• Whats a good K.D ratio...honestly!?

    I have a k/d of 1.49   My view 1.00 or over... average player 1.25 fairly good player 1.50 good player 1.75 skilled 2.00 or over... talented! i run the uav, predator, and attack heli   WHAT YOU GUYS...
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  • Whats a Good KDR?

    above a 1.0?
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  • Cod Mw3 Classes

    Hey guys !   Here you can write here some of your classes that you keep using these classes
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  • looking for objective mw3 clan

    Hi, i always played on xbox 360, then the moment came that i didn't wanted to pay for live so i bought a ps3. now i have like zero friends that still play or have an ps3. On xbox 360 i played clan wars with the game...
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  • Class setup for a MOAB

    Just my own opinion, but has worked many times before.   Whatever preference of weapon you are best at, I actually use the P90 w/silencer.   Sleight of Hand Pro Hardline Pro Steady Aim Pro (get good at ...
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  • Online survival game with friend goes double life

    Hi, I'm having this weird issue with Modern Warfare 3 on PS3. In coop survival game mode, i'm playing online with a friend. Everything is fine until at some point, our game splits in two. We still see each other movi...
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    Bonjour mon clan XpEa recrute sur ps3 je recrute n'importe qui tant qu'il y a de la bonne humeur . mon pseudo ps3 est madhat92. a bientot .
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  • Looking for a ps3 mw3 clan

    I play every day all classes nothing specific. My tag is GaRzA023 I also have elite and a mic. Im six prestige. Thanks guys c:
  • Report Those Invisible Hackers!!!!!!

    People from Acitvision says that every Invisible Hacker founded in the games must be REPORTED IN THE GAME REPORT SYSTEM many times we can. Please do it people. They're tryning to fix it so we can help them, reporting ...
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  • let's talk about these pesky hackers

    I've caught at least ten in the last two days. I rereport them for cheating and call them out. One one occasion I found a clan of three hackers with aim bot and UAV hack. The first few games I just thought they were g...
  • looking for clan wars

    Looking to have clanwars with starting clans because we are not that good   3v3   Team Deathmatch   5000 points   Unlimted Time       Add LoyalModzz_ on ps3
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  • buscarme crew santander.

    mw3 alguien se une pd para cambiar color de nom es tan solo poner este comando antes del nombre: ^2 o seguido del número que querais(0.9)
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  • Call Of Duty Elite Sould Be Brought  Back!

    I think Call Of Duty Elite should be brought me and my friends miss doing clan battles leveling up our clan doing 3 v 3's doing clan challenges and a lot of other people did to so I don't think it was right to take it...
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  • MW3/BO2 Clan

    x-iiNSaN3-x is a clan where you can have fun, and don't have to worry about clan ops untill the weekends! I know most people are doing things in the weekdays so I only enlist in clan ops/challenges on the weekends. If...
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  • novos emblemas

    tenho um clan level 17 mais não ganhamos os novos emblemas que chato
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  • A challenge bug prevents me from getting title/emblem, can I help it?

    I've been playing MW3 for a pretty long time now and there was this one thing I noticed. I am a player that goes for getting as much titles/emblems as possible, but when I get the final killcam with a pave low or AC-1...
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  • Complete Profile?

    In order to get all the Call of Duty: Elite features, do you need to 100% Complete your Profile by verifying your Facebook Account? I just wondered if this could be the reason why I am not getting the Emblem, Title an...
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  • Looking For Team Members

    Hi, Im looking for English speaking team members, preferably with a mic, to play mw3 on ps3. I like to get high  scoring games on domination and ground war but would like to win more games and also have fun with ...
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  • Want to learn trickshots (i want to learn)

    I have been playing cod since mw and if i ever do a trickshot it is just beacuse of luck. i love to snipe but i want my final kill cams to look that little bit better. if anyone has any tips and hints reply to this me...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    As the title states, I am looking for people to play with whos goals are to win. PSN: NewYorkuh 1.812 K/D Ratio Dont need mic as i do not own one myself
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