• Elite King & The Riot Shield Throne

    Tonight, I have officially retired the Riot Shield.   I have reached my goal of getting to 1337 accolades for the Riot Shield leaderboards which is more than double that of 2nd place.   I had a 4H five pac...
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  • Is anybody having problems connecting to the servers?

    Recently as of tonight I tired going online, but it keeps saying "Unable to connect to the Call Of Duty: MW3 servers. Please try again later". I've tried unplugging the wii from the power, turning off the wifi and tur...
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  • So when does the Wii U come out again?

    Really.  I can't wait.  It's time for a new console.  FPS games on the Wii have run their course.  Only 1300, on average, playing TDM on MW3 a night now and I spend more time looking for decent lob...
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  • How To Stop "Support Pwnage" Hackers

      Block and i join in on a KC match with some dude named.....EsD Spartan502 in blue and yellow colors.   anyways........   EsD Spartan502 calls in his chopper, then the ah6 and then the p-low.  ...
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  • 4H's Modern Warfare 3 Video Gallery

    I posted this video in celebration of becoming the #1, top ranked Riot Shield user in the world of the Nintendo Wii.       SH*TBLOCK's 2nd Commentary about a hacker we demolished     &n...
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  • Is there any French Canadian members in here? specially from Montreal QC?

    HI, just wanted to know if there was any french canadian so i we share some tips and trick?
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  • Finnish people?

    suomalaisia mw3 pelaajia wiillä? onko ketään enää?
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  • How many gun kills to get a gold camo ?

    Starting from level 0 to level 31, how many kills? Anyone know?   cheers
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  • Whats your ping rate?

    I notice how when the server is looking for a good match it says something like <80 ms. To see your ping rate go here:http://speedtest.net/ Lower ping=better Just out of curiosity, what's your ping rate at? Mines ...
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  • Well Known Hackers

    Hello, My name is pyscho walrus, and I'm a new member of this forum. This is my first post. ;0   Anyways, I have been playing this game for quite a while now, (since dec 2011) I have watched the community an...
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  • So I'm starting a YouTube channel for MW3/BlackOps Wii Gameplays

    So I started a brand new YouTube channel for MW3 and Black Ops Wii gameplays and just wanted to let everybody know... as of right now i have one video only but i will be making more, and they will be better then the o...
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  • Disk Error Constantly

    Hey so I have a question, when I turn on my wii it shows that the game is loaded so when I click on it the whole process goes through and what not until it gets to the main menu of the game. But once I click on the mu...
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  • Gold Camouflage isn't showing up on the L86 LSW...?

    I just got to level 31 with this gun so I put the gold camo on it. I went into the game and the gun had no camo on it... so after a little bit of playing I went into a private match and changed three of my custom clas...
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  • stupid glitch and xp lobby's : /  ~wii

    Hey,       well i recently prestiged, and well here we go :   I stiged and leveled up to 4 and got my acr again ( token ) Got a moab with the assault streak ( my first! ) so i was really happy,...
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  • Best Trickshotting Class ?

    tell me if this is a good Trickshotting class:   Primary: MSR Stability and Extended Mag Secondary: .44 Magnum Akimbo Lethal: Throwing Knife Tactical: Flash Grenade Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro Perk 2: Quick...
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  • Ally code center for the wii forum :)

    Hey,     Lets start a ally code center again, it died thanks to hopping but now we can get it back..     lets start this rollin... [ A i ] Beas7blood MW3 0420-5178-9158 BO 4104-5239-3509 [ A i ]...
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  • Mw wii toujour en ligne!!

    Salut a tous j'ai par hesard été co sur mw3 ce matin est que ne fus ma surprise de voir qu'il marchait toujour alors que tout les autres jeu wii son fermé a la connection internet cela vat il duré??
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  • ¿Alguien para Supervivencia MW3?

    Coordinar estrategias y toda la cosa, el mapa seria a discusion (Yo prefiero Bakaara) estoy nvl 50. Puedo ayudar mandando Prestidigitacion/Sleight of Hand para ustedes si no son nvl 50 Manden su Friend Code lo paso s...
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  • What earns one the term "tryhard"?

    I never knew what behaviour a tryhard had to in COD to earn that title.  I mean doesn't everyone tryhard to win a game or  a match in COD?   Here are some urban dictionary entries on the matter.  ...
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  • For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

    First off, I bought MW3 for the wii the first night it was released. I have more hours playing that game probably than anyone. What Im about to say is just helpful advice to play MW3 without being cheated on. This is ...
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