• Snipers and damage

    Add the damage proficiency to snipers. Hitmarkers suck.
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    Cerco un clan per divertirmi un pò e per sbloccare titoli belli (: gioco molto quasi tutti i giorni
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  • Disconnected...again

    wtf, is this company run by jr high students?  I thought you guys made a billion dollars on this game, can't you find some people that can make a product that works?  Maybe firing all the original developers...
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  • bad connection

    Can someone help me get into an online game please my connection is terrible and just need to get into a lobby
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  • How Do You Change Your Forum Name?

    I don't even know why I chose this name, I would like to change it.
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  • Doritos Double XP codes

    Well, I didn't think doritos would be dumb enough to print the codes on the outside of the bage but they did.  Not thinking someone would steal the codes I bought 2family size bages and the codes were already use...
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  • Scuf controllers

    I read a post last night about a new controller called a scuf controller. Its modified for quicker aim and faster trigger pull.So now we have a new threat to online gaming. This should be treated as a cheat.Its just a...
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  • Why is There Still No Hardcore Capture the Flag?

    When are us hardcore gamers going to finally get a hardcore Capture the Flag game mode?  Myself and my friends don't play core where you have to waste half of your bullets to get a kill, so no, we won't play core...
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  • Clan sucht Member [GER] [XBOX360] [MW3, BO2, AW, ...]

    Moin zusammen, wir, der FuL x Clan, suchen aktive Member im Bereich CoD.   Was wir von euch erwarten: - Headset - WhatsApp (für Clangruppe) - Benehmen (im Thema Alter) - nett sein, nur noch am flame...
  • MW3 Title

    What's up All . I notice today when i went to Prestiege 11 I have a number 5 in my title , anyone know what that means?
    NewYork Fella
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  • Call of Duty Elite

    Hey.   I've made my Call of Duty Elite account, and i have no security questions to pick... Anyone knows why? (Sorry for my English, if there was any mistakes)
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  • clan

    hallo ich suche ein clan bin neu im game
  • Join my clan now!!!!

    Why do people spam the hell out of the Elite comments with "join my clan" BS? So if you have a clan of 100 people and only the top 6 scores count then what is the point in having a huge clan full of idiots you don't k...
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  • Looking for people

    Hey guy (girls) I am a 15 year old male from New Zealand looking for people to play MW3 with. I am not interested in youtube or clans. All im interested in is finding people with mics that enjoy the game like I do,...
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  • Why can't I create a Call of Duty CLAN for MW3?

    This is mumbo jumbo about Call of Duty Elite just going mobile and why cant we still make clans? some of us gamers would like to make a clan all I ask is why?
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  • Inactivity against hackers?

    I have posted on the forums here and on Xbox.com as well, and have given my gamer-tag, along with instructions on what videos in my archive contain the evidence/proof of my claim against a hacker who has been using an...
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  • MW3 clan custom title

    I have seen people with a custom title and i was wondering i started a clan with one person would i be able to create the clan tag and if so would i get to do my own or if i chose one would me and my friend get the sa...
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  • Does anyone wants to get Sitrep Pro together with me?

    Hey Guys,   Im looking for to get SitRep Pro. But as you know its pretty tough. I look for people who want to get it as well. Just write here ore PM me if you want so.   My Tag: VirusXXIV
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  • clan vs clan matches

    My clan GoLayDown (GLD) is looking for other clans to go head to head with.  If your interested message my gamertag kingdave180. We are also recruiting.  Get at me if your interested.  Xbox360 only.
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  • survival mode

    anybody want to play survival mode with me sometime?
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