• Va a estar disponible MW3 para Ps4..? lo necesito

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    I am personally fed up with the lack of support given to Hardcore Players, the lack of playlist options.   I'm personally pissed off that as someone who BOUGHT elite, can now only play on one ******* mode.  ...
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  • Modern warfare 3 server down for xbox

    so far 3 of my friends and me cannot connect to the multiplayer on xbox says the mw3 servers are not available at this time even though the call of duty status page says they are available. I think it might be because...
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  • Créé classe MW3

    Sa fait 30 minutes que j'essaye de crée une classe sur le site Call Of Duty Elite, quelqu'un sait comment créé une classe ( arme principale, grenades, équipement... ) ?
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  • MW3 - Sharing videos from online vault

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if still possible to share videos from online vault to youtube or facebook. Can someone help me?
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  • MW3 Clan Recruitment for xbox 360

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  • prestige demoted to 0

    as i was on free for all match few days ago i got a massage on a screen that I`ve been kicked and moved back to multiplayer menu few moments later (maybe game or two) noticed that my prestige was dropped back to 0 wit...
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  • MW3 CLAN

    Looking for a mw3 xbox 360 clan. Please reply i will only join a clan who play everyday and actually team up.I have a 1.55KD with 15000 more kills than deaths and i am perstege 13 and i have 10 days total played. plea...
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  • Update 4,6 MB in Pc!

    So, anyone know?
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  • USA Survival Teammate

    I need someone who is from America to play survival with me thanks. I will add him on steam
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  • Looking For Spec Ops Players

    I'm looking for payers who, preferably, have beaten lots of Spec Ops Missions on VETERAN difficulty. I play on PS3, and my name is iiBeedon. This offer is for both MW3 and MW2 Spec Ops Missions. Also, if somone col...
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  • Join my MW3 clan (PS3)

    I am making a clan called Gaming Assassins   We all will mainly play S&D and other games! We will have warm-ups to see how good each of us are! We will have clan ops every Saturday! We will also complete...
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  • quem me der uma conta com heke vos pago so me inviar vossa conta netptowd e vos pago o que quiserem

    quem me der uma conta com heke vos pago so me inviar vossa conta netptowd e vos pago o que quiserem  
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  • Error in multiplayer

    Why can not I play multiplayer !? comes this error.  
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  • Clan

    Hey guys, im 15 years old and i need a clan .-. Can i join one of you guys? Thank you:) (PS3)
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  • Cannot connect to online services PC Modern Warfare Three

    I bought the game Steam version of "Modern Warfare 3" yesterday to play with friends. Upon trying to connect to any online content the message "connecting to online services..." appears. After some time a window con...
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  • What is "panic" knifing?

    I always figured "panic knifing" was when you see a guy that was out of knife range but you press knife anyway, you panic and you hit knife. But ive seen people say panic knifing is what i would call quick reactions l...
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  • Please bring back Elite!

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  • MW3 Siguen baneando o ya no. Lean abajo

    Hello,     Well look. I would like to know if this game followed by banning or not. Because I see many hackers. And another thing. I had entered ue had Xp Lobby lobby. Take a flag and gave me 60,000 at the...
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  • question of the elites

    sorry for the English-use Google translator .A Do we get the elite titles.
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