• Anyone else get routinely bad connection?

    When everyone was playing MW3, I routinely got 3-4 bar connections. Now, I seem to get 2-bar all the time. Anyone else getting this?
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  • Call Of Duty ELITE - For MW3

    Now the Call Of Duty ELITE Beta has ended under the sign up now banner it says somthing about BLOPS and then it says get ready for MW3 so I went on it and it says ( Thank you for participating in the Call of Duty ELIT...
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  • Stun Veteran is impossible.

    Let's face it, Concussion Grenades are awful if you're using them to get kills for yourself. The reason anyone ever used Stun Grenades in the previous games is that you could throw them instantly. Now they take about ...
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  • anyone fancy survival on resistance

    Looking for someone who's up for a decent game   No mic necessary From UK if poss   Xbox 360 only   Message me gt is southportfc
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  • Is there any ways i can get my rank back on mw3 ?

    Is there any way I  get my rank back in mw3 ?
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  • Looking for people to game with

    @@Hey, i'm looking for Try-hards to game with in Mw3. I play pretty consistently and am just kind of sick of getting stuck on shitty teams. So hit me online (Xbox 360) and let me know if you're trying to win. My Gamer...
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  • Unlock the Elite emblems

    Im starting to think you unlock them in the lone wolf challenges... ive ran into a few people with them unlocked so far and recieved no response on how the got it... can anyone confirm that its done through the Lone W...
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  • Help, I'm scared I'm going to get banned

    OK, this is my first time posting in this forum. I'll try to sum up, why I think I'm going to get banned. I was just in a modded domination and free for all game online. I am level 80 prestige 0, and in the lobbies, i...
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  • Gamertag change and Elite website

    So, I changed my Gamertag  and I was thinking it would automatically update on my Elite page - it didn't. Is there anyway to do that manually?  Also, when I upload a clip to youtube it shows up with my old g...
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  • Honestly why do people hate QS?

    Im just wondering why peoople hate people that Qs.   http://www.youtube.com/user/DreadClanz
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  • MW3 XBOX360 CLAN

    I need more people to play xbox 360 mw3 with. I mostly play mw3some and will only play with u if u have a mike and higher than a 1.00kd.If u add me ill delete u if u dont follow the mike and kd rule.U must play mw3 at...
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    how can i view my vaults on xbox through my pc?
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  • (XBOX360) looking for a clan to join, or starting my own... Cod 4 / MW2 / MW3 / BO / BO2

    looking for players who preferebly speak english or norwegian (english is fine) to start a clan on some of the classics of CoD. Requirements: - Microphone (if you dont have one skype will do just fine) - Age of 16+ - ...
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  • looking for clan

    looking for clan invite plz add me on xbox WHITE PRADE 333
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  • someone to play with

    hi i am not a MLG player but i know what to do in a game looking for some people to play 2-3 time a week
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  • Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    As a consumer who has purchased MW3 Elite (and all your other 'CoDs'), I am completely fed up with the Stalinist attidtude towards the gaming community. We have chosen to buy a product on the basis that it would provi...
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  • Looking For a Clan I play Everyday

    Add my gamertag Ghostwolf 410 i play everyday i have a microphone. im 19 yrs old. i play competitively and ill play whatever the team objective is.
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  • TOP 10 ★ KILLSTREAKS in Call of Duty History (Updated w/ 3-1)

    This is a series where I count down the Top 10 maps, guns, perks, and now killstreaks in Call of Duty history. Check it out and see if you agree. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite/best killstreaks.   ...
    P i s t o n 2x
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  • Cod AW cClan sucht Members für psn4

    Guten abend und ein freundliches servus zusammen Die clan UnKn0wN_0utlawZ ( cod aw ps4 ) Sucht noch member Wir sind ein lustiger Haufen die für jeden scheiß zu haben sind wir sind ein aktiver clan die sich n...
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  • Snipers and damage

    Add the damage proficiency to snipers. Hitmarkers suck.
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