• Call of duty mw3 wii problem

    Hei guys, I have a problem with cod mw3. I had 2 multiplayer  accounts, one for me and one for my brother. But suddenly, my nat type changed from strict to moderate. My brother couldn't go on his account, so we d...
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  • DO THEY REALY ******* CARE

    What the **** is wroung with wii why dont they care like what the **** is wroung with them cant they add somthing or patch somthing ro show they care they did 130.16.6 if you read this then please do what i say and do...
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  • Wii Need U to buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

    We need our community to reach 20,000+ again, so if you play CoD MW3 on the Wii, please spread the word to those that can financially afford it, get CoD Ghosts on the Wii U and help us raise our community again.
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  • stop complaining about hackers.

    well everyone is always talkin about how much they hate hackers and stuff... in reality you bought the wii yourself knowing it wont have security or good servers... if you dont want hackers... get another system... no...
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  • MW3 Servers

    Are MW3 server down on the wii or is it just not letting me play online?
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  • MW3 Server not connected!!!

    I had to reset the memory on my Wii, so I lost the save of the MW3, where I had my profiles. The problem is that when creating a new one the following message appears:   "Unable to connect to the Call of Duty: ...
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  • Help unable to connect to mw3 severs

    I was on all day un tell 5.00 pm today I could not get on help plz
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  • Who Is The Best Troll Artist On YouTube?

    I like Coach Topher.  I think his new Spectate Mode Trolling concept is Hilarious!     Please Let Me Know Your Favorites!!!
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  • NAT?

    Hey guys!   I have a question... On my MW3 game it says my NAT Type is strict, but i tougt it was OPEN. I double cheked it on my PC, and yes i was right my Wii's NAT type IS OPEN and it is set on 'Call Of Duty...
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  • Looking for Clan tryouts

    Hi i am looking for a clan to try out for. Please be a good clan that has a clan website or more than 3 members. I am fairly decent and and active player. I am low ranking but have had multiple accounts. IGN: ANM. Ema...
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  • Age Your Child Would Play CoD?

    In this I'm pretty much using the assumption that a good majority of people here are in the age group of 13-21 and don't have children. With that being said my question is...   What age would you allow your chil...
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  • 130.16.6???

    Has anyone notice that the MW3 on wii recieved an update or something? the version i saw was 130.16.6, instead of 130.15.6 what has changed if anything at all?
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  • Top 3 Hacker Clans of the week

    1st:CoRRuPteD/CoRRuPt clan:Uses all kinds of hacks you can imagine in Public LobbiesLots of them have usb geckos.They stay in Search and destroy.Where they host their xp lobbies.I asked their Leader CoRRuPteD x+LiF3+x...
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  • Should I buy world at war wii?

    Ive got bo and mw3, and saw waw for $10. How many people are online? That's pretty much all I care about.
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  • Anyone notice that the gun sounds on Nintendo Wii are different to Xbox 360 and PS3?

    I like it, for example the M4A1 has so much more punch to it and the all of the guns just have more echo and "BLAM BLAM BLAM" to the them rather than Xbox/PS3 having more of a "DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Every automatic weapon...
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  • Need some help with class setups

    I recently just prestiged to prestige 4, and it took me ages... Does anyone know some good classes i can use to speed up the leveling up process? i know that the specialist package works well, but i'm not sure about a...
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  • Odd Glitch..

    Now, im sure this isnt the first time this has happend but im not sure what this is and how it is done, When im playing on the Wii, for call of Duty modern warfare 3... multiplayer, i sometimes encounter a server wher...
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  • MW3 Wii preaditor missiles, new maps, and killcames

    I think that  it is not fair that C.O.D. MW3 Wii does not get preaditor missiles, new maps, or killcames but C.O.D MW3 Xbox and PS3 get these things. So I think the makers of Call Of Duty should update the game t...
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  • bring it on the wii dudes.....

    chillin dudes im experienceing the wii  bra n its fun ... jus need some people to come on online on the wii ,so we do r business
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  • I don't hack

    This is Aok_UNKNOWN of Aok and everyday I get called a hacker just because I do good. I would like to tell everyone that I don't hack because it gets so annoying having to tell people online that I don't hack right af...
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