• looking for clan wars

    Looking to have clanwars with starting clans because we are not that good   3v3   Team Deathmatch   5000 points   Unlimted Time       Add LoyalModzz_ on ps3
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  • buscarme crew santander.

    mw3 alguien se une pd para cambiar color de nom es tan solo poner este comando antes del nombre: ^2 o seguido del número que querais(0.9)
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  • Call Of Duty Elite Sould Be Brought  Back!

    I think Call Of Duty Elite should be brought me and my friends miss doing clan battles leveling up our clan doing 3 v 3's doing clan challenges and a lot of other people did to so I don't think it was right to take it...
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  • MW3/BO2 Clan

    x-iiNSaN3-x is a clan where you can have fun, and don't have to worry about clan ops untill the weekends! I know most people are doing things in the weekdays so I only enlist in clan ops/challenges on the weekends. If...
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  • novos emblemas

    tenho um clan level 17 mais não ganhamos os novos emblemas que chato
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  • A challenge bug prevents me from getting title/emblem, can I help it?

    I've been playing MW3 for a pretty long time now and there was this one thing I noticed. I am a player that goes for getting as much titles/emblems as possible, but when I get the final killcam with a pave low or AC-1...
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  • Complete Profile?

    In order to get all the Call of Duty: Elite features, do you need to 100% Complete your Profile by verifying your Facebook Account? I just wondered if this could be the reason why I am not getting the Emblem, Title an...
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  • Looking For Team Members

    Hi, Im looking for English speaking team members, preferably with a mic, to play mw3 on ps3. I like to get high  scoring games on domination and ground war but would like to win more games and also have fun with ...
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  • Want to learn trickshots (i want to learn)

    I have been playing cod since mw and if i ever do a trickshot it is just beacuse of luck. i love to snipe but i want my final kill cams to look that little bit better. if anyone has any tips and hints reply to this me...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    As the title states, I am looking for people to play with whos goals are to win. PSN: NewYorkuh 1.812 K/D Ratio Dont need mic as i do not own one myself
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  • Looking to join a MW3 clan, please help?

    i play Modern Warfare 3 on the ps3 and am looking to join a clan that is at level 50. I've been in two clans but they weren't doing anything to level up and I didn't want to be one of the few doing anything for nothin...
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  • q arma preferis?

    acr 6.8 mp7 pp90m1 m4a1 o type 95
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  • MW3 practice

    Were searching for a few people to practice MW3 Snd and CTF tomorrow afternoon or evening and maybe more frequently , you dont have to be good just average we just need some to play with so add your gamertag down belo...
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  • EBK Looking for new members for mw3 cod2 ghost and advanced warfare. my user name is shyboy13esd hit me up. must be 18 or older with a mic

    Good players wanted. Must be at least 18 with a mic. Shyboy13esd
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  • EBK* in search of new recruits.....shyboy13esd is my user name. hit me up

    Shyboy13esd hit me up. EBK all day
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  • New Clan (Nuevo Clan ) Global Master Mw3 Clan

    Español: Global Master es un clan que ataca en vez de esperar q lo ataquen como muchos otros mas por ahi cualquier reto o quien se quiera unir ami clan contactarme a Skype: AleeVnzla o PSN (Playstation Network )...
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  • CLÃ?

    como entre em um clã?
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  • trouble accessing on line game

    Purchased MW3 on PS store, unable to use on line game.  When i choose on line, I am redirected to play station store to download free content to enable play.  I have downloaded all free content but each time...
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  • Best gun in MW3?

    I know a lot of people are going to say the ACR, MP7, PP90 etc.. but after 9 months and messing with my class a bit I've come to the conclusion that the MK14 is far and away the best gun in MW3. The gun itself has no ...
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  • Elite hacked??

    I woke this morning and logged onto elite to find this. I did kinda laugh at the custom class names https://elite.callofduty.com/career#/playercardmw3   I mean WTF i am 16th prestige, this is my real page http...
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