• Does anyone wants to get Sitrep Pro together with me?

    Hey Guys,   Im looking for to get SitRep Pro. But as you know its pretty tough. I look for people who want to get it as well. Just write here ore PM me if you want so.   My Tag: VirusXXIV
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  • clan vs clan matches

    My clan GoLayDown (GLD) is looking for other clans to go head to head with.  If your interested message my gamertag kingdave180. We are also recruiting.  Get at me if your interested.  Xbox360 only.
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  • survival mode

    anybody want to play survival mode with me sometime?
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  • What MW3 Game type do you think makes the Most XP?

    Its Got to be HQ, If you have a Good team of 6 and know what your doing. XP and Match Bonus are usually 15K+ plus kill bonus and challenges
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  • Anyone still playing?

    I've gotten a bit tired of Ghosts and went back to MW3 to try and find a few games but I was surprised an disappointed to get none - have people given up on it? I thought given the relative unpopularity of Ghosts peop...
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  • call of duty elite

    Bonjour j'ai lue dans les derniers post que le cod elite lié a mw3 était fermé mais j"ai aussi vu que certaines personnes disaient qu'en passant par le pc on pouvait toujours voir ses stats sur mw3. Do...
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  • Probleme clan

    je viens de commencer à rejouer sur mw3 et je ne sais plus comment on fait pour changer de clan car la page elite à changer depuis, si il y en a qui pourrait m'aider se serait sympas. Je ne trouve plus c...
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  • BanCandy

    How far behind is Bancandy on banning boosters.
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  • Unable to REPLY or START a POST on the MW3 Forums? ANYONE Haveing thie ISSUE READ THIS POST!

    Im a Clan Leader and a Premium Elite Founder. Since the Update to Elite my Founder ICON goes MIA from time to time. I wanted to post in the forums to better my clan and as a Leader I must stay ontop of things being p...
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  • View MW3 stats online

    I apologize if someone has asked before.  But can you access your MW3 multiplayer stats from the COD website or Elite website?  Thanks
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  • Is the FAD a good gun?

    I was just woundering does anybody like the fad is it good
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  • check this guy on [Removed by Moderator]

    Check this guy on [Removed by Moderator] he is a beast doing rushing moabs on tdm with all guns, very entertaining with music,i know him he is a beast in mw3 (he doing at least 10 moabs a day in regular tdm always rus...
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  • Special Ops Survial Mode- I would buy a package that starts you off with 100k and Better Armor. $3.99?  Does this exist yet?

    Good Idea? Maybe I could get past lvl 36!
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  • The MSR in 90 Seconds

    When it comes to Snipers, the MSR is definitely a notable one. It has high power, mobility, and a proclivity for collateral damage.     The MSR is my sniper of choice. What's yours?
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  • Clan

    Hey guys. I am new to this sight and me and my friend would like to join a clan. Add me on Xxbox 360: xX Theorygun Xx   I get on everyday practically everyday after school. Message me regarding a clan for MW3!
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  • Looking For A Lvl 50 Clan, Message Me!!!

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a level 50 clan! My GT is: Drex Ego on xbox 360   Here is some info about me, my stats...   KDR: 1.374 (Bringing it up at a good pace) Accuracy: 19.42% Time Played: 8d 2h...
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  • Multiplayer total playtime glitched?

    On my main menu it says I have a day of playtime but in barracks its 15h. Anyone else have this issue or know a fix?
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  • mw3 6 man team.

    hey im looking for some people who still play mw3 mainly and who look for 6 mans to add me. i dont like playing solo like most people. everyone who is interested add me on xbl. Im Djay Mac. thank you!
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  • How important is connection in MW3...

    So here is my connection: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2241740467.png.   What I want to know is this an  appropriate connection for MW3 because I feel like everyone kills quicker than me, I get shot roun...
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  • Twitch mistakesss

    hey i stream bo2 and will do ghost come check me out i will go live in a bit so follow me if you want to know when i go live
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