw3 clan

    If you'd like to be in an old clan that was supreme 2 years ago in MW3  that is starting up again with the same leader as before, add me (leader) on Ps3: A2K_Mythic
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  • Whats a good K.D ratio...honestly!?

    I have a k/d of 1.49   My view 1.00 or over... average player 1.25 fairly good player 1.50 good player 1.75 skilled 2.00 or over... talented! i run the uav, predator, and attack heli   WHAT YOU GUYS...
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  • Whats a Good KDR?

    above a 1.0?
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  • Cod Mw3 Classes

    Hey guys !   Here you can write here some of your classes that you keep using these classes
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  • looking for objective mw3 clan

    Hi, i always played on xbox 360, then the moment came that i didn't wanted to pay for live so i bought a ps3. now i have like zero friends that still play or have an ps3. On xbox 360 i played clan wars with the game...
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  • Class setup for a MOAB

    Just my own opinion, but has worked many times before.   Whatever preference of weapon you are best at, I actually use the P90 w/silencer.   Sleight of Hand Pro Hardline Pro Steady Aim Pro (get good at ...
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  • Online survival game with friend goes double life

    Hi, I'm having this weird issue with Modern Warfare 3 on PS3. In coop survival game mode, i'm playing online with a friend. Everything is fine until at some point, our game splits in two. We still see each other movi...
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    Bonjour mon clan XpEa recrute sur ps3 je recrute n'importe qui tant qu'il y a de la bonne humeur . mon pseudo ps3 est madhat92. a bientot .
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  • Looking for a ps3 mw3 clan

    I play every day all classes nothing specific. My tag is GaRzA023 I also have elite and a mic. Im six prestige. Thanks guys c:
  • Report Those Invisible Hackers!!!!!!

    People from Acitvision says that every Invisible Hacker founded in the games must be REPORTED IN THE GAME REPORT SYSTEM many times we can. Please do it people. They're tryning to fix it so we can help them, reporting ...
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  • let's talk about these pesky hackers

    I've caught at least ten in the last two days. I rereport them for cheating and call them out. One one occasion I found a clan of three hackers with aim bot and UAV hack. The first few games I just thought they were g...
  • looking for clan wars

    Looking to have clanwars with starting clans because we are not that good   3v3   Team Deathmatch   5000 points   Unlimted Time       Add LoyalModzz_ on ps3
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